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The final passenger flights of Concorde

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posted on Oct, 22 2003 @ 07:50 PM
Well concord is finally coming to an end...time to say good bye to this great plane

anyone taking the last flight?

The final passenger flights of Concorde are taking place this week, with British Airways retiring the supersonic aircraft after 27 years of commercial service.

Here is a timeline of how the world's most elegant airliner came into being:


Britain and France begin independently researching the possibility of building a supersonic airliner.


British Airways' forerunner, BOAC, accepts its first Concorde reservation.


Because British and French engineers are working along such similar lines, they opt for a joint development.

The governments of both countries sign a deal to share design, development and manufacture.

Each country builds one prototype, one pre-production model and eight production aircraft.

Of the 16 production models, 14 are eventually made available for sale.


The first Concorde prototype rolls off the production line in Toulouse, France.


March 2 - Concorde 001 makes its first flight at Mach 2 from Toulouse.

April 9 - The first British prototype, Concorde 002, takes flight from Filton, Bristol.

October 1 - The first supersonic Concorde flight takes place.


June 28 - BOAC orders five Concordes


September 20 - The British prototype lands at Dallas Ft Worth on its first visit to the USA.


June 17 - The first double Atlantic crossing in one day.


December 5 - Concorde is awarded UK Civil Aviation Authority's Certificate of Airworthiness.


January 21 - The first commercial supersonic flights see a British Airways service from London-to-Bahrain and an Air France service flies from Paris-to-Rio.

May 24 - BA begins a London-to-Washington service.


November 22 - BA begins a London-to-New York service.


November 8 - First round-the-world flight by a BA Concorde, covering 28, 238 miles in 29 hours, 59 minutes.


Former hairdresser Barbara Harmer becomes Concorde's first woman pilot.


November 18 - Two BA Concorde's fly in supersonic formation to chase the total eclipse of the sun over the UK.


July 25 - An Air France Concorde crashes during take-off in Paris, killing 113 people.

August 15 - BA suspends its supersonic operations.


November 7 - Concorde returns to service, flying into New York after 15 months of safety modification work.


April 10 - BA and Air France announce that they are to retire their Concorde fleets because they have become too expensive to maintain.

May 31 - Final Air France Concorde flight.

August 30 - Final BA Concorde service from Barbados.

October 24 - Last commercial Concorde flight takes place. Three flights are to land consecutively at London Heathrow around 4pm

posted on Oct, 23 2003 @ 06:22 AM
Good bye concorde...
I wonder if there will be a simular plane made in the future?


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