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I think I found a UFO over my house!

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 11:55 AM
Well, i have had some very weird things happen in my house ever since i have lived here. Items missing randomly and NEVER found. Doors that are bultlocked have been opened and left open over night. My dog has sat outside and barked his brains out looking up in the air. I have also had dreams of flying around in my house, literally flying around hovering to the back door then i wake up standing there looking back toward my room, ive also had a dream that i was flying in some kind of very lit up church and when i woke up i had a small scab that was very sore between my arm. I went to the doc about it and he said that it was just a bug bite, i will have a picture of this soon. I have 3 pictures. One is of the first shot i took of which when the camera picked up the ?ufo? the second one is of a shot of the same direction but the object was gone. The third shot is very weird picture of mother mary i took while testing my camera. Tell me what you think. By the way the only reason i even took a picture outside is because of the thread about changing camera modes to see ufos, i have never believed in ufos, but after this shot. who knows? You may need to zoom in on the red object in the first picture to see anything, and for the mother mary picture that beam of energy seems to be coming out of her heart.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 11:56 AM
AS for the top picture, i have now noticed something to the far right by the roof, looks like something see through, white color. None of the pictures were edited, and there was only stars in the sky at the time.

I took the second picture after i went inside and showed my Girlfriend of the first photo, when i cameoutside to take it again, the red object was gone. You could not see the object from the naked eye.

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:00 PM
Cant see any picture there...can you attach or thingy to see

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:01 PM

that last picture is creepy!!

As for the first one, looks like it could just be a speck of dust or star

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:13 PM
I would love an explanation of the last picture.(the one with the pciture frames)

I recently took a photo of my little girl and one of those squiggly lines of light were going through her head. I always freaked out about it because she always says that she sees eyes at night when she lays in her room. I blew it off to childs imagination.

Anyone know what it is?

I will post my pictures later.

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:32 PM
Yeh the last picture gave me the chills when i first looked at it, but i have no idea how that beam is coming out of the picture. There was no light reflecting off of it.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:46 PM
I guess the most obvious question would be what you are using to take the pictures.
IE: Camera, film if any.

The last picture looks as if it is taken thru a window and if it came from a negative (which is rare in domestic apps these days), it could be a scratch on the film.

Regarding the first pic, was the red object moving at all? What are some of the circumstances surrounding the pics?

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:53 PM
I know when I took the picture I referred to above, it was by a digital camera and I still use the camera and have never seen the line of light since. My wife smokes ciggs so I thought that maybe it was light reflecting off the smoke but she didnt smoke one before I took the pic.

Its definatley not a scratch on the lens.

mattmro: does anyoe in your family happen to smoke?

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:55 PM
My camera is digital

Casio Exlim
5.0 mega pixel Ex- S500

The last shot was taken from my chair i was sitting there looking into the hallway, there is No window/glass between me and the hallway just a straight path, heres a pic to prove it. Im going to take Another picture as well of the same spot with the same lighting.

I took a picture so u can see theres no glass, and i took another picture of the area the EXACT way i took it before with the EXACt same lighting, but the affect is not there.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:56 PM
(in regards to the flash in the last picture) I boxed in the duplicated image. It's smaller but identicle to the one above.

It appears to be a flash reflection and the speed of the film and/or a double exposed picture. I'm not a camera expert but this is what it looks like to me.

alt="reflection.gif" "" width="1024" height="768" />

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:58 PM
Well who knows, i just know ive tryed to get the same thing to happen with all modes of my camera , with either flash on or off, ive even tryed moving it as i took the picture but i cant get it to happen again. Ah o well.

To the questino about ws the red object moving... No it wasnt i could not see it by just looking up in the air, all i could see was stars, but where that red object was there was no stars ( visible ) in that area.

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 01:05 PM
I would venture to say that the last picture has something quite explainable. I am no photo expert but there are many on ATS. So I would think they will know what is going on there.

Also, is you look at the baby shoes at the front of the table in the pic you will see the same effect only not as pronounced.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 01:39 PM
I see what your talking about on the shoes, but as for the big streak of light, energy, soul, w/e. I dont see how thats the same as the small one below it.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 02:24 PM
That picture is weird i dunno what all that is about, seeing things like that creep me out. well i must say something weird is going on

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 03:27 PM
The point is that it's the same thing and most likely caused by camera flash, something mechanical with the camera, a reflection or some other light issue. I can also see triple exposure in the pic although faint and the impression of movement. Did you accidentally jerk the camera when you took the shot? If you look at the "Mary" picture frame, you can distinctly see it 3 times and the "light streak" seems to fan across all 3. If you look closely, you can also see other items in triple expose.

I just don't see anything otherworldly about it. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 04:06 PM
hi , your first pic is IMHO the planet mars , and the moon .

see this pic for my labeling

to confirm this , please supply :

the state and country where you reside [ if you know it -- lat and long to the nearest whole degree would be better ]

the date and time that the pictures were taken at

from this info -- we can check what celestial bodies were visible


posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 04:10 PM

The second thing is just "water" on the lens, but the red object is indeed interesting!

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 06:48 PM
I live in Conway, Arkansas. Mars was not visible from my house, and the moon was not in that direction. There was NO water on my lense, lol believe me its a 400 dollar camera.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 07:42 PM

Originally posted by mattmro
I live in Conway, Arkansas. Mars was not visible from my house, and the moon was not in that direction. There was NO water on my lense, lol believe me its a 400 dollar camera.

It is water, you know... little water particles in the air! (don't remember what they're called)
But trust me...

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 08:06 PM
lol okay i see now, my bad. I was thinking you said i had water on my lense.
O well, its fun to guess what the things in the picture are anyways though right?

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