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Wake up America!

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posted on May, 29 2006 @ 05:24 PM
Before you read all this just please
Remember the Lies first

Why don't you Americans that claim you live in the land of the free open your eyes and start a revolution and rid your country of all tyranny.
You all claim you live in the land of the free but its total nonsense your not free you live in a futuristic NAZI GERMANY, Halliburton gaining 383 billion dollars to build concentration camps. Arresting anyone your government feels is a threat to their new world order, Creating Fake Wars and Making an breeding terrorists (Bin Laden) hiding free energy devices and equipment so they can make money from your hard earned salary.
Realize this! The only thing you are to your government is Capital Gain! Or a soon to be trained killer if you joined the death squads of the us army.
I hear Americans Praising Soldiers in Iraq Claiming that they are doing this for Americans freedom!!?>?> It’s for the Iraq people’s freedom not Americans they are already free. ( all in all this war is like the other 2 Money makers for giant corporations that are owned by Rockefellers bilderburgers Trilaterals etc... this isn’t for the so called free people not in any way possible but with all the Patriotic Fascistcrap your government spews you wouldn’t know the difference now would you.
And if any of you really believe the whole 911 story to be legit according to FEMA you better read about thermite and how CIA FBI trained al qaeda and how Bin Laden and his family have over 800 billion invested in the USA economy.
Read about how USA is over taking countries like Haiti with the help of The RCMP under the strict orders of MR. Harper (bilderburger).
I am totally sickened today by what I have read over the last few months about this fake war in Iraq this guy has videos that show what I feel

I also hear American soldiers are committing suicide by the dozens and fleeing the war in Iraq to seek refuge in Canada. Due to the fact that they are killing innocent men woman and children and having to lie to the people back home by strict orders from their supervising officers not to mention any hardship or grief in letters to family or friends they cant even, openly discuss the problem's they go through on blogs or message boards its against the rules of their order.
I heard in the USA if you don’t support the war you are labeled a terrorist?
A terrorist is someone who mass manipulates people to kill innocent people for there own Agenda ... AKA George Bush - George Bush Sr - Dick Cheney - Mayor Julliani - And all the other NEo Cons that support the rich getting richer and the poor getting killed!
Do you think rich kids join the army lol nope they have their life’s planned from day 1 by their Daddies Just ask George Walker Bush or john Kerry both members of the ancient order of Skull And bones Aka. (Mortal Builders) of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
I can’t even begin to imagine how all you people let sick individuals control your fate on a daily basis with terror watches and pamphlets in your mail boxes at home what a life. What a police state America has turned out to be I guess everyone must be applying for the force since you can’t beat them might as well join them hey!
Truly Sad Generation for us all if these sick and disturbed people continue to create Order out of Chaos!

You'll live your entire lives never knowing how you've been had. It is what
sheep do.

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 08:03 AM
has the cat got your tounge?

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 08:40 AM
If "waking people up" is your intention, this is hardly the place to do it. Most posters who browse these threads regularly are fully aware of the issues you mentioned. Some disagree with the more extreme positions but the issues have been discussed before. The bottom-line answer to your overall question is that no one does anything because there's really, at this point, very little that anyone can do. Some people think they can fight it, but you can't. Not only can you not win, militarily, but violence only perpetuates the monster that our current system has grown into. So, some people are waiting for for something or someone to save them. Jesus or Maitreya. Aliens or an asteroid. I know things suck... but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a miracle.

So the problem is, posting rants on ATS etc. certainly fuels discussion. But you can't really affect change because all of the ways that you could think up to try and "wake up" the American people, the system in place controls every one of them. Americans, at least the majority of them, are ultimately influenced by three things: television, education, and food. The Government controls and regulates all three of these things. That's the whole point... they regulate US. We are regulated. Try and step out of line and cause a "disturbance" and they will react.

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 10:26 AM
Firebat has great points. It is really hard to effect change when most Americans are so influenced by television, and bad television at that (Amercian Idol, etc.). Also, so many Amercians are so absorbed in their daily problems that there just isn't much overall critical thinking done with regards to what is going on outside of their job and their bank account.

When you talk to some folks about the NWO, government control, etc., they blow it off because armies of black-uniformed thugs are not marching all over. They do not realize that the control tactic is incrementalism.

