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My UFO encounters

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 02:14 PM
I’d like to tell of a couple encounters with UFO’s that I’ve had.

My 1st encounter was in the summer of 1975. I was 17 living in West Virginia. I was in my living room reading sometime after dusk when I heard several kids screaming out side. One was my younger cousin. When I went outside to see what was wrong, they pointed to a neighbor’s backyard. A dark gray teardrop shaped object was floating about 5 feet off the ground, next to a tree. The object was about 6 feet from top to bottom, and about 4 feet in diameter. I walked parallel to the street to get a better look. When I got about 20 feet from the object, it went around the tree and shot straight up. It made no noise at all. Altogether, there were about 5 people that saw this. About 20 years later I asked my cousin if She remembered see something in the neighbors back yard. She said “you mean that UFO?”

My next encounter was roughly a month later. My friend’s father owned a shop that was situated, kind of, on a mountain top (very small mountain). Four of us were leaving the shop about 11:00 at night. Somewhere on this road my friend said, “what the #@%$ is that?” He was pointing to a very bright point of light that was in front and slightly to our left. I couldn’t tell how far away it was, but it was incredibly bright. After a moment it moved toward the right. At that time it moved behind a stand of trees that was at least ½ mile away. After a couple of minutes my friend stared yelling “it’s right over top of us!” I was in the back seat of a V.W. bug, leaning way back trying to see what it was. My impression was that is was maybe a couple hundred feet above us. All I could really see was a dark gray surface. I’m not sure if I remember the rest of that night, kind of fuzzy, like waking up the next day and remembering you had a dream but not being able to remember the details of the dream. The next day I started looking in the newspaper, thinking someone would report seeing a UFO. I remember thinking that we were on a lighted highway and that people were standing around look up at the object. Just this past year I realized that the road leading to this shop is an unlighted 2-lane road. I also remember the light around at that time was way brighter than I would expect the lighting on a highway to be.

I also had something unusual happen when I saw the cover of Whitly Strieber’s book, Communion. When I saw the painting of the “Alien” on the cover, I had a sudden remembrance of what I felt was a dream I had when I was 12. In the dream, I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out my bedroom window. There were 4 or 5 “beings” stooped over looking at something on the ground. One of them stood up and looked at me and then beckoned for me to “come here.” That’s all I remember, but the “critters” I saw in that dream looked almost exactly like the painting on Strieber’s book.

I had never heard of Strieber’s book before this. My wife and I were in the book store and I just say it on the shelf. I picked it and had a sudden memory of my dream. I told my wife “Those were the guys in my dream.” Later when I was telling my wife about the dream I had a sudden memory of another dream I had about 2 years before that one. In that dream, I was home alone on an overcast day. I was running from room to room in our house, looking out the windows of the house. I was watching a large gray disc shaped object circling our house. What I can remember, it was several hundred feet above the house.

I have't really told much exept to my wife and son.

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 03:43 PM
Really strange encounters, do you think you have been abducted? Hopefully not ... very interesting indeed, I hope that if you remember anything else you will post it here for us to read. Could you describe the details of the teardrop object? Did it have any visible windows or doors? Any entry points or mirrors? Was it shining or reflecting the sunlight?

As for the beings, could you also describe them in detail and what you felt?

Thanks, great accounts


posted on May, 30 2006 @ 07:28 PM
...Really strange encounters, do you think you have been abducted?...

I don't really have any feeling that I was ever abducted.

But two of these events made me feel very strange.

The "dream" of the critter in the backyard for one. That felt like a dream and still does. But that painting on Strieber's book REALLY resembled what I saw.

Then the encounter with the UFO over the car. For almost 30 years I felt that we were on a highway and people were outside thier cars looking up at that UFO. When I was telling my wife about that I had a sudden flash of a memory of that night. I realized then that we were still on the unlighted acsess road from the Machine Shop. But there was a really bright light shining every where. I also remembered then that there were no cars other than ours, but there seemed to be people walking around. The light was so bright that I had a hard time focusing on any thing outside of the car. It was very unerving for me to remeber that night differantly than the way I had remembered it for the last 28 years.

---Could you describe the details of the teardrop object?---

The tear drop object did not appear to have any openings in it. It seemed smooth but not shiney. I would almost want to say it's surface had a matte quality to it. I would almost want to say maybe it was metalic, but I can not be sure of that, it took off too fast for me to get a sustained look at it.

...As for the beings, could you also describe them in detail and what you felt?...

The beings looked pretty much like your standard depiction of what people call the Gray's, although they were somehow different. The best way I can try to explain what I mean by that is to say they were more dimensional than what is usually depicted. I'm not trying to say that they were occuping more than three dimesions or any thing like that, it's just that every representation I've seen of the so called gray aliens comes up somewhat short in depicting what I saw.

As far as what I "felt', I only remember having any sort of "feeling" during what I call the "Backyard Critter Dream." I felt a sense of freindliness. I also felt the being looking at me was inviting me to join them.


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