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Numa Numa craze

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 08:11 PM
Hey, just wondering how many members have seen any "Numa, Numa" lip synch videos. Very catchy song, and the videos on the web number in the hundreds. People are actually making money doing this. If you haven't seen it do a search for Numa, numa and enjoy.

She smiles. She grimaces. She adjusts the volume. And then, right before the vocals start, she turns toward the camera. Her large brown eyes look right at the viewer as she begins to mouth the words to Bloc Party’s “Banquet”: “A heart of stone/a smoking gun/I can give you life/I can take it away.”

It is a moment at once innocent and emotional, personal and pure enough to make you cry.

There are hundreds of people on the web, lip synching to the song which has words most of them don't even know. The song is Romanian.

The original website host has over 1 million views.

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