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Season Three of 'Lost' Fan-Fiction Adventure!!!

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posted on May, 29 2006 @ 08:36 PM
this collaborative writing thread will be about ABC's hit television show, 'lost'...

currently, season two of this show has just ended...

thanks to this thread, fans of 'lost' will now able to write collaboratively about the un-aired season three...

the "rules" are simple:

- write about, in story form (see other threads in this forum), about what occurs right after the events of the season two finale...

- you must be a "writer" to post in this forum, see this thread: clicky...

- becoming a "writer" doesn't require any hard work, so please become one to join the fun...

- take turns posting parts of the adventure...

- as this will be about 'lost,' a basic understanding of the show should be necessary so the flow of the story remains "constant" with the actual show...

- ATSer vegemite said it best in this thread, "no silly plot twists"...

- and most of all have fun!!!

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 08:37 PM
Locke, Eko, and Desmond wake up on the dusty floor of a run-down factory-like room. The room is very large and dark. Broken windows and remnants of things that used to be there are seen everywhere. The three men are lying on the floor.

“Where are we?” Locke asks.

“I don’t know,” answers Desmond.

The men get up slowly and examine their setting. They can see that this place has been long abandoned.

“We must have been transported here because I turned the key,” Desmond says.

“Yeah,” says Locke barely understanding what just occurred.

Desmond opens the only door in the room and sees a city. The bright lights, buildings, and smells are only a few hundred feet away.

“My friends, we have reached salvation!” exclaims Desmond.

“What do you mean?” asks Locke.

“Take a look outside this door,” answers Desmond.

All thee of them are outside looking at the city. Desmond and Locke wonder what city it is and talk about what they will tell people concerning their entire ordeal. Eko remains quite.

“Locke you killed all of them,” says Eko sadly. “All of our friends on the island are dead. The button didn’t get pushed.”

“There not dead priest,” Desmond says.

“How can you be so sure?” Eko asks.

“I’m not. The important thing is that we are alive and are by this city,” says Desmond enthusiastically. “I don’t believe that they are dead because the key wouldn’t allow them to be dead. The key’s purpose was to help in the event that the button wasn’t pushed. Helping wouldn’t be killing everyone on the island. Anyway, I am leaving you two. I must find the love of my life and tell her that I am okay. She must have missed me so. You two can do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore. See you in another life.”

Desmond walks away toward the city. The city was Sydney, Australia, but this was unknown to them.

“Eko I am leaving too I guess. I take it you are not leaving as you are examining this who place. I wish the best for you,” Locke says.

“Goodbye John,” Eko says, studying the large room.

Locke walks away, occasionally looking back at the building that they have been transported to. It was currently night, a beautiful night at that. Eko begins picking things up and examining them.

posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 12:20 PM
Charlie sat against the cool sand grains on the beach, moving his hands against the cold steel of the hatch's Quarentine door. It had flew off in the explosion, when the white light lit up the sky. It was something he did not even remember happening.

"Charlie! Wheres Jack!?" screamed a cry of Claire to the west of him.

He sprung up reactively to the frantic sound of her voice.

"Whats wrong?!"

"Over in the woods," She pointed over behind her. "...A plane. It crashed when that white light was in the sky. We need Jack."

"I don't know where Jack is..."

Charlie rushed to go through the woods, brushing aside foliage as he followed the voices and screams untill he reached a small plateau. There below him was a clearing, broken apart from the fall of a plane. The symbols o nthe plane, another Oceanic Flight. The survivors roamed around in a daze, others lay on the ground injured and bleeding.

"One of them looks in really bad shape, a shard of metal is in his gut. We need Jack."

"I don't know where Jack is..."

posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 09:04 PM
Sayid ran his hand over the metal doors, realizing that the whole thing was an elaborate prop. He stoked the fire again, he decided that after another hour he would have to accept that Michael had accomplished his plan and leave before the Others discovered him.

Sayid heard rustling in the jungle, someone was coming. He drew his pistol, his finger hovering on the trigger as the footsteps got closer. Then Hurley stumbled out of the bushes. Sayid almost pulled the trigger but stopped at the last second. Relief flooded over both their faces when they realized there was no danger.

"Dude its great to see you" Hurley said

"Yes, but where are the others" Sayid said anxiously

"The others were taken by the Others, they only released me to send you a warning, they told me to tell everyone not to come after them, they said that they would be living with them now."

"And Michael"

"Michael got everything he wanted" Hurley said "But what about here did you find anything"

"No everythings fake, the Hatch is made of wood, the tents are abandoned, even those ruins on the top of the hill is made of wood, to put it plainly we've been duped."

After discussing the details of the events that occured, the pneumatic tubes, the foot, and the flash. They headed to the boat where they had the same discussion with Sun who discussed what transpired with Jin.

Sun and Jin set up the sails. The boat glided majesticlly thgrough the water.

"Stop!!!" Sayid yells

In the distance Sayid sees something floating in the water. They move towards it and discover its a bright orange parachute. They get closer and find a albino man in a jump suit. On it is a small patch with the dharma initiative logo on the chest.

The Albino looks up at the boat. "Help, my plane crashed!"

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 04:04 PM
A couple of minutes later, Eko began to give up his examination of the room. He looses hope and believes that there is no way to return back to the island. Eko wanted to go back. He wanted to see if the rest of the survivors were dead, or if they were safe. He believed that he was partially at fault for what had occurred.

Desmond, walking the streets of the city, was amazed and happy to be off the island. He still didn’t know where he was, but anywhere was better than the island, he told himself. He passed a newspaper dispenser and on the front page of the paper read:

“One Year Anniversary of Death of Penelope Widmore”

Desmond fell to his knees and cried when he read those words. Now, Penelope wasn’t really dead. She faked her death so that her father wouldn’t know that she was looking for Desmond. Of course, Desmond didn’t know this. He now felt horrible.

Eko was now outside in the cool breeze. He was sitting on the ground contemplating everything. Then, he began to hear a boat in the water next to the building. Eko hid from view and watched as two boats docked. On the first boat, Michael and Walt began docking and went on the dock. The three men on the other boat did the same and walked down the dock with Michael and Walt.

“I’ll take these two fellows to a hotel and get them settled,” one of the men said.

“Okay,” another man said. Looking at Michael and Walt, that man said “Bye. I am very glad you are safe.”

“Thanks,” Michael and Walt said.

Michael, Walt, and the man went in a car and drove off.

The two remaining men went back on the boat and were preparing to leave. Eko believed that the entire scene he just witnessed was full of mystery. He had a flurry of new questions for these men and for Michael and Walt.

Eko screamed out “Hey you two!”

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