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Name Your Top 5 All Time Favorite Movies...

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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 11:31 PM
And Explain why they're you favorites.

Here are mine:

#5 - Pi
Man, this movie is crazy. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of an independant film. All you need is a great script, and a great eye for composition, not thousands of dollars in equipment and celebrity stars. This movie is fantastically intellectual, rivaling Primer for the movie that is hardest to understand.

#4 - Sin City
Frank Miller's brilliant graphic novels brought to the big screen in the only way they ever could have been. Robert Rodriguez is a genius for pulling this off. Plus Mickey Rourke as Marv is a stroke of pure genius.

#3 - Wings of Desire
Both an incredibly romantic film, and also an intellectual treatise on what it is to be human, and to have emotions, this film is amazing. It was later remade as the very inferior City of Angels (I hate it when they remake great movies). About an Angel that decides to become a human because he is in love with a mortal woman.

#2 - Oasis
A Korean film (I'm a sucker for great foriegn flicks) about two handicapped people, a woman with Cerebal Palsy, and a man with mental handicaps, who fall in love despite the social stigma attached with it. One of the greatest movies on the subject of love that has ever been made.

And the coveted number one spot goes to:

#1 - Dancer In the Dark
When I think of Musicians trying to act, I normally can't help but groan inwardly, and think of Brittany Spears, or Madonna and their terrible attempts at acting. But, this film is a glowing exception to the rule that singers cannot act. Directed by Lars Von Trier, the Dutch genius who helped create the Dogma 95 filming style, Bjork stars as a woman who is losing her sight, and is trying to save money to pay for an operation to prevent the same fate from befalling her son. From there, it only gets more and more intense, beautiful, and sad all at once. It's a musical (of sorts) but not in the Sound of Music kind of way. And Bjork was amazing. She certainly deserved the Cannes Film Festival award for Best Actress which she won, and the nomination for the Golden Globe (she was sadly snubbed by the academy). This movie is absolutely gut wrenching, and is the only film that has ever made me cry. And boy did it make me cry!

Alright, there are my top 5. I'm interested to hear what everyone else's are!

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