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posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 02:53 PM
I have noted some concerns in respects to DNA tagging and RFD's, but I had not noted anything on these systems in Specific. If this Topic needs to be moved elsewhere, fine, but I think we should know how this interwoven system of data is to be handled.

First thing, currently there is the SIS, which is operating within Europa. Details on this System can be reviewed in many links.

During the 1980s, a debate opened up about the meaning of the concept of " free movement of persons ". Some Member States felt that this should apply to EU citizens only, which would involve keeping internal border checks in order to distinguish between citizens of the EU and non-EU nationals. Others argued in favour of free movement for everyone, which would mean an end to internal border checks altogether. Since the Member States found it impossible to reach an agreement, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands decided in 1985 to create a territory without internal borders. This became known as the "Schengen area". The name was taken from the name of the town in Luxembourg where the first agreements were signed. This intergovernmental cooperation expanded to include 13 countries in 1997, following the signing of the Treaty of Amsterdam, which incorporated into EU law on 1 May 1999 the decisions taken since 1985 by Schengen group members and the associated working structures.

This give a general idea of what was being worked on, and the link does go into this quite deeply.

The Aims and it's basic use are described as follows:

Among the main measures are:

-the removal of checks at common borders, replacing them with external border checks;
-a common definition of the rules for crossing external borders and uniform rules and procedures for controls there;
-separation in air terminals and ports of people travelling within the Schengen area from those arriving from countries outside the area;
-harmonisation of the rules regarding conditions of entry and visas for short stays;
-coordination between administrations on surveillance of borders (liaison officers and harmonisation of instructions and staff training);
-the definition of the role of carriers in measures to combat illegal immigration;
-requirement for all non-EU nationals moving from one country to another to lodge a declaration;
-the drawing up of rules for asylum seekers ( Dublin Convention , replaced in 2003 by the Dublin II Regulation );
-the introduction of cross-border rights of surveillance and hot pursuit for police forces in the Schengen States;
-the strengthening of legal cooperation through a faster extradition system and faster distribution of information about the implementation of criminal judgments;
-the creation of the Schengen Information System (SIS).

In it's early years, it was to enable free flow of the approved population and afford Sercurity to be enacted by Member States despite the Borders.

Due to the Reach that SIS has been stretched to, (limited to about 15 member countries) the need became apparent to develope SIS II.

We see a summary, of the SIS System, which does not truly represent the Original intent when SIS became enacted. It is MUCH LARGER, in Scope, as noted below

The SIS is an information system that allows the competent authorities in the Member States to obtain information regarding certain categories of persons and property. It is thus a vital factor in the smooth running of the area of security, freedom and justice. It contributes to the implementation of the provisions on the free movement of persons (Title IV of the Treaty) and to judicial cooperation in criminal matters and police cooperation (Title VI of the Treaty). The current SIS was designed to cope with eighteen States (15 Member States, Iceland and Norway, and one in reserve). Its technology is clearly outdated and new development possibilities should therefore be studied.

The setting-up of the second general SIS is an absolute prerequisite for the involvement of the new Member States in the area without internal frontiers. Following the Council meeting on 28 and 29 May 2001 which confirmed that priority must be given to developing SIS II by 2006, the Commission agreed to be responsible for financing and developing the system (by virtue of its responsibility for implementing the Community budget). However, the Commission points out that the project will be developed in close cooperation with the Member States, the applicant countries, the Council, the European Parliament and the Joint Supervisory Authority (JSA).

A preliminary study on the possible development of SIS was carried out in 1998. Work has since intensified with a view to the enlargement of the Union. The Commission believes it is now essential to define the functions of SIS since it could, in the near future, become not only a reporting system but an investigation system. It will therefore be necessary to define the authorities that will have access to the system (judicial authorities of the Member States, but also Europol , Eurojust , security services, etc.) and the new categories of data.

In addition, the SIS will have to differentiate itself from Europol's information system focussing on the prevention and detection of threats to public order and security rather than on investigations into organised crime.

As regards the application of the provisions on the free movement of persons, the development of SIS will be valuable from several points of view, notably to guarantee the authenticity of documents and the identification of illegal residents.

So, we are seeing a movement, that not only allows for free flow of persons with approval, but one that will have access by Policing Agencies such as Europol, and Interpol.

The text presented give some considerations of what laws needed attention, and speculates on how to set this mechanisim up, to provide for security and organiztion.

I will bring more to this, and know, this is just background to get these terms out there. Everything SIS II will do, will be duplicated around the world. This is why GWB has been pushing ID's, but we will get into that in specific later.

Read both of the Sites, and think, this is coming here.



posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 03:19 PM
Hello Again

There is also a fine Post in Wikipedia on this subject

General Description

In the SIS, information is stored according to the legislation of each country. There are more than fifteen million entries, containing following personal information:

:-Name and first name, the alias possible ones being recorded separately;
:-Possible objective and permanent physical characteristics;
:-First letter of the second first name;
:-Date and birthplace;
:-If the person in question was armed;
:-If the person in question was violent;
:-Reason of the record;
:-Action to be taken.

