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Some Good Advice

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 06:16 PM
ah, back to my old stomping ground. This site seems to be a summer thing for me. Well here is a little quickie.

Some Good Advice

The stories told as a youngster in bed,
All discouraged us from the fanciful thoughts that filled our head,
For a while these thoughts became a thing of the past,
However those who told us these stories knew it would never last,

The same person that tucked you in at night had the same visions,
But was told never to follow false ambitions,
However they did what felt right, some failed and some succeeded,
Yet years later both told the same story and conceded,

Yes, some good may come from these tales,
But all they do is block the wind from one’s sails,
What gives us the right to protect another from a great chance?
I mean, for all we know it could be that one last dance,

A dance? Preposterous, how could that be worth some solid advice?
Well what if this dance served to entice,
What if that dance decided the path of two souls?
Whether to unite forever or forget and go back to their separate holes,

Well I’d take the dance,
Screw everything else,
Because what is success,
Isn’t it self happiness, nothing less?

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