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Special forces to use strap-on 'stealth wings'

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posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 10:15 AM

Elite special forces troops being dropped behind enemy lines on covert missions are to ditch their traditional parachutes in favour of strap-on stealth wings.

The lightweight carbon fibre mono-wings will allow them to jump from high altitudes and then glide 120 miles or more before landing - making them almost impossible to spot, as their aircraft can avoid flying anywhere near the target.

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I think this is very interesting - it may bring a new era into the military with regards to paratroopers. Imagine being able to launch an assault over 100 miles from the target and glide in? Even if the enemy was aware of your drop planes on radar, they would have a large area to be concerned with trying to locate the troops final destination.

Obviously the distance is far greater, but I wonder if this would be somewhat of an alternative as well..


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