:-As well as:

:-Weapons lost, stolen or diverted;
:-Delivered identity documents lost, stolen or diverted;
:-Lost, stolen or diverted blank identity documents;
:-Lost, stolen or diverted motor vehicles;
:-Bank notes lost, stolen or diverted;

A second technical version of the system is in preparation (SIS II), in order to include new types of data and to integrate the new Member States of the Union. The system would be opened with a greater number of institutions, for example the legal authorities, Europol and the security services. Personal data could be read on one personal assistant (This is a futuristic vision, but this type of implementation remains under responsibility and technical possibilities of each Member State) in all Europe, by the police force and the customs during the identity checks. Some would like to benefit from these technical changes to turn this system into an investigation system, but a great number of Member States want this system to remain a system of police checks, leaving to Europol this role of investigation.

Now, in general, I think most people expect the basic information to be needed, but I do wonder about the balance of these I noted. But it will be come clearer as the Topic is expanded.

Further along, we see some additional details that needed to be addressed, in specific to the unwanted travel or one that's not preapproved.

:Required for extradition;
:-Undesirable on the territory of a participating State;
:-Minor of age, mentally ill patients, and persons missing or in danger with an aim of ensuring their own protection;
:-Required like witness, quoted to appear or for notification of judgement;
:-Suspected of taking part in serious offences and having to be the subject of checks or control.

:-In addition are concerned the following objects:

:-Motor vehicles to supervise control or seize;
:-Blank or delivered stolen documents of identity;

Myself, I do find this is more of a means to control the Chatel of the State, apposed to Free Flow of Persons within Member Participants, but I guess we will see. Words like this, makes me wonder

The SIS is today the most effective and most powerful system of police co-operation thanks to its extremely short update delays, its ease of use, and the fact that all police forces within the participating countries have a direct and immediate access to the database.

But it is nice to note, there are concerns.

Some see in this concentration of information by the governments a threat against the private life. The SIS was the target many protests, in particular of July 18 at July 28, 2002 when 2000 activists of No Border Network expressed themselves in Strasbourg, where the C.SIS (Centre of the Schengen Information System) is located. Many fears that the second version of SIS does include photographs, fingerprints and DNA fingerprints, which could be available towards authorities and organizations for which this information was not intended when collected. However the drafts prepared by the Commission do not envisage officially the inclusion of DNA fingerprints Critics also worry that the database may in reality include people because of their political viewpoints or their participation in anti-government political protests, even if the information in the database in under the field relating to violence.

Where will this goes. Photo, Biometric, RFID, Iris Scans, Prints?

Theres much more info to come.



[edit on 7-6-2006 by Shane]

posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 07:47 PM
Jumping way ahead, I have noted several times, approved for Travel, within the SIS Member States, because screening, which is needed, will assist in steming problems, much like the following.

Trying to ground hooligans
By Claire Heald
BBC News

The full glare of England's football focus was on one England player's foot on Wednesday, as Wayne Rooney flew back to the UK for medical checks.

But at UK ports and airports, the football police had their eyes on a wider scene - potential troublemakers travelling to Germany.

Now, the premise of this search, is to identify these 'Hooligans' and not allow them to travel for the Games. This screening, is being done manually, but this will be done by proximity scan, with the new ID System that will enact someform of Biometrics which can be discussed later. This will enable the Security, to know when the Hooligan, entered the Airport, even before arriving at Checkin.

They are searching Documents, right now, for the details of Criminal or a Violent History. The sort of details the SIS II Systems will require for papers to be issued to the Citizen (State Chatel) will eliminate the need, since it will display on screen when you approach a check point..

And there has been some changes to what is a Hooligan

Hooligans re-named

By now, 95% of the 3,380 people with banning orders have surrendered passports for the period. Police are hunting the others.

If any are unwise enough to turn up at as obvious an exit as Heathrow two days before the tournament starts, they will be stopped.

Also sought are the peripherals who would likely step in to a fight to support the hardcore of violent offenders.

They might not have an order over their heads, but police say their history suggests they are a threat, past convictions or not.

The post goes on and deals with explaining the matter, but what we will find, is that RIFD Cards will be issued in the future, which eliminates all of this PreClearance seeking rowdies, in this manner. The Data requested seems to part of the Travel Papers (Passport) already in the U.K. But they also have this National I.D. Push that was propelled to the forefront, by the London Bombings, which will likely include RIFD's for any who will wish one. Those who do not, will swipe their N.I.C. through a scanner. If alerted, you are pulled in for questioning. If you are dangerous, you are eliminated by a Mil Spec Tact Ops Team. (Just joking), You be arrested, with Security alerted.

