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Petitions to the United Nations (and others)

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 03:45 PM
Hi all,

I've recently posted a rather long email to UFO Updates about the reinvention of the wheel in relation to the numerous petitions relating to UFOs. That email is online at the link below:

For ease of reference, I've culled the material which simply summarises the main existing petitions below:

An international petition to the United Nations is being organised by John Velez on the Virtually Strange website at the link below:

During June 2005, John Velez claimed the petition had 5835 signatures.
That petition is addressed to the Secretary General of the
United Nations and requests that he take action to encourage
Member Nations to:

(1) declassify and release all UFO files or records in their

(2) cooperate with and support serious scientific efforts to
study this phenomenon;

(3) promulgate regulations or laws requiring military personnel,
professional pilots, police officers, and maritime personnel to
generate reports on any UFOs sighted in the course of their
professional duties and to make those reports freely available
to the public after any legitimately classified portions are
deleted. ...

A separate petition (also directed to the United Nations) is being organised by
Alfred Webre at the link below.

It includes the following:


1. The United Nations General assembly establishes a DECADE OF
CONTACT with the following four Objectives:

DISCLOSURE - Open, transparent, official governmental disclosure
and declassification of all past and present programs related to
Extraterrestrial Presence.

DECADE OF CONTACT - Public funding by U.N. Member Nations and by
the UNITED NATIONS of a 10 year process of formal public
education, scientific research, educational curricula
development, strategic planning, community activity, and public
outreach about the Extraterrestrial Presence and our future in a
populated Universe.

DISARMAMENT - A permanent ban on all space-based weapons and
warfare in space through a Space Preservation Treaty Conference.

DIPLOMACY Public Interest UNITED NATIONS Diplomacy with ethical
Off-Planet Cultures now visiting Earth.


In the UK, there is a petition organised by Steve Watkins on the Alien
Existence website (commonly refered to as "the UK UFO
Petition"). See:

That petition (which appears to currently have over 500 signatures):

1. seeks that the UK Government "engage in a public held forum
debate, on National Television, in regard to the subject of
Unidentified Flying Objects and Extra Terrestrial Intelligence"

2. "request that full disclosure of all known UFO sightings &
cases, including abduction cases across the United Kingdom are
made available under the good spirit of the Freedom Of
Information Act and partnership working."

3. "seek clarification as to what the 'unknowns' are, secret
projects by Government/Military or genuine unknowns".

There are a myriad of other petitions on the Internet
with a small number of signatures, including:

(1) 403 Signatures: Addressed to "President of U.S., U.S.
Congress, United Nations": "In the Declaration of Cosmic
Cooperation, we are stating to the Universe that "we the people"
now want space to be a place of peace, that we humans want to be
peaceful participants with members of Off Planet Cultures, and
that we want to reap the benefits of such relations with them."

(2) 125 Signatures: "Lets all welcome our ET friends to come
down and do first contact!".

All the best,

Isaac Koi

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 03:55 PM
They or you, can petition for it, but you will never get the truth the legal way, never.

(1) declassify and release all UFO files or records in their possession

As if.

(2) cooperate with and support serious scientific efforts to dstudy this phenomenon

That's another joke, its not you, its the idea they would do that, never.
You have to understand we are dealing with a government universally, that does not want this out.

Its not beneficial.


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