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Tips on Remote Viewing

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posted on May, 29 2006 @ 03:49 AM
I've been intrigued by remote viewing for several years now and have had few successes (perhaps luck). I was very interested in tips or any sort of advice that would help others in attempting remote viewing. Such as how to concentrate, or if you should focus or what not to do and what conditions have made you most successful. I will try to add some eventually.

I tried to find a thread like this, but was unable (delete if mod can refer to it).

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posted on May, 29 2006 @ 04:29 AM
This is SO AWSOME!!!! ATS has changed into a complete butterfly since I last saw it. Wow I like it these new forums are da bomb. This is right up my alleyI have preacticed this skill way too much in my time. but if you really want to learn how, just relax and become one with your enviorment. Let everythng go, in through the nose out through the mouth.

You can do this, just dont think of anything in partuclar. it is hard f you try but easy of you dont you know? Let everything flow out of your mind nd just feel the tides and motiomns of what is around.

I have faith in yout hat you will figure it out. Just being interested is a good show of faith, the rest is up to you.

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 08:46 AM
I've done it many times, and i do find that the older u get, the more it seems to fade away from you, unless u keep practising it.
Just relax & shut out all things around you. There is a technique used with ones hands to heal(I cant remember what it's called) but i used something like that. In a sense i have a form of claivoyance. But my hands seem to focus most of the energy. Most people, when they put there fingertips together(do not let them touch, leave some space between them) & focus, & try to feel the energy between ur hands(usually at ur fingertips). A technique I use goes as follows:
Lets say I wanna determine the outcome of a particular event(such as an election) I focus, place my hands the way I said, & concentrate on each individual in the elections & depending on how strong I feel that "energy" when I focus on a certain individual Ima have a sense of who'll win. The stronger energy is the right one.
That's just something that works for me. I dunno how it'll work with you.
& I don't believe everyone has that ability(remote viewing/clairvoyance). Some are born with it, & some can learn it, others don't cannot do it.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 11:29 AM
That sounds like very good advice, I'll have to give it a try the next time.

I will tell you that when I seem to have a success the most is when I'm not giving the subject much thought at all, and I try to think of nothing. Because the human mind is pre-occupied with so many things at once it is often a difficult thing to do. At least for me it is....

So I will clear my thoughts as much as possible and then slowly focus in on what I am attempting to determine, (like a picture). So avoiding any distractions and thoughts that may suggest false information, I try to grasp what I am trying to find in my subconcious mind and then bring it forth.

I hope this helps


posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by sdrawkcab
There is a technique used with ones hands to heal(I cant remember what it's called) but i used something like that.

Thats called Reiki it heals your spirit so your psysical body is also well.

Also im a natural remote viewer i was born with the ability. I used to go to this website and play these games in the irc chat. We would send shapes and colors to each other its great you should try it. Lets see i suggest since you want to learn to remote view i guess you should learn to astral project and to lucid dream. To me i belive that is the best combo cause thats what i can do best. There is such a forum for these things and more but i cannot locate the link atm if anyone could please link him. It has astral project or astral in the link name.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 01:13 AM
Hi fum, thanks for posting that link, I was looking for some forums like that, but I was surprised so many sites regarding rv selling these 'training courses' via the internet. I believe remote viewing doesn't come at a price, I was upset to see this.


posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 01:33 PM
Just go to the irc and you'll meet some cool people there and you just play games that strengthen your rving like that game i played guess the shape and color. It was pretty awsome cause we had around 15 people guessing what it was and we all got like around 12 in a row right after those we started doing 3d figures like castle, cars etc.

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