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a small personal theory on how time works

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posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 11:39 PM
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I was thinking about time the other day and thinking about how many people percieve time to move linearly in a line or curve. ie.i do this then this happens and so on making a huge line of cause and effects like those lines of chronological history they put in textbooks to show us the different dates of the revolutionary war or the different dates of when whom conquered whom, i know many also and rightly so believe that time moves in a cyclical fashion and at one point or another comes around to itself again and again, this being on the largest scale ie. all of history and also on many smaller scales ie. daily routines . i really don't dispute which is the true nature of time even though i slightly favor the latter, but that really wasn't what my post was to concentrate on. i envisioned a long time ago that time doesn't really move at all and even though i guess it might favor predestination i feel we travel through the vessel of time and that every unit of time (i don't want to say a second or minute because i feel those units fluxuate thus describing when einstien said something along the lines that a minute with a beautiful women can feel like a second and a minute with your hand on a heated frying pan can feel like an hour) repeats its self over and over again in which if you were to travel through time it might make sense that you weren't actually reversing or fast forwarding time you would just be traveling through the "vein of life" and stopping at a destination. I won't try to back this up in anyway, its just a though i had and i was able to visualize it well. Another thought that entered my mind because i am at a stalemate between predestination and free will is that maybe i postulate that we all have the power to make one choice in life, some of us decide when we were in the womb and some of decide on our death beds or maybe the mid-life crisis deal, and still some of us never really make a choice just sort of floating through existance. i feel that i can't support predestination because of my love of the idea that we have the power to effect the future, but at the same time trying to not be ignorant i must not fully support free will because i believe that we do have some sort of definitive path, so maybe we make one choice in life and that choice effects the future of everything after that point.....who knows....peace

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