Now, this is solely used to demostrate the situation the Police in the U.K. must go thru. While on the Mainland, other options will be plainly seen in posts to follow. This was just such an excellent example, of what is occuring right now, and what is instore, ELECTRONICALLY.



posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 09:04 PM
Now some maybe familiar with the Above Agency, which respesents Air Transport Concerns globally. You may find an oversight on this agency within the following:

Although this Wikipedia Post is rather meager, it gives likely, the most known reasons for this group. As you will see, they have larger areas of concern, and have extreme control over this Globally, due to the nature of their members.

In respects to Air Transportation, we can see that not to many days from now, the U.S. will be on stream with other countries and most of Europa. (Actually, this system is active now.)

Machine Readable Passports - From 26 October this year, all travellers from the 27 Visa Waiver Program countries must have a Machine Readable Passport (MRP) in order to enter the US without a visa. Children who are on their parent's passport must have either a visa or be issued with a passport of their own. Information on this issue can be found on the US Department of State website.

So, we are seeing an Evolution, where, M.R.P. documentation will be introduced. This Machine Readable Passport, will comply with all of the services throughtout Europa. This means, it will be linked, to some extent, to SIS II, since this is the system it will all be based on.

Also, take a look throughout their site. I noted this, and it will echo the aim of this whole system
The Lower potion of the First page of this PDF, speaks to the New Technologies, such as Biometrics, and urges all States to enact compliance.

Also, the urge is spread across several topics, to have this Harmonization of Proceedures, so everyone is on the Same Page.

In the Homeland Security Site, the topic is very friendly looking, but, the details going to be incorperated into these documents have already beeb spelt out, so we know, it is not quite a friendly as it is portrayed.

Press Releases

Machine Readable Passports Required For All Visa Waiver Program Travel as of June 26, 2005
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
Contact: (202) 282-8010
May 12, 2005

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today reminded travelers from 27 Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries that as of June 26, 2005, they must have a machine-readable passport to enter the United States without a visa, as mandated by Congress. Machine-readable passports have a sequence of lines that can be swiped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers to confirm the passport holder’s identity quickly and to obtain other information about the holder typically found on a passport’s inside cover.

And as noted, we know what is implied by 'and to obtain other information about the holder typically found on a passport’s inside cover'. It goes on and notes

“The machine-readable passport benefits foreign visitors as much as it does homeland security,” said Randy Beardsworth, Acting Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security. “With one fast swipe, front line officers can pull up the information that they need to process legitimate travelers quickly. At the same time, this immediate information access enables our officers to focus even more on identifying and interdicting potential threats.”

And remember, everyone wants this Globally enacted, so it must work traveling to the U.K., Europa, the Far East, and North America Wide.

We can also see, what the Card/Data may look, in one the links on this Homeland Site.

What do I need to know about VWP machine-readable passport (MRP) and e-passport requirements?

The USA-PATRIOT Act legislated that each Visa Waiver Program traveler must have a machine-readable passport........

Additionally, the 2002 Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act created a requirement that VWP travelers present machine-readable passports (MRP) which are tamper-resistant and incorporate biometric identifiers in compliance with guidelines established by the International Civil Aviation Organization. On June 15, 2005, DHS announced that VWP travelers would satisfy biometric requirements by presenting passports with digitized photographs and, eventually, integrated chips with information from the data page (e-passport). Depending on when VWP travelers’ passports were issued, the following passport requirements will apply:

There are questions answered along with a Picture of the Proposed I.D. in the balance of the text.

Now I must ask, what is the goal. To improve Freedom of Movement. This was our introduction to this matter. Now, it is our Track and Trace Label, to ensure we are where we are supposed to be and not elsewhere. Again, this is what you do with Chatel, Property, Not People.

But it's early to make that comparision. We will see more of this as the links lead.

So what are our British Friends doing?

How will the new passport be different?
Externally, the new Biometric Passport will appear very similar to the current one, although it will feature a logo indicating that there is a chip inside. Internally there will be many new security features including pages with intricate designs and new complex watermarks.

What information will be stored on the chip?
The chip will store the passport holder’s digital photo and other personal details printed on the passport bio-data page. The chip will complement the security features currently inherent in the ‘machine readable zone’ of the passport. The ‘machine readable zone’ will be needed to ensure immigration desks can continue to use existing readers.

So, within the EPassport, there will be chips for the storage of Data. Also, we are now introduced to a new term, the ‘machine readable zone’. This is the Data Line which contains your personal info, so what's the Chip for? Whats on that? Criminal Records? We'll we know what will be on this. That was covered earlier.

There are other questions answered, and links to other related sites, as all these Pages will have. Things that simply reinforce this whole topic.



posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 08:13 PM
It's been sometime, and I am sorry to have been elsewhere, since tying this system together, is likely the most important thing to understand.

We have seen SIS and SIS II and looked at this Machine. It is nothing more than a Collective Data Base for the World and it's Policing Agencies, (internal and external.) it is the Basis of co-operation between the European Community, and is to be the Global Standard.

