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Interesting robot insect

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 12:34 AM
I came across this robot insect inspired design and was pretty impressed.

It seems to have been developed by a small toy company but seems to have some rather advanced features. For starters its amazingly fast using a " LINEAR TRACK (TM)" walking mechanism.

The Linear TrackTM walking mechanism is extremely simple and low cost, yet creates the most intriguing, realistic, and creepy robotic insects the world has ever seen. In addition the mechanism is very fast and stable and makes for a very nimble robot

Its moves faster then many high budget multi-ped robots I have seen from DARPA and MIT.

The robot was featured on the show "Alias" Here you can see some video of it in action.

Another claimed feature will be "Remote Power Transfer (TM) "

ChildLikes, Inc. has developed an inexpensive technology to eliminate batteries called Remote Power TransferTM, or RPTTM. This patented technology saves the consumer $$$ and headache over the life of any toy.

Sounds a lot like Nikola Tesla's vision of wire free energy transfer.

I would like to learn more about this and the other technologies mentioned but just from what I've seen already in the videos I find it highly impressive for a small toy company to making this. There could even be applications for this tech that goes well beyond the toy market. Im always impressed with some of the stuff your none goverment funded inventors can create.


posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 12:48 AM
THose things rock. Should be made even smaller, then you can have robot wars on your kitchen table !

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 12:49 AM
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