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We've got 'em running scared

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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 11:47 AM
Not sure if this belongs here, as it's kind of encompassing, but it is mostly about 9/11.

We've got these bastards running scared now. I can only imagine how the JFK thing would have been if we had the internet back then. Even without it, the VAST majority of Americans feel there was something wrong with the JFK assassination.

I mean, look at how desperate they are. They're foaming at the mouth with the anticipation of war with Iran. For the PNAC boys, Afghanistan was a cinch. They had stunned the entire nation, and as soon as they pointed fingers towars Afghanistan, we were there. Even with the swift "victory," they had to prod us more to get us into Iraq. And we all know how they lied to do that.

It's funny; it seems that 9/11 had enough momentum to get us into Afghanistan no problem, but even for Iraq, it lost some steam. Not all, mind you, there are still people who think Saddam was involved in 9/11
. But, even now, 9/11 doesn't have the punch they need to get us into Iran like they want us.

So, they've resorted to flat out lies WORSE than with Iraq. EMPs, super futuristic jihadi nukes, Nazi colored badges for Jews. They just FLAT OUT made up the latter, amazing! Not that making up stuff is new; the Pentagon already puts out fake news here and in Iraq.

Back to 9/11, look at how they're hammering people who question their fable. They've got their people working double time to discredit any alternative explanations. They've got agents on the internet, in the media, agents putting out outlandish theories to make them all look bad. They put out a hit piece through Popular Mechanics, which many people who buy the official love to cite.

After the Charlie Sheen thing, they had a woman on CNN saying that the reason people finger the govt is that Islamic terrorism is sooooo scary. Oh, no, those A-rabs are so scary; they drink Western blood and can spit explosives! Please, save me from the jihadis!!!

They've got their buddy Israel, with its stranglehold on the media, spinning the hell out of stories. Iran wants to wipe them off the map, Iran wants to cause they US great harm and pain, Hamas (which Israel helped fund) is basically a lackey of Iran.

Now, we have jihadi jackhammers that make nationwide news.
It just seems to me that they're really pushing the envelope as they lose control.

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 12:28 PM
We the people are going to win this thing.

To all you people who think that the Bush Admin wasn't involved in 9/11...

You are either with us or against us. The political and world situation is really starting to boil now. You don't have much longer to clearly think things through. Make the correct choice and join the team already.

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