We have seen some of the International Agencies, which on the onset, might look quite innocent, but it is these entities which are driving the implementation of this agenda, outside of Prying Eye's. (Meaning, no one cares what I.A.T.A. does, it's the Whitehouse, or Congress, of Fema's actions we must watch.)

This is a Scam. A Slight of Hand's Cheap Magicians trick.

Watch my left hand, see my left hand, whats going on with my left hand?

TahDah, Right hand passes international laws that they can enforce Globally to make is a Manditory Commitment of every Country in the World, to follow.

What is seen, is the "Actions" to bring these laws into effect.

Regardless of what can be consisdered about Sept 11 2001, whether it was a conspiracy, or terrorist attack, the bottom line is, Americans would not be talking about matters, such of the loss of liberties and freedoms as outlines within the Patriot Act, and is New and Improved Clone. You would not be considering Biometrics or RFID tracking cards or Chips.

(Pop Quiz? What exactly does your Former Bush cabinet member Tommy Thompson, head of HHS now do? Boy, is this guy set to get a mega bonus as the head of a corperation in the coming years. Talk about foresight!)

Regardless of what can be considered about July 7 2006, whether it was a conspiracy, or homegrown terrorist attack, the bottom line is, Brit's would not be faced with the National ID consideration they now must deal through.

And it is not like Britian or America or Canada, or Russia can say anything about it.

You can not fly, international flights without being in accordance with entities such as I.A.T.A.. They are calling the Shots, in respects to the Legal arguement. All countries must comply, or they can not exit, their own Airspace, without being in violation of international law.

I have no idea of what has been expressed within ATS regarding the Patriot Act I and II, nor the Bills in the U.K., nor do I really wish to repeat them for the sake of laziness.
If it's been done, I like to see that, and if anyone now reading this, have opened or had a good discussion on either of these two topics, could you please submit some links for me to review.

I was reading this week, about some of the Presidents actions and found the following quite on target.

Here GWB, is discussing Safeguarding America.

The Patriot Act Closes Dangerous Law Enforcement And Intelligence Gaps

The Patriot Act Has Accomplished Exactly What It Was Designed To Do - It Has Helped Us Detect Terrorist Cells, Disrupt Terrorist Plots, And Save American Lives.

The Patriot Act has helped law enforcement break up terror cells in Ohio, New York, Oregon, and Virginia.
The Patriot Act has helped in the prosecution of terrorist operatives and supporters in California, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois Washington, and North Carolina.

Look and see, This is exactly what it does and here's some examples!

The Patriot Act Authorizes Vital Information Sharing To Help Law Enforcement And Intelligence Officials Connect The Dots Before Terrorists Strike. The Patriot Act enables necessary cooperation and information sharing by helping to break down legal and bureaucratic walls separating criminal investigators from intelligence officers.

And here, is the connection to SIS and SIS II

But if you every want to kill some time, look thru the President's Site. It's full of wonderful thoughts.

Looking forward to a few links for the Patriot Act, and the U.K.'s ID question.



[edit on 11-7-2006 by Shane]

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:43 PM
Due to the lack of input, I must believe that ATS has nothing to offer in respects to this topic.

In light of this, we'll proceed.

We need a quick History lesson. Subversion 101.

The year is 1933. It's winter, and nearing the end of the Furhers first Month as Chancellor. He and his staff, have several plans inmind, but are unable to process these through Political Channels due to the Balance of Power, held within the Reichstag (Parliment) building. He required a 2/3rds majority and only controled about 1/3 of the votes.

Feb 27, 1933, just after 9PM, a fire breaks out in the Riechstag, and the way was cleared as history records.

Wikipedia have a good link in respects to this, which would be a good review.

Immeadiately, Goring and Hitler arrive at the scene, and in what seems like a very swift response, Goring issued a statement of fact blaming the Fire on an act of Terror and Hitler declares a state of Emergency, and with the President's signature, issued the Reichstag Fire Decree. This is completed on Febuary 28th, 1933.

Order of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State

On the basis of Article 48 paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the German Reich, the following is ordered in defense against Communist state-endangering acts of violence:

§ 1. Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Empire are suspended until further notice. It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights of personal freedom [ habeas corpus ], freedom of opinion, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble, the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications, and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.

Now, I will not suggest this is an exact copy of what Patriot Act I and Patriot Act II ultimately resembled, but it is not far from the mark.

Here is a breif breakdown of the 6 articles.

The decree consisted of six articles. Article 1 suspended most of the civil liberties set forth in the Weimar Constitution — freedom of the person, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, the secrecy of the post and telephone, not to mention the protection of property and the home. Articles 2 and 3 allowed the Reich government to assume powers normally reserved to the federal states (Länder). Articles 4 and 5 established draconian penalties for certain offenses, including the death penalty for arson to public buildings. Article 6 simply stated that the decree took effect on the day of its proclamation.

Now without dwelling on the past, we should all understand what took place after this scheme was arranged. WWII.

In retrospect, 2/27 and the Reichstag Fire Decree, are forerunners of your 9/11 and the Patriot Act's.

