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This May Get Me Thrown Out Of Here--BUT Here Goes

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posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 03:25 AM

Originally posted by Shar_Chi
google is your mind-controlled monarch programmed sex-slave:

Awww, come on.

Who wants to Google when instead you could do things like calling mods inappropriate names for things they didn't do.

Originally posted by 7Ayreon
The direct links to the video do not work. It says you have to pay for it, like 10 bucks. So whats up

Just to clarify, the origional link was never to the movie itself.

It was only to a lengthy trailer (because the movie was still in production at the time) so, ethically speaking, if you want to see the full film it'll cost you whatever the official site says.

Otherwise, the link to the trailers (that Shar_Chi provided) should suffice.

posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 11:50 AM
I think I had recently come across the site for this movie before, but remember there weren't any clips or screenshots.

I wanted to reference, first, the short clip in this thread that Delta Alter posted on page 4. The object is not a bug. The dark object does not fly in front of the tower on the right, but BEHIND it. Given that, the object then looks to be at least the size of one of the jets that crashed into the towers.

Even stranger is the fact that the object does not fly on an absolutely straight trajectory, but seems to curve down and into a black tear that appears at the bottom right of that footage. If you look closely at the bottom right hand corner where the object is headed, you can see something, a tear or hole, that opens briefly, and into which the large object disappears.

This makes excellent sense an object that size, which no authority seems to be commenting on, hurtling towards the ground, would have crashed, leaving debris, and possibly an explosion. It does not, but instead, we have a tremendously-sized physical object hurtling to the ground, but instead of crashing, seems to disappear into some sort of black tear or hole. Look at it. It makes sense, but not as far as our current technology could explain.

Going back to the UFO movie. This video includes more of NASA's own damning footage, which further discredits that company, and seriously damages its reputation as a public service organization. This organization does not serve, or feel any duty or responsibility other than to the furtherance of its own agenda, which includes keeping any and all information regarding UFOs and ET craft and proof from reaching the public.

NASA laughs off the implication that there is anything out there to the utter disbelief of people gifted with the dual powers of sight and common sense. NASA needs to be taken down, and I can't think of a better way of serving that purpose than presenting their own evidence against them - which this video (and others) does. Over the last decade, NASA has been hammering the nails in their own coffin. The evidence presented is irrefutable. Ice crystals are not the size of several football fields or larger, change speed from that of several thousands of miles an hour to a virtual dead stop, and then make zig zag or 90 degree angle turns in space above Earth - ice crystals do not do that, and neither can any known earthly aircraft. These are self-propelled vehicles, and they are not ours.

I will not advocate copyright infringement, but the Disclosure Project HAS NOT RECEIVED THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES. The evidence of the organic life known as "Rods" aside, these are the most important revelations in the history of mankind, and they are NOT reaching a broad audience. So, I suggest, if you want to help to get this subject to a broader audience, not only pointing people to this film, but moreso, TO BURN CD'S OF THE FILM, PUT THEM IN A CASE MARKED "UFO" AND PUT THEM ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE SOMEONE WILL GET THEM. Is anyone listening to all of these people?! Look at all of the footage, photos, tesimony, NASA's own transmissions - IT IS SO CLEAR SOMETHING IS GOING ON!!!

For too long the subject has been insinuated into our lives, both overtly and subliminally, and the lines have been blurred between fact and fiction to the point that we have become almost apathetic to the subject. It's great entertainment. Not anymore. These lines are no longer blurred - we are not alone, and we ARE being visited! We have been, we just couldn't see it, and our public institutions was hiding this from us (what they could). Now we can use not only NASA's evidence, but our own infrared, or night shot video to see these things. And this is going to galvanize the study of this matter - which apparently is only being done by citizens, because our government and scientific institutions have no interest in the possibility of ETs visiting this planet. Yeah, right!

Now, I want to make sure that this is something that can be done legally - I would not advocate stealing copyrighted information. But this project, and all of the sincere, credible individuals behind the Disclosure Project, who have served the citizens of this country and the world immeasurably in the jobs that they have fulfilled as public servants, have been compelled by their conscience, public duty, a repugnance at what our government has and continues to cover up, and genuine and heartfelt sense of responsibility to the people in this country and this planet, must receive the broad attention it deserves. It must get to the citizens these people risked their lives and reputations for. And I suggest this is one way to do that.

If any of the people responsible, or involved with this movie think this is something that is possible, or encouraged, I would suggest we do this. If you plan to download the video, or buy it, maybe ask the production company thinks of this idea (Jose Escamilla). These people are doing this for the public good. This information is critical to get out. Once this information meets your brain, there is no turning back. And every brick in the wall that further disseminates this information is a further guarantee that our public institutions and our government will no longer be able to deny these things.

Here is a link to the first four trailers:
Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3
Trailer 4

Equally crucial videos to disseminate are the following:

First and foremost, a staggering documentary presentation by Jaime Maussan - the UFO Conference Mexico
The Disclosure Project
The Best UFO Video Part 1
The Best UFO Video Part 2


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posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 05:28 PM

Originally posted by ixiy
I know how you feel, I still have trouble finding out which aliens are friendly and which ones are hostile, but I do know that they are messing with us.

The germans in WWII had alot of advanced technology, they were the first to know about the atomic theory before Einstein brought it to America. They had the V2, flying wing designs, jets, U-boats and were rumored to be researching UFOs, Death rays, genetic enginnering experiments, sonic weapons, etc, etc.

Seems like most of our technology now is still based on that era's science. Rumor has it that the Nazi's got their advanced tech from aliens like what the Americans and others are possibly doing now.

Maybe they will pass us the plans to make anti-matter weapons to blow our selves up.....

I think you are on the right track.

Its pre 1900 technology that Germany had under secret development because
some of it ment dependence on oil would be eliminated, well perhaps for Hess
or whoever sold oil while they enjoyed the fruits of the true atomic age.

I don't say Tesla was behind it but he knew about it. I believe so did Maxwell
and his secret papers on electron forces, atomic properties of molecules and
perhaps isotopes must exist hidden somewhere.

Maxwell knew about the forces because Lorentz put the force equation back
among the fundamental equations of electricity, this is solely electron atomic related phenomena.

Not mass related.

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