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Are we unknowingly helping with a conspiracy?

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 01:44 AM
Are we unknowingly helping with a conspiracy?
After reading in an other thread about some new cloaking device, it got me thinking are we unknowingly helping to spread disinformation?
The US has a history of bluffing and it has worked well, namely in WW2 when they faked an entire army so the Germans would not move out of Calais to help crush the allied attack in Normandy, and again in the 1980's when they faked a lot of the star wars defense, as well as many others that I not aware of.
My point is that they can create a lie that has a little truth in it put, it out there and we happily fill in the blanks our selves, why because thats what we love to do. We gather small tidbits of information, study it from every angle that we can. But for the most part all we are seeing is what they want us to see. We take it hungrily and run with it.
What do we really know about Area 51? not vary much, we have a lot of conjecture, some good sounding theory's but we don't “know” vary much. Never mind the plethora of other bases spread about.
What about this cloaking devise all we know is that they say it exists and thats it.
And I'm sure that there are other projects that I could name but can't think of right now.
With us running around talking about such fantastic weapons, that are near impossible to defend against, it makes other countries think twice in regards to messing with the US, there for creating an extra layer of defense in that who wants to fight a country that has the technology to make their soldiers all but disappear? Or has airplanes the can fly vary high moch and is more agile then a helicopter?
I just had this thought and wanted to see what the rest of you guys thought about it as well.
Mr Mx
Ps sorry if this thread has all ready been covered

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 01:58 AM
I don't think this exactly has been covered.

Ahh, ATS isn't the definitive source on technology. Indeed, I would expect that there are a lot of people that disregard anything that is posted here.

If the govt. was going to spread dis-info, I would think that they would do it on a much larger scale.

BUT the internet is just getting bigger and bigger each day. It can only be expected that they would want to get a firm foothold before it gets too big, and ats would be a nice place for that.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 01:14 PM
Perhaps I should clarify, I don't just mean ATS, but the entire conspiracy community.
And not just on the inter-net but through out all mediums, books, TV, novels and simple conversation with friends.
Are we propagating lies by over analysis through our interests in conspiracy and secret technology's and there for supporting a conspiracy of deceit?
Mr Mx

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 07:36 PM
what no thoughts oh well

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 07:13 AM
i actually believe we really do have these superweapons isnt the real hardcore stuff 50 years ahead of us?

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 07:44 AM

You know this same thing could work in another direction. What if all of this high-tech weaponry that is supposed to be in these "black" programs DOESN'T EXIST.

What if it is all disinformation? You could quite posibly have all of these people in all of these Top Secret places like area 51 thinking that they are working on their part of the next generation of aircraft and weapons, when everything they are doing is a sham. A few controlled leaks here and there and pretty soon you have people believing that you have a secret base filled with superweapons. All of the conjecture about Roswell plays right into your hands. Let people think that you are reverse engineering alien technology. It may explain why the air force isn't working too hard at knocking down all of the rumors about Roswell.

Something to think about.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by JIMC5499

You know this same thing could work in another direction. What if all of this high-tech weaponry that is supposed to be in these "black" programs DOESN'T EXIST.

Interesting indeed. Yes, we all saw the dawning of the stealth age when the F117 was finally announced and performed against Iraq in the first Gulf War. We marvelled at the B2 and gasped at prime time TV of bombs being directed through ventilators all under the gaze of fantastically sophisticated military satellites and the genius of Stormin' Norman.

But where exactly is the stuff which is 50 years ahead of what we would all believe was possible, (I can't remember where that quote came from), and under what circumstances would it get used?

Today we have US and British troops dying in Iraq and Afghanistan in dirty grubby wars and yet those wars were fought with tanks, artillery and rifles not conceptually dissimilar to every other war since 1914. There are serious threats from N. Korea and Iran and what is the response? - yep, that's right, park an aircraft carrier or two off the coast and threaten to drop bombs on them, good old gunboat diplomacy.

So where is the good stuff? Where is a few trillion dollars worth of whizz bang stuff that will allow the good guys to kick the granny out of the blokes in the black hats whilst sitting in the comfort of their living rooms? Where indeed? Or perhaps we all getting just a bit too complacent about the brilliance of the weapons we now see on every news bulletin?