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 03:41 PM
*yawns - stretches and stumbles into the kitchen for a cup of coffee*

Ok...I'm up. What's so darned important again?

These issues have been presented time and time again. Nothing in them changes except the examples of current events and how they lead up to the Inevitable Outcome.


Takes me back to high school, it really does. I used to be one of those cavalier "open your eyes and see yourselves for the sheep you are" type people as well. But then I put aside my copy of 1984 and started traveling across the country for direct, first-hand experience.

Truly Sad Generation for us all if these sick and disturbed people continue to create Order out of Chaos!

And what about those attempting to create Chaos out of Order?

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 05:53 PM
Well, they cannot throw all Americans in prison...

I have a friend in Boyne, MI with whom I Skype with now and then. She suggested something along these lines:

How about civil disobedience?
How about not paying taxes while because I refuse to fuel an illegal war?
Boycott American products?
Buy and use only foreign products?
Refuse to display the stars and stripes anymore? No more pledges of allegiance for my kids
Write a letter to my congress person every single day explaining what we´re doing and why? All this until impeachment is complete. Whooop!
...and a whole lot more which I cannot possibly post in a public forum.

Good thing I do not live in the U.S. I would be seriously missing by now.

Careful with that axe Eugene...!

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 06:03 PM
Yes I'm sure that there are many great ideas to get people to make a change or "wake up"...the only problem is that you have to get a ton of people to participate or it wont even make a dent in the situation. And most people here in the USA are selfish, so they arent going to give a crap about doing anything of the sort unless it benefits them. Another problem is it is way easier said then done...I'm pissed about issues like I'm sure many people are, but like I said, unless there was a boycott or march or protest in HUGE numbers it wouldnt make a difference. And as far as taking the law into your own hands...I would advise against it, cause you have alot more freedoms (which we dont have) outside of prison then you do inside...

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 12:57 PM
heres one for your minds

watch this video

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by HardToGet
Boycott American products?
Buy and use only foreign products?

The problem with that is that their control is practically everywhere in the Western world. It all started with the Bank of England and spread via central banking institutions to most countries.

And big corporations are everywhere...

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 01:55 PM

originally posted by seridiumDo you think rich kids join the army lol nope they have their life’s planned from day 1 by their Daddies Just ask George Walker Bush or john Kerry both members of the ancient order of Skull And bones Aka. (Mortal Builders) of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

"William H. Russell and Alphonso Taft, the father of president Taft, formed the Skull and Bones in 1832-33 on the Yale University campus."

I have nothing against a good rant now and again, so long as it is in the right forum, and so long as "just the facts, ma'am," are presented. As far as opening our eyes, seridium, what exactly is it that you want for us to see? Our government lied about WMD. You were under the assumption that we didn't know? Being an American myself, I can take the criticism that our country is in dire leadership needs, but to say that we are just plain stupid is a bit offensive. I don't really know where it is that you hail from, but I'm almost positive that your own country has plenty of skeletons in the closet. Who doesn't? However, belittling countries should not be the issue here. The point is, unless you have some great plan for us to rise up against the machine in a great wave of masses and smite the the great smiter itself, there really isn't much point to your rant. Unless, of course, you felt better afterward. In which case, by all means rant away.

P.S. "Hail to the chief cuz he's the chief and he needs hailing. Hail to the chief, dun du duhn..." That is all I have to say.

posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 06:34 PM

This is the True Face of PIG known as Jesus Christ!





"The most sordid pretext of maximum power in the name of false and mendacious love that literally walks over dead bodies without hesitation or scruple.

Backed by the false doctrine of the New Testament, the Christian cult religion meddles in the politics of all countries. Moreover, it is not embarrassed to interfere in the most intimate family life of human beings --even in the bed of marriage partners--in order even there to attack and destroy the last and most private secrets of human beings.

