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Justice Department Wants Internet Companies to Save Personal Web Surfing Data

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 06:12 AM

Published on Friday, June 2, 2006 by Knight Ridder
Justice Department Wants Internet Companies to Save Personal Web Surfing Data
by Elise Ackerman

The U.S. Department of Justice has told Google, Microsoft and other major Internet companies that it wants them to keep detailed records of where people go while surfing the Web for up to two years.

This is a radical departure from current practices.

Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center
The proposal, which would require Congressional approval, could dramatically change how companies cooperate with law enforcement agencies investigating everything from terrorist networks to child pornography. Internet service providers such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast, could also be forced to comply.

Brian Roehrkasse, a Justice Department spokesman, said the government wants companies to keep data related to Web searches and e-mail exchanges -- but not actual content, such as e-mail messages or attachments

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So now we will be tracked as we surf around the Internet. Got nothing to hide? Neither do i, it is still yet another invasion of privacy.
According to the story, they dont care about "content" they just want to know where we've been.

As with telephone calls, they think that by saying they dont care about the conversation itself, we will swallow this latest crap.
Why dont they continue going after pedophiles and terrorists just as they have been? Because they are not interested in those people at all. They are interested in YOU and I. The regular folks.
Of course, i am sure this will pass. So careful where you go to do your "researches"

This is another baby step by the gov. More to come.
We need babysitters now, because we are not responsible adults anymore.
Feel like
? I do.

[edit on 3-6-2006 by dgtempe]

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 06:19 AM

Please help yourself to this and wear it proudly. Thank you!

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 07:42 AM
Oh Oh, this sucks!! I've spent the last 2 years researching how to get out of income tax and all the hundreds of websites that go with this obsession of mine. Now the Gov't will probably consider me a threat to security & lock me up on terrorism charges................Just for reading how bad the Gov't is screwing us all over.
I got to find a way to live in Andorra. Declared free for ever by Charlamagne, still no icome tax in that country but with the living standards of France. Wow. Same with the Ilse of Gurnesy but its hard to un brainwash people especially cops.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 08:38 AM
Well, i suggest you do it quick

I'm sure it will be put on the front burner, and within a couple of weeks it will take effect.

Nothing to hide. Much to lose. Liberty to do what you want.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 09:07 AM
AOL already keeps transcripts of all chats for at least a year.

Use Adium or PGP to encrypt your chats and e-mails.

If you're still using MS Windows, nothing you have on your system is safe.

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