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 03:04 AM
I have speculated about whether some members are actually posting here from Langley or the NSA, or whatever....does anyone here think that this " community " of people poses an actual threat to Big Brother? We all get uptight about things that we see or hear about on here. Imagine how upset we would be about all of the stuff we DON'T know about! There is a TV show on cable called ' Future Weapons '. There are plasma guns,sonic weapons,lasers,etc. A lot of these weapons require an enormous amount of electricity and other resources to run. I imagine that the lack of mobility or designs that are still too large are all that keep these systems from being implemented. There are still many remote regions on this planet, ( and off of it ), where we can try out our new toys. I applied to be a scholar at this site so that perhaps through the reasearch forum we CAN be more of a threat to the powers that be.

posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 06:42 AM
Thanks for this thread Mr Mxzpzletcetera.

Knowledge needs focus to work. One disinformation-tecnique would be to flood with info about unrelated or periferial subjects. Lies would not be needed. Lies would be a liability since they could be proven false.

A flaw in this ATS site is that it is spread out under obscure "conspiracy" headings.
The conventional weapons conspiracy group chatting about the enfield rifle and the blessings of the bolt action etc.

Conspiracy draws together, and Theory of conspiracy should not start from certainty of the shape the conspiracy has.

I am new here at ATS, but it seems you guys are spread out, wet and waiting.
A thread about conspiracy, needs to gather threads, if you know what I mean.

posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 07:29 AM

"I'm not exactly sure what happened. Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!" The Joker

That is indeed chilling.Remember that next time you see hypnosis as entertainment.

Major conspiracies could be

1, the jewish conspiracy. ( Old ladies first )

2, the liberal plot to lay america open to terrorism
( New kid on the block ) the darling daughter of,

3, The communist conspiracy. and its bethrothed

4, Muslem world takeover, currently fisticuffing w,

5, NewWorldOrder, (usa) whoose secretary,

6, Anunaki from Niburu, brings it all home to,

7, area 51 wich is another religion that covers,

8, nuclear x-planes as well as other shenanigans.

9, Up to global brain-controll capability,(not collective)

X, Technical remote viewing brings it back from the ill
will of evil men left and right, poor or rich, and leads us
back to the power of the subconcious, and maybe magic.

posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by Mr Mxyztplk
Are we unknowingly helping with a conspiracy?
After reading in an other thread about some new cloaking device, it got me thinking are we unknowingly helping to spread disinformation?

Yes. It is quite simple, really. Many people on this site, myself included, are discussing things they know nothing about, or very little about, or in some cases a lot about. Point is, there is never, or very nearly never, an instance where a collaboration on this site, or even in the 'conspiracy community, where all contributers are very knowledgable on the subject. As a result, you have varying degrees of interpretational bias affecting the outcome of the discussion and motivating it's evolution, or lack thereof.

Many people, especially if they are participating in their free time, are going to get passionate about the subject matter, whatever it may be. In my experience, an emotional and reactive thought process will derail a thread and detract from the 'number crunching'....the facts and just the facts......

This site may indeed have generated threads which have contained actual ruminations and discernations on real conspiracies.....but the motivation of the topics and the type of responses have and will doom these traipses with the truth because there is no organization, no recognition....imo. Also, the wham bam, thank you maam aspect of communications/media will serve to distract....there is always another story to gossip about....a good thread will last three pages or so and get lost with the next good thread of three or so pages.

Disinformation is an inherent aspect of the current level of our communication skills as a whole, as a society. Homeboy learned to speak and communicate with a dysfunctional family in the ghetto....redneck learned how to relate to his environment through repeated discussions/arguements around a beer cooler that centered on he said/she said.....the business world learned to communicate with numbers and a perpetual smile, negating the negatives and opting for optimism....

.......what I think gets lost in our communication is that we are all interpreting information and stimulii differently. We are taught in varying fashions, whether it be reigionally specific in that culture effects expression, or our experiences and the people we all choose to surround ourselves with and thusly affect our moods and motivations.

In summation; this may be a bit disjointed; we are disinformation....a huge pool of humans communicating about an event and/or concepts with indirect experience to the matter at hand is not the best way to get to the truth. How many people talk about ufos who just want to believe? What about political ruminations from a staunch (fill in the blank affiliation)? ANd what about the fact that NLP is an art that many people are un familiar with? Subtle manipulations, subtle differences all get lost in the headline stories......

At any rate, I am not decrying this form of collaboration, merely calling it as I see it....and, after all, noone would get anywhere if noone talked.......

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