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The Disney/Comcast Merger

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posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 07:40 PM
What to call this? DisCast, DisCom, ComDis, Comney, Commie? Call it what you will, but the Disney/Comcast Merger seemed to fall through. But what if both these corporations had did indeed merge [Comcast being the dominating owner of the two companies], what do YOU think would have happened? Do you feel as though Disney wouldn't have been as fun and imaginative if the companies had merged? Or do you think it would have helped both companies grow through their combined revenues?

IMHO I'm happy Disney and Comcast have put this merge on the back-burner. I feel as though if these companies did merge [they do cooperate today for TV line up purposes], then it would have been the fall of Disney, but the undesirable rise of Comcast.

If this thread I hope to see what ATS participants feel was the right decision for the Disney/Comcast merger. Happy Posting!

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