Gorings press release was also something that should be reviewed. It is a work of art.

The burning of the Reichstag was intended to be the signal for a bloody uprising and civil war. Large-scale pillaging in Berlin was planned.... It has been determined that ... throughout Germany acts of terrorism were to begin against prominent individuals, against private property, against the lives and safety of the peaceful population, and general civil war was to be unleashed....

Talk about some smooth operators.

And on March 3rd, 1933, (5 [five] days following the Fire, Goring completed his directives as follows.

Göring issued a directive to the Prussian police authorities on March 3, stating that in addition to the constitutional rights stripped by the decree, "all other restraints on police action imposed by Reich and Land law" were abolished "so far as this is necessary ... to achieve the purpose of the decree." Göring went on to say that

In keeping with the purpose and aim of the decree the additional measures ... will be directed against the Communists in the first instance, but then also against those who co-operate with the Communists and who support or encourage their criminal aims.... I would point out that any necessary measures against members or establishments of other than Communist, anarchist or Social Democratic parties can only be justified by the decree ... if they serve to help the defense against such Communist activities in the widest sense.

So, in 5 days, the Problem, the Cause and the Solution have played out, and within a few weeks of this, the matter was completed by executive order with the Enabling Act. (Again, this is a good read, to understand the matter as it progressed.)

This is the perfect example of a Hegelian Dialectic. Create the Problem, Identify the Problem, Solve the Problem.

Now, some may suggest this is a harsh example, or a bad comparision, but I would argue this is the Template being used today. As things progress, I trust this will become clearer. There are many other things that need to be addressed, and brought into this topic, but it all revolves around SIS I and SIS II, and need to have a global populace willing, if not insisting on a solution. The RFID Solution.



posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 09:56 PM
Now back into more "Current" times, we will look to the Late Summer of 2001.

68 Years later, an event took place, that had the world struck dumb, except in some locals, where dancing was seen in the streets, (but thats a PTS Discussion).

Now, despite the impressions one has in respects to the events of 9/11/01, this was the USA's Reichstag Fire. Unlike the situation in 33, this was a global event, that anyone and everyone had access to view, and be part of, and due to this, many other countries also implemented resolutions or laws that will be similiar to what is being discussed here.

As smoke was still rising from the crumbled remains of the World Trade Center, The President of the U.S. made clear what his intents were.

President Bush Addresses the Nation on September 11th
President denounces terrorist attacks in New York and Washington

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
September 11, 2001
Statement By The President In His Address To The Nation
The Oval Office
8:30 P.M. EDT

The President: Good evening. Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. The victims were in airplanes, or in their offices; secretaries, businessmen and women, military and federal workers; moms and dads, friends and neighbors. Thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil, despicable acts of terror.

The pictures of airplanes flying into buildings, fires burning, huge structures collapsing, have filled us with disbelief, terrible sadness, and a quiet, unyielding anger. These acts of mass murder were intended to frighten our nation into chaos and retreat. But they have failed; our country is strong.

There is an over riding direction of thought being laid out here. A similiar event took place with Goring's assistance in 33, to pin or label the enemy.

The text goes on and notes.

Immediately following the first attack, I implemented our government's emergency response plans.

This was the what the Reichstag Fire Decree allowed for. An Emergency that none, at the time, considered outragous. Afterall, what just happened demanded some actions.

I've directed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and to bring them to justice. We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.

Now, in hindsight, everytime Terrorist is noted, it could very well have said Communist, and these words could have been from Goring's Mouth. It is the same response, with the same responses, as we will see.

Now following this, there was the saddness that set in that not only did those perish on the Flights and in the initial crashes, but it seemed there where hundreds of emergency responders lost as well. A sober America, and a sober World looked on in disbelief.

Several Act's where implemented over the course of the next few wekks, which ultimately became part thereof the US Patriot Act, which was law only 45 days after the events of 9/11

I am certain a great many of you are more than familiar with this act, but for those who many not, (since only about 10 to 15% of the Population know a great deal about it), I offer the Following link for review.

Rather than dwell on all of this Act, I am just going to be noting some things that are involved in the Topic here.

We recall, this Topic is about a Data Bank of Personal Information that is going to be required from ALL, (Every man, woman and child on this globe). We will need to comply.

Sept 10, 2001 how many people would have believed in the USA, that in the next few years, you would be required by US and International law to have Biometric ID of some sort. As noted in a previous post here, the time is fast approaching, and despite this, nothing concrete has yet surfaced. National I.D. Cards, Biometric Passports, RFID Licenses, along with the "dreaded" Verichip/Digital Angel, all are viable options.

We know what the solution was in Europa, but again, submissive types tend to bend without much complaining. Socialists like to be told what to do. It gives them less things to be concerned about. Biometric Passports are their option, and the Data required in these, and the reasons for this Information have been expressed.

