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JSF secrets deadlock broken.

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 05:44 PM

Tony Blair's US talks with President George Bush have broken a deadlock over the multi-million pound Joint Strike Fighter jet. The £140bn scheme is the most expensive single armanents programme in military history.

It has been dogged by wrangles over British access to the cutting edge technology powering the craft.


Excuse me asking a stupid question, but are'nt we on the same side? Why could'nt we have the information on planes that we were supposed to be buying to use?

If i'm not wrong we have supported the US a fair bit lately in any wars that happen to pop up, so what was the big problem with us having information that will help us support the US again in the future?

It's like listening to my two kids keeping secrets from each other sometimes, both keeping stuff from each other, not having the intelligence to realise that by sharing it, it may benefit BOTH parties!


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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 08:03 PM

I expect this argue between two friend country will be resolve sooner or later. British realized that many side JSF is hard to be instead of by Rafale.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:38 AM
Its about time!!!!!
Lets hope that this is a good move on both sides and leads to a bit more co-operation from Mr Bush and his military!!

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:43 AM
I have to agree with Kurokage feelings on this subject. A country couldnt ask for a better ally then UK has been to the US and if we cant trust them with such Tech something is terribly wrong.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 11:03 AM
Thanks Shadow

I hope the co-operation leads to a more levelheaded approach to problems like the JSF and other tech. Britian and America having a stronger and more combined military is good for both sides. IMHO

posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 05:57 AM

Excuse me asking a stupid question, but are'nt we on the same side? Why could'nt we have the information on planes that we were supposed to be buying to use?

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests."

Charlie Reese.

Where driving interests are predominantly economic, and no man in a democratic society leads longer than the 'interested parties' backing him take to invent a reason to tar his reputation for interfering as much as disagreeing with their private affairs; there can BE NO TRUST.

Which lets a foreign nation, however 'close', gain the ability to look at the way in which we teach our machines to make war. Nor that which lets them gain free access to the methods by which we make those machines invisible to our enemies.

This is particularly true for the UK. An nation of artifice propped up by a financial institution which makes money by buying what is rich and raping it to the ground before selling it's secrets to the highest bidder.

In this case the only likely winners from a UK 'top secret' exchange on software source codes and LO design data is apt to be EADS which is a Continental conglomerate of Franco German defense manufactures of which BAe (British Aerospace) is nominally a member within the Eurofighter program.

EADS and indeed the EU have been _publically_ pressuring the UK to bring U.S. technology secrets to Europe or be exiled from the shared marketplace.

Frankly, the 276 BILLION dollar F-35 (now 113 million each) is a worthless piece of trash which will not survive the opening rounds of a DEWS driven war. Even as it will be purchased in numbers /only/ sufficient to guarantee 'market prices' (prenegotiated among the tier production members) so as to profit Lunchmeat.

That said, the software and systems and LO engineering which it represents could have been useful for decades after it's failure as a (hopefully soon to be cancelled) weapons system allowed us to move on into UCAVs. Now that we have allowed the Burning Bush to successfully spread Americas legs to a penny ante wannabe like the UK, the technology theft will be a permanent Horse-Barn-Door even with which we will HAVE TO deal. 'In the next generation' of an escalated for it's own sake arms race.

This is unforgiveable for what amounts to Britains coy attempt to make us believe they deserve anything more than an invoice for amount due for the 150 jets they are likely to buy out of the 1,200-1,500 we are locked into purchasing.

Americans would be a helluva lot better off if we weren't so 'good for both parties' trusting of our NECESSARY secrets. Starting with our worthless whoring political leadership at home. And then all the double dealing moronic 'war is business and business is good!' partners they engage in double dealing with ignorance and greed as primary motivators abroad.

Breathe through your nose, put down the 'We Belong' lyrics, take off the damn pink-lensed glasses. And see the world as the predatory jungle it is. One where the only definition of 'friendship' is that of letting the beast next to you get a little fatter so you can eat even better tomorrow. For that is how the world views us. Not with admiration but envy.


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posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 06:11 AM
people like blair and bush dont just make deals like that 'for the good of the two countries' Blair must have offered something very sweet to bush in order to get it. My bet is on unconditional support if the US decide to go to war with Iran.

posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 07:23 AM

Originally posted by paperplane_uk
people like blair and bush dont just make deals like that 'for the good of the two countries' Blair must have offered something very sweet to bush in order to get it. My bet is on unconditional support if the US decide to go to war with Iran.

I doubt if they even directly participated.

Rather, their various 'administrative assistants' (all hired by the commercial power blocks backing the in-office party platform) burnt a little midnight oil and hammered out a screws-everybody-but-the-megarich detailed betrayal of national vice commercial 'interests'.

Before bringing the Greek Gift Good News to their pencil whipped figurehead masters for check signing.

Not that it would be any better if these 'powerful personalities' did in fact negotiate thru this, as these are not technically knowledgable men, certainly not at the doctoral engineering degree'd sense necessary to comprehend any risk vs. reward consequences beyond the immediate (political) level.

By the time the consequences of their stupidity become apparent, they will both be out of office and history will blame ours for being a fool while yucking it up for the wiley-as-quaint Brit. Rrather than making it clear that both were simply /owned horses/.

As for Iran, we have knuckled so completely that I doubt if anything we do 'negotiatively' from our knees will make them stop their precious quest to give nukes to anybody that hates the West. And should we actually screw with their precious nuclear program 'from afar and above', we will ignite an (overtly) religious/ethnic war which will destroy the world economy so completely as to make an absolute economic dictatorship of resource allocation the only possible method left to stabilize 'Western Capitalism As We Know It'.


Bush will have more 'Allies, Friends and Interests' than he can possibly hangers-on shake loose of. Because nobody will want to be sitting at the beggar's table when the oil dole is determinatively passed out. And the EU and China have the combined means to make it a hard fight if he tries.

At the same time the best thing the Arabs and Persians can do is make sure that OPEC becomes a 'free trade' system that redefines the currency standard used to value their portion of the OPEC production (whose absolute profits will still be shared) to continually flux the USD or indeed /any/ currency they don't like into total economic instability. Such is the real purpose of Dubai as a coming-soon banking concern.

Thus the very transportation and distribution costs of raw materials and manufactured goods from slave states (which drives our 'market economy') will become the greatest threat to our 'national interests' for what they do to isolate production resources from the very spice-must-flow stock values that they represent in varied currencies at the time of sale.

And with massive debt and a currency so devalued as to no longer secure it, we will be ruined.

Bush is a total fool who has cost U.S. world dominance as a super power by pretending to be nice to a bunch of savages until it is 'expected' that we will bend over backwards to treat them as equals instead of subjugating them as the barbarians they are. Ironically, this has come about through media manipulation of some kind of presumed guilt over 'shared blame' for a common religion rather than a vile act. Which is particularly ironic since not even the natives treat Islam as more than a tangential commonality to their own individual needs.

The stupid moron.

Against all of this, frankly, the Brits aren't strong enough by half to help us out. So when it happens, their presence or allegiance will mean less than nothing.


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