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America has been Defeated - US Professor

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by danwild6
A political science professor of mine once asked his class if anyone thought political partisanship and the mudslinging that accompanies it was worse now than ever before. He said if you thought so you would earn an automatic F in his class. He was joking of course(about the F). If you look back at our history things are now comparably much more civilized

- Ha!
Yes I completely agree, I was talking about that very thing on another thread.

I would refer anyone who questions this to the political cartoons and pamphlets of the 18th & 19 comparison today's debate is so much more civilised!
(that's not to say we have no room for improvement though)

But thanks for the reply by the way, compliamentary in places (I'm not used to that!
) and good points very well put.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by xmotex
As you can see below, Bush 1 cut defense spending somewhat more than Clinton did, despite costs incurred by the Gulf War (see the spike in FY92), and Clinton actually cut it much more gradually than Bush 1:

US defense spending in billions of adjusted [2002] dollars:
1988 426.4
1989 427.7
1990 409.7
1991 358.1
1992 379.5
1993 358.6
1994 338.6
1995 321.6
1996 $307.4
1997 305.3
1998 296.7
1999 298.4
2000 311.7
2001 307.8

For more go see this link.

The biggest cuts in defense spending excluding the huge drop after WW2 were made by Nixon (largely due to the end of the Vietnam War). They kept going down through Ford until the Carter administration, which contrary to what you might think, increased defense spending every single year. They continued rising during the Reagan years, and the next big drop was during the first Bush administration, whose cuts would have been much larger if it hadn't been for the Gulf War. They have grown to Cold War levels again under Bush 2.

Those are the numbers... they don't reflect the mythology you'll read in the right wing blogosphere (other than the Reagan era buildup, which actually began under Carter), or for that matter silly liberal rhetoric that equates Democrats with peace and flower-power and all that good stuff, but as they say money talks and BS walks...

[edit on 5/31/06 by xmotex]

No one said Clinton cut the spending more than Bush, they said he cut it enough to lower it far too much from what Bush had lowered it. Bush lowered it to a reasonable level, then Clinton lowered it even farther.

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