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CA Rep. Cunningham Guilty of Bribes. Where Are The Ones Who Gave The Bribes?

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posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 06:23 PM
California Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham* went off to prison for taking “millions” in bribes. *Randall Harold Cunningham. Born in 1941. First elected to California's District 50 in 1991. He served until his resignation in 2005 after pleading guilty to accepting $2.4 million in bribes. The Federal judge ordered him to serve 8 years, 4 months in prison and to pay back $1.8 million. My source did not say to whom he was to pay back the bribe money. Was it to the person or persons who paid him the bribes?

Cunningham's replacement is being chosen to hold his seat until January 3, 2007. No candidate received a majority in the April 11 election. A special runoff election was held today. Another election for a full 2 year term will be held November 7. The final returns should be available tomorrow (Wednesday). This race has national implications as the district voted solid GOP for the last 14 years. The Republicans have spent $4,500,000 in this race. WoW! For a job that pays only $165,000 a year. Somebody must know something I don't know.

Which brings me to my point. How come I have not heard about prosecutions of those who gave the bribes? After all, a bribe is a crime that necessarily has at least 2 culprits. One to offer the bribe, the other to take the bribe. Bribery is a cold calculated crime. Usually the person making the offer plans to reap 100 fold or even a 1000s fold in returns. The person accepting the bribe is almost always giving away that which is not his to give away.

So why don’t we go to those who gave the bribes, and take back that which they got in return, which should not have been theirs? Sort of a RICO statute in reverse? And why not have those who offered the bribes share jail space with Duke? There cannot be a crime of bribery without the giver as well as the taker, who we have caught. Why don’t we hear about the givers?

Well, you know, bribery is like illegal workers, only the rich can give bribes or hire illegal workers. Me, as a poor person, I cannot bribe anyone because I have no money. Nor can I hire an illegal worker because I do my own work. Only the Rich and Famous do those things. But, as I’ve said before, it is the Rich and Famous who control the country. So what gives here? If the R&FS are committing the crimes, and if the R&FS are making and enforcing the laws, why bother me at all about either bribes or illegal workers? I neither do it, nor can I stop it.

Cunningham joined the Navy in 1966 and retired as an O5, Commander, in 1987. He was one of two confirmed Navy aces in the Vietnam War, flying F4s off carrier decks. He received the Navy Cross - the Navy's #2 medal for valor - and the Silver Star, Air Medal and the Purple Heart for wounds suctioned in combat.

It is my opinion Duke Cunningham should have received the 8 years sentence OK, but he should have been placed on probation. He has earned a free pass. The Federal system - under hard line Republicans - eliminated both parole and probation. Hmm? Pres. Bush, how about a commutation of sentence?

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