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Exploring the possibilities presented?

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posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 08:54 PM
OK, as most of you are aware there has just recently ended a rather long debate pertaining to the validity of a poster's(EthearealForce) claim that he is linked with an Alien grouping.
Now we have pretty much come to the end of that discussion with EF's 'realisation' that it was probably drug induced, so i am happy with that, but the point of this thread is to discuss the merit of some of the claims he made.
Most were absurd from a human POV, but i concede that we have a very narrow line of understanding, so now that the thread has been pretty much sorted, i hope we can hold a civil discussion based on some of the theories he brought without decending the pitts of ridicule.
I hope you will all join in this, even EtherealForce too, who although i truly believe didn't experience this, did bring in some very interesting and discussion worthy points that people initially laughed at due to the context of the entire thread.

The First part of this discussion I wish to call 'The World without Shrimp'(some of you most intelligent of posters will get that

The World without Shrimp

In one of Ethereals claims, there was a Universe in which this world was run by a Cow.
Now yes, that does seem like a notion brought on from one too many tokes on a cig made from the 'Wacky Backy' as it were, but if you think about it, one some random level its a very real possibility.
Consider this.
We are a dominant species on this planet, a mixture of Evolution and Adaptability has gotten us here, btu what would have happened had we taken a side step on one of our earlier evolutionary movements.
Its is highly likely that we would not be in the position we are now.
Ok, now consider the simple Cow. It too has developed along a certain path, brought it to its place in the world, but what would have happened if in one of its earliest forms, it had evolved slightly differently. It too had side stepped.
It would be a different creature to what it is now, very possibly, so who is to say what marvellous(or not so marvellous) changes would take place. It could feasibly change just enough to make it a different animal, with a different need in and from Life.
Now the notion that for every event there are numerous outcomes and that there is a universe for each one of them is not a new one. So, why is it impossible that a 'Cow'(lets be honest, it might have resembled a Cow, but it won't have been Daisy Ethereal came into contact with, it would have been a different varion on the species from different evolution) could evolve to be a dominating animal.
Add to that any other possible factors that are still a possibility in our own evolution, for example 'Alien Interference'.
Why could, if they exist in this or any other Universe, Aliens not Manipulate the Genetic structure of one of these creatures to make them the animal EF 'saw' in his alternate reality. I mean, can we be 100% sure there was no such manipulation of the Human race, being that we still have to find our missing link.

I understand i've rambled, and probably made no sense, but i hope this leads to a discussion. I have an open mind, so if you can prove to me i'm wrong i will gladly admit it, however if you can find information to back anything that is brought up please please please post it and join in...

Thank You for your time

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 10:38 PM
Yes, you stated it exactly as the "ET"s had portrayed it. I will do some more research on string theory and post some of my findings here- but as cowboy stated it is not set-in-stone fact... but of all the theories it does seem that string theory is on the right track in the unification of gravity with the other forces.

The Cow incident was not the most exciting experience I had though.

It was most surely when I banged the video game character in another universe, the plausibilty (or lack therof) should also be discussed later.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 02:13 AM
can our nu-sciences be a glimpse on what universes do?

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 03:04 AM
aliens aside , from what limited knowledge i have of evolution anything is possible on other planets. look at us vertibrates it was by pure luck we survived and crawled out the water or it may well have been the invertibrates running the show now, imagine giant snails etc going about there daily buisness and it is us being squished by fly swats etc ( anno a little far out there) thats even saying the vertibrates survived at all earth could have been an entirly different place.
who's to say out there in the galaxy there is a planet where a different speices rules the place. a possibility in my mind

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 03:16 AM
Forgive me MODS for I have sinned.

I've taken the name of ATS in vain twice, and knowingly abused the tagging system three times that I can recall - this thread and two others, One of which was already removed.

Please remove the equivalent ATS points from my total.

My bad.

I shall make every attempt from this point forward to refrain from smarty pants tagging on threads that are so inclined as this one. I will make every attempt in future to back away from my computer when the urge to abuse the tagging system arises and/or navigate away from the threads of temptation.

I am weak MODS.

Normally I try to tag intelligently and responsibly...I don't know what comes over me.


posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 09:24 AM

It was most surely when I banged the video game character in another universe, the plausibilty (or lack therof) should also be discussed later.

OK, seeing as how you mentioned your liason/love child with 'Kid' i feel we can discuss this as well within the context of Parallel/Alternate reality theory.
Now, i don't play Video Games so i have no idea who this 'person' is, so forgive any ignorance i show regarding that.

So, in this Universe, we exist. We are the product of infinite decisions/actions taken over the course of time.
But what if something had happened differently?
For instance would we be at this point technologically had the Dark Age happened?
What if Science had not be demonized for so long, would we be far more advanced?
Now, on an individual level, you, Ethereal, are the product of two people coming together in a union, 'Kid' is the product here of Game designers coming together and creating this character...granted.
BUt what if, in another universe, 'Kids' creator/s had a child. Created this character in flesh rather than in bits. Its a very real possibility within infinite senarios that on some level Kid is a 'real life' person, one who for all intent and purpose IS the character from the game(just like in alternate reality any character is a real person).
At the same time, with different actions taken, could it therefore be just as plausible that your lineage took different turns in the course of life that ended with your 'parents' creating you instead of in reality, within a game senario?

OK, on that last comment by justgeneric, what is this 'Tagging'?

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 11:11 AM
After reading through his 19 threads, I must say it was a fun read. Of course I didn't fully believe, but I had to keep reading anyway cause it was interesting.

Sometimes I imagine an animal here on earth, and how good of a intelligent race they would have made if only they had evolved. Like chameleons, turtles, and eels.

There's alot of unexplained answers. Like why haven't we been back to the moon in modern times? Did something happen that caused fear? The exuse "there's nothing there" is not acceptable and it's also not an intelligent response. It's our moon and it's most important we understand it. I believe something happened there, something disturbing, relating to UFO or not. I believe the moon is hollow, and I also believe the moonquakes it had scared us. Knocking the moon off orbit of the earth could cause much danger.

What EtherealForce said about string theory is absolutely right. I believe it is getting us on the right track. What better way than to get down to it and create a theory of everything.

In regards to space travel, I think we are doing it all wrong. We build these devices as we would for earth only with added modifications. I think the right way to think when it comes to build something in space is to use the properties of space as the medium. For example, imagine you actually lived in space, and lived within the properties that surrounds it. What sort of device would you build or how would you build anything in space? I think the ultimate goal when it comes to space travel is to build something that uses the properties of space when it comes to construction and propulsion. But hopefully string theory will take on this part which with better understanding will improve all.

EtherealForce, I enjoyed your thread it raised alot of questions and ideas. You're an intelligent guy don't let it go to waste. Looking forward to more of your posts.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by haro
Sometimes I imagine an animal here on earth, and how good of a intelligent race they would have made if only they had evolved. Like chameleons, turtles, and eels.

this would account for the ~30,000 races of intellegent lifeform we could join.

it's entirely plausible that other Earth-like, or similar planets have given rise to self-conscious lifeform.

those environments where certain 'characteristics' are favorable, and give the host an advantage is securing energy and passing on generations.

like a long tail or flying seeds, etc.

so thousands of incredibly exotic species could be out there, giant ants included.

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