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What is the corteum?

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posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 04:06 PM
All that is still about! Links to the bookstore and more at,

posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 10:20 PM
for those of you really interested in getting some excellent materials including very rare photos to go with those books its worth it, they really complement the puzzle nicely, Great search ed209.

posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by ed 209 was by the person that they said left them the material originally and it described how they time-travelled using a circular-walking-motion and objects and clothes from the time-period they wanted to travel to.

That's a direct swipe from an Andre Norton book, then. BAD writing.

I saw the site at first as a kind of disclosure of some blackops style happenings, early on it got brutally debunked on various forums and after that the current owner (?) Mark Hempel issued some online text about his being asked by someones else to register the domain name and release info. then after that again the website changed it's whole focus and story and then said it was all fiction made up by a man named James.

Fascinating. And yes, I can see why it was easily debunked. As fiction, it's acceptable but as fact... hoooboy.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 10:55 AM
I have no recollection of who wrote the article, my point was that it has never shown up on the website ever, yet in Nexus it's author is the person that actually did bring forth the wingmakers info.

Again, the debunkers did not refer to that at all either, they claimed it all was made up by Hempel including that he painted the pictures. Very different story to the one about Dr. Anderson leaving what govt. dept. he was part of and giving the information out for publication.

It's also worth noting that there was another Dr.Anderson that worked in time-travel-like research, there used to be info. online about his work at the website that sold the Skybooks published books, and is now very very different as a website again - now it lists only the first Montauk Project Skybook and claims it is fiction.
Anyway, that Dr.Anderson worked creating time-fields he was able to control - the interviews discussed how time was slowed down (and also reversed) in control areas with seedlings in - so the growth rate effects could be observed. The story as I heard it goes that when 9-11 happened, that guy was called back to work for the govt. and then all the info. on the related websites all went bye-bye. And the sites all changed completely.

I think what happened is that the guys at the top released truth, in disguise to an extent - and this compromised them and what they intended did not quite happen at all. I think the original info. releases were from them, and what we have now is from those who then somehow took advantage of their releasing their own info.

Same kinda way as if, say you had a time-travel whatever that did work, and one day someone that works with you decides to use it to change things to the extent that you will no longer have any control of your own time-thingy, so then suddenly you're a tramp or whatever and the world is insane and run by the megalomaniac that done you and your project thingy in. It's actually much worse than that comical variant I've writ.

posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 03:48 AM
It's porn for agnostics.

I ain't sayin' it's true or if it's false, but it does do for my "origin seeking sence of spirit"
what fishnets do for my "dog-like need to ejaculate on things."

The way I look at it. This should only be seen as another example to be imaginatively aware of (weather there is proof or not) The pleasent part, the important part, is that it's something helping us to paint our own picture of the pure and limitless reason for our existance.
A wonderful direction that can help bring ballance and controll into our lives, if we choose to "look into it"

to direction of concept.
to worrying abouts it's truth.

I know truth is important, but were not gonna get it all before all of it gets us. a pathway in my brain, that i've had since i was introduced to the idea of God, either: fills me with a feeling of love and of acceptance, or causes anxiety which i try and use to scour my ignorance and fear (while cyclicly creating more to scour)

In my higher moments I choose love and acceptance. The kind that allows me to accept my fate, whatever the truth may be. (Animus, No Animus)

But I'm not gonna buy the t-shirt till they/I can cure I/our addictions.

[edit on 8/25/2006 by VaporTrail]

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:48 PM

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:46 PM
I am seeking information about the Corteum. I have searched everywhere in an attempt to identify who they are and where they are from. I have compared the original WingMakers documents to the current ones and found something I would appreciate feedback on. It may have been an unintentional slip or maybe the answer was hidden in plain site, as is often the case with these matters.

Over time, Dr. Anderson has been transformed to Dr. Neruda and now "James".

In reading the original interviews with Anne and Dr. Anderson, I found the following that identifies who "James" is and proves he is the leader of the Corteum:

"I want to return to the WingMakers for a moment. What do the Corteum think of the WingMakers' time capsule, I assume they've seen everything?"

Dr. Anderson:
"Yes, they've been involved from the beginning. The Corteum are as integral to the Labyrinth Group (the highest security clearance in the black ops organization hidden within the ACIO) as any of its human members, so nothing is hidden from them. The leader of the Corteum mission to earth is called -- in English -- "Mahunahi"(Note this name as it is the name James is know by in the Lyricus Order), and he happens to be an artist first and foremost, and a scientist is his secondary nature. He was always excited to see and hear about our findings. He asked if we could create a way-station to the Ancient Arrow site so he could visit the site himself, but it just wasn't practical to do so without drawing attention to the site."
Second Interview Taken from the Original Site
(access via

James states in the Creator session on the new site, in answer to this question;
"Question 9: Who/what are you James? Where do you get your information from?"

"In my dominant reality, I am known as "Mahu Nahi"."
(The same name as the leader of the Corteum.)
James in CS1

The original interviews describe the Corteum as key members of the Labyrinth Group and part of the Incunabula. They come from a planet they have destroyed and are now forced to live underground. They are small, 3-4' high with fragile, thin skin. The Incunabula are behind all of the oil and banking interests in the world and are the controllers behind the shadow governments.

You will find all of this in the original interviews as well as enough material to postulate credibly that James may also be "15".

I submit this for your feedback and look forward to your responses.

The wayback machine is worth accessing as they have every page of WingMaker's archived from it's inception.


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