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UK cops blame NBC gloves for raid shooting.

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posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 01:00 PM
I know The Sun newspaper is probably the lousiest source to go by, but it's the only paper that is reporting this story at the moment and it is a possible reason for why the cop accidentaly shot the suspect in the latest London raid.

THE shooting of a London terrorism suspect was last night blamed by police on a cop’s pair of thick GLOVES.

The firearms officer whose gun fired and wounded Mohammed Abdul Kahar said he could not recall pulling the trigger.

But The Sun can reveal the cop was wearing a pair of extra bulky chemical protection gloves while he grappled with Kahar, 23, on the staircase of his home.


Whether true or not, it's certainly feasible. I know from experience that it's not ideal firing with NBC gloves on.

All that said though, i'm still looking forward to the whole story on this one. If the suspect was as innocent as is being said, why would he be grappling with the cop on the stairs? Would'nt he have done as loads of armed cops tell him? Would'nt he have just got on the floor (if that was what was asked) and the cops would have dealt with him as per proceedure?

I understand that these guys thought thier house was being burgled, or at least that is what the solicitor said, but how difficult is it to see the difference between a burglar and a house full of cops who were identifiable and no doubt shouting instructions. I know it says that no warning was given before the guy was shot, but putting the shooting aside for a sec, they would have, or should have identified themselves as police. In which case, why the grappling?

Maybe they did'nt shout out that they were police at first incase it gave the suspects a split second to detonate what they presumed they had in the house? I don't know, lots of speculation i know, just a little impatient for the truth when the police have such a habit of covering thier arses as a priority!.



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