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Of the thousands and thousands of caves explored

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posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by Prot0n
There's learning the right way and learning the wrong way. The right way uses something called common sense. Would I personally research into if the earth is hollow? No. Why? Common sense.

Would I either? NO. have i? NO. The OP asked and I QUOTE

Why haven't any cave explorers ran across an underground city

and all I did was try and bloody HELP the Op, with someone I read about a while back. I have no idea, or way of proving what I posted to be true, all I was trying to do with help. My bloody apoligizes.

I really hope the next time you post something in response to a question, other posters give you the respect you gave me, because you've been such a mature adult about it.

With a slight difference though. I'm not a gullible moron. Atleast I try and learn the right way.

What is your "right way" to learn. You CANNOT learn if you don't make mistakes/read BS, because without fictitiousness, there would be NO truth.

I don't go around believing just about anything someone tells me or everything I read.

I am pretty sure nobody does. And i have no idea how you can assume other people do by 1 bloody post. All you have done is judge my whole existance based upon the fact of what I have posted. You know nothing about me, yet you automatically assume I have a psychological disorder or am a moron, because you don't agree with it.

If people want to pretend they have magical powers, fine.

Who has magical powers? I'd love to meet him/her.

Just don't expect me to respect people like that. Respect is something you earn, not something you hand out freely just because you possibly might offend someone. If someone's offended by what I say, well

I don't want your respect, and have no interest in earning it. You could learn to be a tiny bit more curtious however.

If someone's offended by what I say, well ... that just sucks for them.
Didn't offend me.

I might possibly get offended when they start whinning like little babies because I said something that doesn't physically effect them or ruin their little live's.
I highly doubt any anyonymous posts you make on a discussion board are going to ruin anyones lives. Might make people laugh, like me, but you aren't going to run any lives.

6,000 years of human civilization and we wind up with a bunch of 30-40 year old cry baby children.
you are the one whining and insulting, the rest are acting mature and polite.

I know I've been ranting abit latley, getting pissed, and I half way apologize to everyone for that. But look at this site.

Whats wrong with the site? Its one of the only places where people can post idea's without the fear of getting "jumped on" USUALLY

Look at this planet. Look at our species.
I agree

Everyone should be just as pissed off as I am.
Whats the point in living if you are pissed off. Stay positive, and positive things will come
There are ALOt of people a LOT worse off then you, I am sure. Be happy you don't live in an impoverished nation, or a war-torn nation. THEY have a lot more reason to be "pissed off" than you do.

Everyone should be wanting to make it better.
Yes, I agree. But it has to start at the top if there is going to be any real success IMHO.

No, instead we have to tip toe around the cry babies and let thing's be. BS.
What cry babies?

To Proton:
Look, I have absolutely no problem if you want to insult me or what not if I post a bunch of bull or a hoax. But i really don't appreciate being harped upon when trying to help someone out. As I stated at least 3 times, I really don't believe in the theory, and am not trying to convince the world it is true. You can believe that if you want, your choice.

Every post you have made on this thread has just been an insult, you supply absolutely NO facts to support the subject matter either way. I'd love to debate it with you, or anyone, as an adult, and would be happy to research the subject matter just to do that, but this isn't a forum for insults. It is for discussion.

have a great day

This is an adult board, act like one.

[edit on 6/15/2006 by pstiffy]

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 12:41 AM
No more Jules Vern for you. *nods* What makes you think they exist?

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 01:02 AM
You surface dwellers are funny..Of course the earth is hollow.Thats where we keep all the best women and all the secret technologies like anti-gravity,stargates and time machines.

We are far too advanced to bother with things like sky and sunbathing.

Unlike you outsiders who invented the wheel first our first invention is hailed as sacred....asbestos underpants.....and smirnoff blue

posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 05:25 AM
In reply to the original poster here is a link to a real underground cave complex situated in the island of Malta

And no it is not a Christian era catacombs tunnel system but a real bonafide underground 6000 year old complex. I visited this place back in the early 1970s and it is a truly fascinating Neolithic site unfortunately the last time I went back to Malta (7 years ago) the Hypogeum was closed to the public and had been for some time.
The city is built on three levels and some of the original wall paintings are still visible.
Remember that Malta is the home of some of the oldest manmade structures known (stonehenge style temples) and in fact someone has started a thread here about them.

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