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Weird Tank Sighting (not Alien, i hope!)

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posted on May, 10 2007 @ 06:00 PM

Im no expert on radiation so would that just be low level radiation that can cause that effect, is it just how it effects tape or would it have the same effect on the human eye?


posted on May, 10 2007 @ 06:49 PM

Originally posted by chroot

Im no expert on radiation so would that just be low level radiation that can cause that effect, is it just how it effects tape or would it have the same effect on the human eye?


I've seen an interview with astronauts where they said that the van allen belt radiation in space causes them to see flashes when they close their eyes. I cant remember the source but it was a video that debunks the van allen belt angle of the moon conspiracy. Other than that I dont know for sure, but it would explain why you felt the flashes inside your head as the radiation shoots through your entire body. The flash would be visible only when optical nerves would be hit by it.

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 04:50 AM
Hi Chroot, very interesting story. I wonder what exactly you were injected with? And I wonder if you were positioned at the scene for a reason, just like the guy with the tank story. A couple of things you mentioned reminded me of a case I was briefly involved in back in 1996. i.e. the FLASHES, and the MIST. Here's a wee snippet from the story that was posted online -"Upon doing so, they once more observed many strange star-like 'things' hanging low down in the sky, and also an immensely bright white light near a transmitter which was flashing in a sequence of three. Further along the road, they pulled up and started to observe what resembled a 'squashed ball' elongated from top to bottom. It was a hot fiery orange colour with big irregular indentations in it, "It looked really shimmery" said Mary.

Not long after this, all the witnesses once more beheld small 'beings' in the woods. However, this time, events took a more alarming turn, for as the witnesses were observing these 'beings' in the woods, Mary noticed a blue 'mist' starting to come from the woods and into their direction.... Contained within this blue 'mist' were several small grey 'beings' who were not walking, but being 'propelled' towards them in the mist. That was it! They had seen enough. This was too much!"I've a feeling these incidents aren't stumbled upon, that maybe they are experiments, with "you" as the subject. ??

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 05:16 AM
Hi Thanks for that very interesting reply.

Im quite relieved that some people have taken me seriously at what is, quite literally my word. This is why i stressed all the way through that its only my accounts and nothing else.

Im trying to stay a bit level headed about this though as i have just found myself trying to relate this in some way to alien craft, etc which worries me as im starting to speculate already, lol. Im sure that's inevitable though

Are you aware of any threads on the boards that relate to the event that you describe?

when attempting to describe this i was initially weary about using the term "Mist" as its very misleading and im certain that people who see misty orangy glows (or not glows) are usually not considered to be sane, lol

Thank you,


Sorry to all the mods as i have not managed to create an avatar or even a cool signature yet (just noticed how plain my posts look, lol) I wasnt planning on posting for a while until i noticed this story and so i have not had time to prepare anything.. I will get this done shortly.

Thanks again

[edit on 11-5-2007 by chroot]

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 05:22 AM
Haha, I just put my avatar on last night 'cos I was thinking the same. Took me ages. Do you like my gargoyle (kitten)? He was not liking his bath. I'll look up the full story for you and post the link in a wee while.

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 05:27 AM
Here's the link to that story. There is a much more detailed version (straight from the horses mouth) somewhere online but I couldn't find it.

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 05:32 AM
I know,

Its my first time posting on any type of serious message board and i was amazed at how serious you start to take the issue of creating a cool avatar.

I too have been actually giving very serious thought to this, lol.. Now this is scary..

Thanks for that with the links its much appreciated. I noticed that a previous (PsykoOps), in reply to one of my posts suggested tshernobyl (typing?), and so i intend to look in to this a little further. Mainly because it revolves around radiation, which i have to admit is a little worrying.

I also forgot to mention; Yes, i reallly like the demon cat avatar it looks great

Cheers Matey

[edit on 11-5-2007 by chroot]

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 05:45 AM
Ive just had a read through that story, very interesting.

Particuarly the mention of Red and Green lights, however what i/we saw i dont know if i could call it a light as such.

In trying to describe it again i would have to say that it had a very very very low level glow, but no lit was being emitted from it, if you know what i mean..

I'm just of to re-read this "Fife" story again.


posted on May, 11 2007 @ 05:46 AM
Sorry, I made a double post then...

My browser locked and i was hitting back and then forward buttons..


[edit on 11-5-2007 by chroot]

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 05:55 AM
When you talk about injection's in basic training i bet it really ring's a bell with almost everyone who has served.

There was many a time when i was in basic when we would all be whisked down the med centre for injection's you were clueless about.

And when you are told to get an injection you take it no question's asked if you have not served you just do not know the feeling i am talking about. Of the complete power your instructor's have over you when you are a young man.

My basic training lasted a very long time i was a boy soldier. Lets just say it took some real effort to leave the army.

I was programmed heavily lol i would panic when i thought about leaving almost like if i left i would not survive but when i did leave i felt great and all those worries went away very odd indeed.

Very odd that how the army control's you for example if my W02 phoned me now and said get your ass back you need to fill in some paperwork. I would be like yes sir three bag's full sir.

Muahhaah and it is a good while since i left.


[edit on 11-5-2007 by h3akalee]

posted on May, 11 2007 @ 06:05 AM
Very true,

Its amazing when i think back now to the amount of times you are lined up in 3 ranks and marched down the "med centre". Formed into a line, shirts off and then into the M.O one by one..

Before i went into the army i was actually terrified of injections. When i was younger i actually passed out in my doctors office when i had an injection in their, lol. Its amazing how you quick you change.

This is why i wanted to stress that as im sure anyone who has not experienced this would certainly be questioning as to why anyone would just let someone inject them.

I just wanted to get across that this is a common occurance in the British Forces (others as well i assume)

Cheers matey,

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 12:34 PM
Well I have to say that the poster of this topic might be telling the truth after all.

Its amazing what you might read by people who post their personal stories and by thier description not belive a word they say. Then when everything is said and done, after everyone puts in their two cents on real or make belive we find out that yes its real and yes it does exsist.

The Ministry of Defence revealed yesterday that they had made a vehicle seem to completely disappear in trials last week.

Military experts predict that vanishing tanks will be used on the battlefield by 2012.

A soldier present at the trials said last night: “This technology is absolutely incredible. If I hadn’t been present I wouldn’t have believed it.

“I looked across the fields and just saw grass and trees – but in reality I was staring down the barrel of a tank gun.”

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