Now finally has come the time when a stop can be put to all these unscrupulous activities, if man becomes sensible enough, revises his thinking and devotes himself to the real teachings of Jmmanuel. In all likelihood, all those who have bashed their heads against the brick wall of the cult religions deceitful madness and are therefore no longer capable of normal and sensible thinking, will fight and oppose it with all means; and yet, their desperate fight will be in vain because truth will be stronger than any cult-religious mania or dirty lie, even though the lie has been in existence for thousands of years. The scandalous falsehoods of cult religions will now be shattered and destroyed for good, no matter how much the cult religions and all their followers and advocates rebel against it. Finally truth will be victorious, even though it must be secured through great struggles, as it has been written in the Scriptures, which say that the truth will provoke a worldwide catastrophe. However, truth is required and must no longer be silenced. A catastrophe will be understandable if one considers that the cult religions have attained immense power, which so far has enabled them to suppress, with murderous and sordid means, all truths directed against them. They will again attempt to do this, even if it means indulging in murder as has often been the case in the past." - Billy Meier, Talmud Jmmanuel, Introduction




posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 11:04 PM
ummm.......Well, I would say that something should be said here. But where to start? Let me begin by asking if you have had your coffee yet? Second, how about slowing down, and going with an approach that isn't going to get every Christian member of ATS down your throat. If you have a qualm, or message of truth to carry across, everyone here is all ears. However, you seem to be in the wrong forum. I suggest recompiling your ideas into a sound statement that carries across your point, and let me add, is supported by facts, links, and historical events that are not rants in of themselves. It's a start, anyway.

posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 11:07 PM

Maybe having the internet regulated isn't such a bad thing. I'm game.

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 01:56 PM

Originally posted by seridium

Before you read all this just please
Remember the Lies first

I hear Americans Praising Soldiers in Iraq Claiming that they are doing this for Americans freedom!!?>?> It’s for the Iraq people’s freedom not Americans they are already free.

I am totally sickened today by what I have read over the last few months about this in fake war in Iraq [url=]this guy has videos that show what I feel

Americans are free? I thought you said we weren't? Or are you talking out of both sides of your neck? Two choices here, either you are a disinformation geared poster, or you are deceived, cuz even your videos look pretty real to me, so far as your "fake war" statement goes.

War has casualties, and I see casualties. Sad some of them are children but bombs and rockets don't know the difference now do they?

No one says deaths and killings are good, or even acceptable, but if someone shoots at me, I'm gonna shoot back, and if my bullets go astray and kill someone they weren't aimed at, I'm sorry but that is as far as it goes. I am not guilty of murder and furthermore, there are no "innocent" people on the face of the earth, cuz there is not one of us without war and murder in our hearts, it just depends on what it takes to bring it out.

Every war America has been in has been about freedom. And in every one, someone has said the same liberal garbage you do about American and her citizens.

Funny how we can be so "evil and blind and deaf and dumb" as we are accused of being and keep on getting so blessed that just about everyone in some countries wants to come here. And when they do, they taste the American dream with our help and finances.

So you keep on spewing your anti-Americanism trash and enjoy the freedom of speech America offers you even on the internet.

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 02:42 PM
Im just tired of all the posts about the fake war and terrorism and reading about terror pamphets and police being munipulated to arrest innocent people with loud voices like these peopel here
Engineers doing true investigations on the whole 911 theory being debunked by FEMA and there knowit all ness, truly sickening

The whole problem is most people are unaware of certain such matter's. I don't suggest there is anything that can really be done about any of these issues when only a few hundred people are actually aware.
And having been raised in a such a patriotic structure its kinda helps with the fascist state of affairs right now in the current world. " target="_blank" class="postlink">Proof
I just wish there wasnt such order out of chaos methods preformed by these global elite.
The world would be such a better place if people werent so power/money hungry.

these people claim to be loving christians (george bush sr and jr for example ) but have secret societies like the bohemien grove/ skull and bones and such it is very deceitful in my opinion.

You'll live your entire lives never knowing how you've been had. It is what
sheep do.

My point being wake up and be aware of your future and your childrens future, How can anyone be free when truly we arent. We are controlled on a global scale of debt sytems banks and capitail gain and Media Lenses . Giant corporations Rule this entire globe at this current time, Bilderburgers Trilaterals etc
Bilderberg Conferences
The Bilderberg conference is the most powerful political and economic gathering on earth. Incredibly the world's press are never informed that the meeting is happening until it is over. If they do find out it is happening they are not allowed near the conference while it is taking place. There are a handful of journalists inside, one is the editor of The Economist, but they never mention the meeting in their publications.

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 02:46 PM
To get to the meat and potatoes. What is YOUR definition of FREE ?

