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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 09:05 PM
I saw an old one called Millenium last night. Pretty good. There was some pretty blatant expository dialogue in the form of people stating the obvious for the benefit of the viewer, but it was forgivable.

The creepy thing about it is the way it makes you think about the potential of time travel- of course we'd never know because the whole point would be not to be discovered.

I wish the apocalyptic future had been better developed and I definately wish I could have seen where they went at the end... but the idea of the movie itself blew me away.

minor plot spoiler

I knew this going in and it didn't bother me, but don't read farther if you can't enjoy movies like this.

Basically, an FAA investigator stumbles onto a series of anomalies in an accident caused by the fact that time travelers from a future where the human race has gone sterile are rescuing passengers from doomed flights (because they'll never be missed and won't cause a paradox) and taking the forward to repopulate the future.
The investigator ends up catching on, and a paradox is threatened... then there are some cheap explosions.

I'm being a little blunt about its shortcomings, but I really liked it.
Anyone seen it?


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