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New News on Bilderberg and alex jones has been detained

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posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 07:06 PM
Just came across this bit of news that came out on june 9th and their are some pictures of the VIP

according to recent canadian news: VIPs' arrivals marked by a discreet 'B'
The limo drivers had them, so did the luggage tags -- signs with a single B -- and they were the ticket to get into the Bilderberg meeting at the Brookstreet, write Andrew Mayeda and Glen McGregor.
Greeted at the airport by limousine drivers holding single-letter "B" signs, global luminaries such as Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands began quietly slipping into Ottawa yesterday for the annual gathering of the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group.

Over the next three days at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata, they and other prominent political and business leaders from North America and Europe are expected to discuss issues such as the security threat posed by Iran and the direction of oil markets.

The group's discreet approach was evident as attendees arrived yesterday at the Ottawa Airport.

Outside the airport, a phalanx of limousines lined up to ferry guests to the Brookstreet, where security guards with ear pieces kept watch over the barricaded entrance to the hotel parking lot.

Here's the rest of the story and the picturesMarked with a B

Seems to me like it isnt all that smart to just have your crap marked with a 'B' to get in the meeting. who would have thought? lol

here are some more articles that are in the news about this group

Secret meeting

Big Names

Alex Jones Detained On Orders Of Bilderberg Group

Ok so i havent really heard alot about this group. I dont take much stock into secret societies but when i saw all the people that were involved it peaked my interest.

Kind Regards,

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