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(666) A Fathers Son.

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posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 03:06 AM
A Fathers Son.

Jeremy Jones watched the clock intently." Only minutes to go then they'd see, oh boy would they see " he thought, half a demented smile tugging at his lip. Jeremy had been waiting for this day.

A ragged man perched atop a stallion, perched atop a hill, overlooking the small mining town. There was a sound of hooves and the ragged man's three companions rode in to view and came to rest beside him. It had been a long time since they'd last sat this way, beside each other, atop this hill. Of course there'd been no town at the bottom, just the cave, which was still there, though larger now thanks to the efforts of the humans.

The clock struck midnight, Jeremy held his breath, waiting. Nothing.
" Aw c'mon " he yelled at the clock." Do something. Sixth of the sixth two thousand and six." Nothing.
" Stuff this ", he thought " I'm going for a walk ".
The streets were quiet, no one would be about at this time, the place was virtually abandoned now that the mine had been closed. Jeremy's dad had died down the mine only six months ago, the third death in twelve month's. Jeremy's mum wouldn't be worried where he was at this hour, she'd passed out hours ago, an empty bottle of gin by her side. The kids at school had been giving him a hard time too lately, since that episode with Mrs Avery's cat. It had been old, he really didn't understand what all the fuss was about, how else could you understand life and death if you couldn't see it for yourself, couldn't touch it or smell it. Before he realised it he was standing at the entrance to the mine, the cavernous opening beckoned, he could smell death below. Goosebumps tingled up the back of his neck, Jeremy looked around quickly, he could have sworn he was being watched.

" Is he the one " said the ragged man to those beside him.
" Yes i believe so " answered a man dressed in black, his robes twisting in the breeze, seemingly bending the moonlight around his form.
" He has the mark, does he not " said the third, his mien fierce and battle scarred.
" Indeed he does " crowed the last of the group " Indeed he does ".

Jeremy entered the cave, it felt like walking into some giant creatures jaws, it's fetid breath hot on his cheek. He thought of nothing, and he walked, downward, ever down. He heard nothing, not a drip nor a creak or groan. He could smell death though, oh yes he could smell that, stronger than the cat had smelled, it seemed thick this smell, it permeated the air. Soon or maybe later he came to a dead end, it may have taken an hour or a day to reach this point, Jeremy didn't care. Upon the wall before him there was some strange writing, almost like hieroglyphics, almost. As he stared at the wall and it's strange language it suddenly became clear, it was a message, not just any message, but a message from his father he was sure. Jeremy said the words aloud, once, twice, three times, walking in a circle as he did so. No sooner was the last of the words past his lips than the earth began to tremble, rocks started to fall from the ceiling and the wall before him crumbled. Jeremy didn't move, nothing seemed to be hitting him, the dust wouldn't even settle on his clothes. The stench was almost overpowering now and tears formed in his eye's. From out of that darkness walked a creature, one that no man had laid eye's on for thousands of years, it resonated with power and yearning.
" Father " Jeremy croaked.
" Yes son, it is I " it's mouth did not move but Jeremy heard.
" Oh father, please dont leave me again " cried Jeremy.
" Oh no son, I shall never leave again, of that you can be sure ".

" So that's it then " said the dark man.
" Oh for sure, we can rest at last ", this from the large battle scarred figure.
" Yes there have been far too many false alarm's since the last time " said the ragged man.
" Well, let's get into it shall we, i dont know about you guy's but ive got some catching up to do " this last bit the fourth rider threw over his shoulder as he stirred his steed into a headlong gallop down the hill towards the sleepy little town.


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