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 02:02 PM
In the video you so kindly provided, the police are doing their job, and as usual, suffering abuse from "brave" Americans well-versed in their "rights" but poorly brought up and waaaaay over-privileged. How much guts does it take to flip a person off who cannot do anything back, even flip you off?

This is basically an anti-government mob, per their signs and indications, and so the police are searching for those who would take advantage of such a gathering to make the STUPID Americans in the mob their cover for ascertaining just how much the police will do to uncover them.

As for what the police will do with the video, I think the answer is very clear, in spite of the propangandizing with the cutins of shots of gestapo marching and death camp pics.

The cops are doing what they are paid to do, and that is protect the rest of America, including government leaders from those who think they desire chaos and anarchy and truly, from those who actually not only desire it but are actively seeking to bring it about.

WAKE UP, AMERICA, INDEED! You have enemies at your doorstep and they are your neighbors, friends and family members who have twisted ideas about what is right and wrong and have proclaimed themselves the arbitrators of what and who is OK and who is not.

How do you know you are not one of THOSE chosen as enemy by the likes of these demonstrators? You want masked people at your door? You want hooded men lurking in your neighborhood? No? Call the police.

Oh, no, I forgot the police is the "ENEMY"! nooooooottttttttt!

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 02:18 PM
People are all to eager to raise their voices in protest and waave their banners and chant their slogans - on a cause and a topic they no little to nothing about, or only from a one-sided perspective.

I agree with you, CURIOSITY - no on ever thinks about the side of the Officers, and what they might be dealing with in terms of mass hysteria and crowd psychology.

And, just for the record - there are very poor definitions of crowd psychology on the internet these days - I do NOT recommend using Wikipeidia for your source.

What I affectionately referred to in my youth as "The Collective Dumbing Down of the American Population" is indeed in full force. A large percentage of these "modern activists" (especially the younger ones) go no further than slight of hand propaganda for their "insights" and never even step into their local libraries for a first hand account from reliable sources.

It's turning into a well ppoorly concieved cut and paster version of the 10 minute hate - in public. And a lot of these so called "protestors" are behaving like instigators, rather than educators.

How is flipping off an officer for doing his job goign to make any rational being sympathetic to your cause?

If anything, it only serves to distance those who could possibly put any legitamacy behind the movement.

These people need something more constructive to do. Their tactics fail miserably.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 02:58 PM
first we must free ouselves, then the others.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 10:18 PM
I have a few comments, observations, etc., to add:
1. TRUE freedom is an illusion, it's all in our head. The U.S. may be a nation that allows "Freedom" in varying degrees, but for the most part, we believe we have freedom through information feed to us by our government, through the media, our schools, religious figure heads, the stock market.......most of us see and realize the inconsistancies, lies, and propaganda that we are fed on a daily basis.
2. Most Americans support our troops, but that doesn't mean we, in any way, support the government that decided it was in OUR best interests to send them overseas in the first place. These soldiers are following the orders of their commander in chief, the responsibility they promised to honor when they enlisted. Let's not treat our soldiers as was done during Vietnam. Most of these guys just want to survive. We need to keep government mandates and the soldiers who have to carry them out SEPERATE.
3. Yes, there is a high rate of war related soldier suicides, and an incredible amount of PTSD coming home with our soldiers. Ever heard of the term "F.U.B.A.R"?
4. Yes, this is a war and all types and kinds of human beings are killed. My point? Was this all so nessessary? I will never believe so.................
5. "Christian"? Hey, every self serving idiot uses their God and religion to sway the masses, that doesn't mean they actually believe their God has anything to do with it "false advertising". And people sharing the same God or religion will follow, human beings have been doing it for ages.
6. We don't have our collective heads up our rears. There are protests, ralleys, petitions for impeachment, lawsuits, all the stuff that America offers us with all this freedom............catch is, you're not going to see it in the newspaper or on the tv because no one wants you to think citizens are organizing. We saw and read more about the "Illegal's" and their supporters protesting in one weekend than we have of the anti-war movement since the war began. Does anyone believe, for one second, that people who are here illegally have more cajones than American citizens, to voice their opinions and do it in front of a news camera?
Time for the ol' chill pill, my frustration is my government claiming to represent my best interests and not asking my opinion. Just a partial list of observations, comments, etc.,.............

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