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Can Cival War Be Started In the United States?

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posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 06:54 PM
Think creatively…
We’ve all heard about the American Civil War where people fought against their countrymen for independence from us.
Since then America has remained united in face of economic depression and the like. But is there anyway in the near future a civil war could be started? My suggestion would be if the country continues to fill up with immigrants (who are not integrated into our type of society) cracks in wider society could start to appear.

Already when you look at the political map of America in elections you get certain states that are always Republican and always Democrat. This isn’t unusual in any country but given that many states in America (could in theory) sustain themselves as independent countries maybe the tension could be more serious than it seems today?

And I’ve heard that there are many cults in America, that practically brake away from society completely. You get that in religion, you even get that with certain Nazi groups. So maybe one day (if the political conditions are right) you will get one that brakes away and actually grows?

If you share your thoughts this could be quite an interesting thread. America is already quite well armed at a civilian level, and with a few grenades and other things chucked in (not normally used “rabbit hunting”) perhaps you could have quite a movement on your hands? If you were an occult leader how might you about starting such a civil war? Which state would move to?
And don’t worry I'm not an occult leader; I just know a civil war must be possible in every country and would like to know how it could be best done in the worlds only “dying” super power. Even today public satisfaction with the political system is hardly great so what match would take it to start a great fire?

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 03:15 AM
The immigration issue, I'd say, would be the number one factor in a Civil War II for America. It's a complicated issue, as there are legal immagrants that come to America that also illegally bring there kin there as well. But this would be like the first Civil War, where slavery was presented as the main factor for the cause [according to US history books], however there was more to it than that [considering there were many Northerners that did NOT oppose slavery]. So switch slavery to immigration and you got yourself the premises for Civil War II. ANother aspect would be this "War on Terror". If you were to take a poll of Americans for and against this war you'd have your Armies right there. Of course now much more "diplomacy" goes on [then what was done in the past] and the US media, filled with propaganda, entices Americans to look the other way. So with this in mind I could not see a Civil War II breaking loose anytime soon. If the American people were smarter as a whole than they are [and I include myself in that statement, unfortunately] then they would see a greater need for a coup instead of waring with themselves. A Civil War wouldn't solve the issues of today, a coup would [in my own views].

To go on a tangent, I actually like the structure of a Parlimentary Democracy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the UK have this? I'm interested in knowing if most of UK is pleased with how a Parlimentary Democracy is running in there country...

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