Patriot Act I has several extra items in it that were passed thru Congress and with only 1 dissenting Voice (Dem Russ Feingold) in the Senate. (One other senator did not vote). Much of the Patriot Act, was implemented preivously under several "Other Acts". The main difference was the "Additional" items that completed the Patriot Act. What are they?

The Act mostly incorporates the provisions of the earlier anti-terrorism USA Act (H.R. 2975 and S. 1510). The House passed the USA Act on October 12, 2001. The Senate passed it on October 11, 2001. The primary differences between the USA Act and the USA PATRIOT Act are:

:The inclusion of the Financial Anti-Terrorism Act (H.R. 3004), which expands money laundering abatement to international terrorism.
: Immunity against prosecution for the providers of wiretaps in accordance with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.
: Request for a report on integrating automated fingerprint identification for ports of entry into the United States.
: Start of a foreign student monitoring program.
: Request for machine readable passports.
: Prevention of consulate shopping.
: Expansion of the Biological Weapons Statute.
: Clearer definition of "Electronic Surveillance"
: Miscellaneous benefits for victims of the September 11 attack and extra penalties for those who illegally file for such benefits

In the coming Posts we will start to look at these Provisions quite carefully. It will be interesting to see what is in there, and where we may have seen some of these concerns expressed previously.

Until then



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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 09:11 AM
So if you took the time to review the Provided Link to the Patriot Act, you will have understood, one thing. Several Laws enacted in light of 9/11 where issued as a direct response to the attacks on that beautiful Late Summer Morning.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).
Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
USA Act (Public Law 107-56)
Financial Anti-Terrorism Act

All of these Acts had been either Ammended or Implemented with the Objectives of allowing the USA to confront the Terror Networks, and take the "Fight" to these organizations, where ever they maybe.

But the Signing of the Patriot Act, which rolled these vaious Laws and Acts into "One Big Bundle" also addressed several other items, most of which seemed to be directed towards better Identification and Inter Policing Cooperations.
Here is a Breakdown on the 2001 Patriot Act, and it's table of contents

Look through it, and bring up those Extra Items, noted previously, that the Patriot Act added when combining many of these already existing laws.

Now, please do not misunderstand. The Patriot Act, in it's intent, has a very understandable concern, and many of these items just make sense, when dealing with a Crime such as Terrorism. You would expect these sort of concerns to be discussed and implemented in an effort to better prepare, and as noted eariler on, deter or prevent Terrorist Acts from Occuring altogether.

But this is where, this matter becomes curious, since this seems like the prefect response to the Sort of event that 9/11 was.

Now again, this is a Topic here, about the SIS and SIS II, so lets look at the work done, in respects to this.

USA PATRIOT Act (Title IV: Protecting the Border)

1.3 Sec. 403. Access by the Department of State and the INS to certain identifying information in the criminal history records of visa applicants and applicants for admission to the United States.
(a) Amendment of the Immigration and Nationality Act- Section 105 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1105) is amended--
(1) in the section heading, by inserting `; DATA EXCHANGE' after `SECURITY OFFICERS';
(2) by inserting `(a)' after `SEC. 105.';
(3) in subsection (a), by inserting `and border' after `internal' the second place it appears; and
(4) by adding at the end the following:
`(b)(1) The Attorney General and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall provide the Department of State and the Service access to the criminal history record information contained in the National Crime Information Center's Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III), Wanted Persons File, and to any other files maintained by the National Crime Information Center that may be mutually agreed upon by the Attorney General and the agency receiving the access, for the purpose of determining whether or not a visa applicant or applicant for admission has a criminal history record indexed in any such file.
`(2) Such access shall be provided by means of extracts of the records for placement in the automated visa lookout or other appropriate database, and shall be provided without any fee or charge.
`(3) The Federal Bureau of Investigation shall provide periodic updates of the extracts at intervals mutually agreed upon with the agency receiving the access. Upon receipt of such updated extracts, the receiving agency shall make corresponding updates to its database and destroy previously provided extracts.
`(4) Access to an extract does not entitle the Department of State to obtain the full content of the corresponding automated criminal history record. To obtain the full content of a criminal history record, the Department of State shall submit the applicant's fingerprints and any appropriate fingerprint processing fee authorized by law to the Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We see a copy here, of the Basics set out in the SIS and SIS II Systems spoke to previously. And we see that a Data Base, is being prepared. This section goes on in detail, covering as many considerations as plausible.

3) Accessible- The electronic system described in paragraph (2), once implemented, shall be readily and easily accessible to--
(A) all consular officers responsible for the issuance of visas;
(B) all Federal inspection agents at all United States border inspection points; and
(C) all law enforcement and intelligence officers as determined by regulation to be responsible for investigation or identification of aliens admitted to the United States pursuant to a visa.

And we see, this is available to ALL such authorized parties, GLOBALLY. Consular Offices are Abroad, not within the "Defined" USA., as well as all Entry and exit points, and as well to Law Enforcement. Sounds familiar!

1.5 Sec. 405. Report on the integrated automated fingerprint identification system for ports of entry and overseas consular posts.

