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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 04:44 AM
A few random questions with a point embedded I think...

If the craft is a great study of truth,wisdom,philospohy,esoteric thought etc I am curouis if it holds true the more you bite at the truth the farther from faith one gets. As said with eating from the tree of life with Adam and Eve.

Ok now on th eend extreme you have chaos theory which like chaos magic when you have no form you have chaos. No faith would equal chaos as well? I am curious if I am looking at that correct? Now popular is chaos theory in lodges or members I should say?

I have read some beliefs in old texts saying it will return to chaos or return to what once things were versus all things returning to G-d.

Now if I have any clue with things I said to be correct what sort of extreme would be needed for someone to find faith. I have also read often the deeper you fall the harder it is to return to your original state of mind. Any truth?

Now just say there was some truth in both religion and truth of truths. Can you see any religion having a system to beat returning to chaos? What would it take? Some sort of evil action to continue duality? What would that action be most likely?

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 04:55 AM
Buddhism has a concept called the Wheel of Life.

The goal of Nirvana is to escape the cycles of creation/decay and good/evil (to name but a few).

The idea is transcendence - where the duality is realized as the Unified Whole, and no longer subject to the various seperations of self in this earthy state.

I'd recommend picking up any of the books by the Dahli Lama.

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