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Perverted Justice; Power Unchecked

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posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 04:22 PM
I support that they are getting pedophiles, rapists and child molesters off the internet and off the streets. That's great. They DO NOT entrap these guys. What I fear is that they are an emerging powerful special interest group. Meaning they'll eventually have a lot of weight to throw around and start influencing legislation to even having bills introduced to the House and Senate.

I don't trust Perverted Justice for that exact reason. Their power will go unchecked and have no balances.

Because Dateline has done five or six shows on them alone. That has certainly got some attention. More for the good, such as potential pedophiles seeking help, parents getting their children off Myspace, and putting fear into the heart of the active pedophile to stop their activities.

Here is what I see happening..
FEAR: Parents and everyone FEARS their child getting molested by some 50 year old loser.
OUTRAGE: "How can they do such a thing!?!"
ACTION: Let's create new laws!

New laws that will effect your privacy on the internet. Internet taxes to pay for internet policing. New restrictions on your internet activities. Internet watch lists. much much more!

The outcome would be something to effect of "Well they are getting pedophiles off the internet and keeping children safety, I guess it's worth giving-up privacy, paying extra taxes, and having some websites block or censured"

Power Unchecked?


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