(a) In general- The Attorney General, in consultation with the appropriate heads of other Federal agencies, including the Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of Transportation, shall report to Congress on the feasibility of enhancing the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other identification systems in order to better identify a person who holds a foreign passport or a visa and may be wanted in connection with a criminal investigation in the United States or abroad, before the issuance of a visa to that person or the entry or exit from the United States by that person.

Here we see that pro-active benefit, but again, this is General to Anyone and Everyone.

A system is being prepared, that makes it easy to Track and Trace Identity, and pick the undesirables out, in a pre-emptive manner.

This is how the SIS and SIS II works, as we have noted. The Data is retained, and in the hands of all those same sort of people, (in their respective Titles in their homelands) with the same goals inmind.

We will pickup on this shortly



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Picking up where we left off, we will look at some of Section 2's items

2.3 Sec. 413. Multilateral cooperation against terrorists.

Section 222(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1202(f)) is amended--
(1) by striking `except that in the discretion of' and inserting the following: `except that--
`(1) in the discretion of'; and
(2) by adding at the end the following:
`(2) the Secretary of State, in the Secretary's discretion and on the basis of reciprocity, may provide to a foreign government information in the Department of State's computerized visa lookout database and, when necessary and appropriate, other records covered by this section related to information in the database--
`(A) with regard to individual aliens, at any time on a case-by-case basis for the purpose of preventing, investigating, or punishing acts that would constitute a crime in the United States, including, but not limited to, terrorism or trafficking in controlled substances, persons, or illicit weapons; or
`(B) with regard to any or all aliens in the database, pursuant to such conditions as the Secretary of State shall establish in an agreement with the foreign government in which that government agrees to use such information and records for the purposes described in subparagraph (A) or to deny visas to persons who would be inadmissible to the United States.'.

Still, we are seeing this "Database" and some of the applications of INTERNATIONAL cooperations between State Departments, and their interest in defining and establishing the ones deemed INADMISSIBLE to travel.

It is clear, in the expressed wording, this is to deny Travel to those into the USA, but this is "part of" the Globaized Systems that are being enacted.

If you are one who, through TRUE and ACCURATE Reports or Priors are found to be denied access to the US, then it is quite easy to see, this will effect Travel to all compliant nations. The Date Base information will be mutually accessable and interchangable. This is what is being arranged. Everything will work in concert, or at least is supposed to.

2.4 Sec. 414. Visa integrity and security.

(a) Sense of congress regarding the need to expedite implementation of integrated entry and exit data system-
(1) Sense of congress- In light of the terrorist attacks perpetrated against the United States on September 11, 2001, it is the sense of the Congress that--
(A) the Attorney General, in consultation with the Secretary of State, should fully implement the integrated entry and exit data system for airports, seaports, and land border ports of entry, as specified in section 110 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1365a), with all deliberate speed and as expeditiously as practicable; and
(B) the Attorney General, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Office of Homeland Security, should immediately begin establishing the Integrated Entry and Exit Data System Task Force, as described in section 3 of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Data Management Improvement Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-215).
(2) Authorization of appropriations- There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to fully implement the system described in paragraph (1)(A).
(b) Development of the system- In the development of the integrated entry and exit data system under section 110 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1365a), the Attorney General and the Secretary of State shall particularly focus on--
(1) the utilization of biometric technology; and
(2) the development of tamper-resistant documents readable at ports of entry.

(c) Interface with law enforcement databases- The entry and exit data system described in this section shall be able to interface with law enforcement databases for use by Federal law enforcement to identify and detain individuals who pose a threat to the national security of the United States.
(d) Report on screening information- Not later than 12 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Office of Homeland Security shall submit a report to Congress on the information that is needed from any United States agency to effectively screen visa applicants and applicants for admission to the United States to identify those affiliated with terrorist organizations or those that pose any threat to the safety or security of the United States, including the type of information currently received by United States agencies and the regularity with which such information is transmitted to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General.

SO here, we are seeing more of those choices being expressed. BIOMETRIC and TAMPER PROOF ID. And, as expressed and, previously noted, concerns made by Our Prime Minister, and spoken to by Pres Bush, makes it clear, it needs to work in harmony between member 'States/Countries'.

And again, in case we have forgotten, I.A.T.A. is the "controlling" agency tying the Member States together. Air Travel, Ocean Travel, Bus/Rail Travel, Vehicle Travel, will all be blended, so info in Europa, is readable in Canada, or Mexico, or Hawaii. (wherever people wish to travel).

2.5 Sec. 415. Participation of Office of Homeland Security on Entry-Exit Task Force.

Section 3 of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Data Management Improvement Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-215) is amended by striking `and the Secretary of the Treasury,' and inserting `the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Office of Homeland Security'.

Here we see Teasury Data, being extended to Homeland Security as well. Tracking and Tracing the Money. Recall, part of SIS is to trace

":-Bank notes lost, stolen or diverted;"

So we are seeing a duplication and the progress to have these various elements brought together to create that Data Base, with the same areas of concern being address in Europa as well as the US and Canada, for that matter.

