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Black Orb Attacks Me

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posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 07:32 PM
The day before Thanksgiving in 2003 at 5:55AM a black orb crept through the crack in my door and did these things to me.

First I thought it was an alien and later I found out that right when people see ghosts they think its an alien. But maybe not always. I couldnt move at all I only could think, I dont remember even breathing perhaps I did not. It made these very loud electric shocking noises. It moved in a weird way, evil way, going back and forth coming at me. It was very scary. Then it slammed striaght into my heart where my heart should be. Then I could move but I wasnt on my own. I was like "ugh" but it sounded like echos and wasnt even loud. In real life it should be loud. I think it was trying to possess me because it was moving me on my own. But for some reason it came out behind me and got scared. I think it got scared b/c the holy cross I got from my first communion a very long time ago was directly behind my heart. The orb must of got scared b/c of it. It flew around the room going away from me and then slammed into my picture on the wall which was red but after it slammed into my picture it turned it purple. When it slammed it made a very very loud noise like the sound when lightning strikes. Then I could move again.

After that happened, things started to happen to me. I had this awfull presence that things, demonds, ghosts were in the room and all around me. Sometimes I can feel them grab my body and then let go. Sometimes I feel like Im being electricuted on my back. It feels like Im being stabbed with thousands of tiny needles. And sometimes I get red marks on my body where I feel something hurting me. Its not very pleasant feeling all of these things. I hate it. I feel like I have a sixth sense but Im not seeing ghosts, I am feeling their presence. Sometimes I get cold really fast and Im sweating then I get extreamly hot in like 5 seconds. I get cold alot even when Im outside on hot days. When lights flicker, (but not always) I get cold. Also when
I hear taps on the wall I feel those shocks on my back. I wonder if someone else feels the same things I do. Shocks on the back, getting cold, etc. Please tell me if you do.

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posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 08:22 PM
DO NOT take this in a bad way. I'm only offering it as a suggestion.

Some of what you just described sounded identicle to some of the things my brother began experiencing at the onset of his schizophrenia. He was 15 when it started and it was a nightmare for him until he was diagnosed. Now he can function without all the terror he felt before.

Talk to your parents or a doctor...someone you trust. Explain in detail everything you feel and what you see and experience. In talking to others you can best figure out what's going on.

Write everything down - start a journal if you haven't already.

Rather than look outward for answers first, I think you should look inward. Take care!!

My brother often experienced cold sweats, prickling sensations in his back and legs, clouded vision and "images" of orbs, demons and shadown coming to life. He would hear tapping, jet engines, scraping sounds and figured the whole world was going to heck.

I can't imagine how frightening it must be, but I do know you should talk to someone who can help sort it out.

Best of luck!

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 06:38 PM
Wow what an old thread

I would like to add that I now believe that was a hallucination. And I was half asleep when that happened.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 06:46 PM
Yes this is an old thread...thanks for the update though. Now that we know this was a dream/hallucination I'll close up.


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