We'll move on to some of the last notations that the Partiot Act covered, and look as these in the next post.



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And continuing

I like this one, and throw it into this just for the Bolded segment.

Sec. 416. Foreign student monitoring program.

(a) Full implementation and expansion of foreign student visa monitoring program required- The Attorney General, in consultation with the Secretary of State, shall fully implement and expand the program established by section 641(a) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1372(a)).
(b) Integration with port of entry information- For each alien with respect to whom information is collected under section 641 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1372), the Attorney General, in consultation with the Secretary of State, shall include information on the date of entry and port of entry.
(c) Expansion of system to include other approved educational institutions- Section 641 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C.1372) is amended--
(1) in subsection (a)(1), subsection (c)(4)(A), and subsection (d)(1) (in the text above subparagraph (A)), by inserting `, other approved educational institutions,' after `higher education' each place it appears;
(2) in subsections (c)(1)(C), (c)(1)(D), and (d)(1)(A), by inserting `, or other approved educational institution,' after `higher education' each place it appears;
(3) in subsections (d)(2), (e)(1), and (e)(2), by inserting `, other approved educational institution,' after `higher education' each place it appears; and
(4) in subsection (h), by adding at the end the following new paragraph:
`(3) Other approved educational institution- The term `other approved educational institution' includes any air flight school, language training school, or vocational school, approved by the Attorney General, in consultation with the Secretary of Education and the Secretary of State, under subparagraph (F), (J), or (M) of section 101(a)(15) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.'.
(d) Authorization of appropriations- There is authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Justice $36,800,000 for the period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act and ending on January 1, 2003, to fully implement and expand prior to January 1, 2003, the program established by section 641(a) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1372(a)).

So is a Foreign Student coming to America to Study Pipe Fitting, or one that has an Apprenticeship for Compound Mixing, as seen in Factory Chemical Production Facilites covered under Vocational? Or are Apprenticeships, out side of this, and more inline with "Work' Visas.

It is clear, Education is now being considered "CONCERNING" and these records will reflect on the Data retained on your coming Biometric RFID Passport/Identity Card.

I would think things would "Flag" the system if you had studied in Chemical and, or, certain Technology Classes, and you went on a trip to Jordan, Egypt, and then returned to the U.S. via Suadi Arabia . You would be an interesting person to speak with.

And I do not need to point out the Obvious features, as noted in the News all the time. How would you be handled? Locked away without being Charged until you are deemed OK to enter the US, or held for years, awaiting due process?

Sec. 417. Machine readable passports.

(a) AUDITS- The Secretary of State shall, each fiscal year until September 30, 2007--
(1) perform annual audits of the implementation of section 217(c)(2)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1187(c)(2)(B));
(2) check for the implementation of precautionary measures to prevent the counterfeiting and theft of passports; and
(3) ascertain that countries designated under the visa waiver program have established a program to develop tamper-resistant passports.

(b) PERIODIC REPORTS- Beginning one year after the date of enactment of this Act, and every year thereafter until 2007, the Secretary of State shall submit a report to Congress setting forth the findings of the most recent audit conducted under subsection (a)(1).
(c) ADVANCING DEADLINE FOR SATISFACTION OF REQUIREMENT- Section 217(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(3)) is amended by striking `2007' and inserting `2003'.
(d) WAIVER- Section 217(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(3)) is amended--
(1) by striking `On or after' and inserting the following:
`(A) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in subparagraph (B), on or after'; and
(2) by adding at the end the following:
`(B) LIMITED WAIVER AUTHORITY- For the period beginning October 1, 2003, and ending September 30, 2007, the Secretary of State may waive the requirement of subparagraph (A) with respect to nationals of a program country (as designated under subsection (c)), if the Secretary of State finds that the program country--
`(i) is making progress toward ensuring that passports meeting the requirement of subparagraph (A) are generally available to its nationals; and
`(ii) has taken appropriate measures to protect against misuse of passports the country has issued that do not meet the requirement of subparagraph (A).'.

And here, in all of this, is a simple premise. Condolessa Rice is the Boss. (Right Now). She is responsible for ensuring her Department verifies each "Member State/Country", has also the same working systems for the issuing of Tamper Proof Biometric I.D.'s. And as we covered during the first few Posts here, the Template of this is the SIS and SIS II Systems.

Now, in respects to the more Current events, and the Patriot Act II, Congress, The Senate, and Homeland Defense have refined and further worked out the coverage and tools within this, to control and regulate aspects which where either "Overlooked" or had a Sunset Clause. Many of the Sunset Casues where recinded making this Act Valid until it is declared void and no longer required.

Now in the perfect world, some may thing this is a good thing, but I would suggest, the War on Terror will be Never Ending. With that said, so will these laws.

Before moving on in this, we will quickly look at the old Sunset Clauses and what was done to these in Patriot Act II.



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