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NanoTech is here to stay!

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 12:47 PM
Yes, Nano Technology is here now folks! What a break through! Imagine all the possibilities! It can cure diseases and repair vital organs. It can create new materials and body armor. It can create new machines and metals that wont break or rust. It can do many many things... after all nano technology sumed up is a combination of robots the size of an atom (the smallest molecule)!

But theres a catch to NanoTech! As the story goes, what does good, can do harm.

Thats why I wanted to put this thread in Weaponry section but I believe this belongs here.

Now the theory of how NanoTech will be used on the battle field starts out with the idea that a group of floating nano bots may be released on the field to target a certain group of men (the enemy), once close enough the bots are breathed by these men and do damage to vital organs thus killing them. Once a good amount of the enemy troops are dead the bots are shut off (hopefully shut off). Now as this kind of warfare becomes perfected it will eventually cause the human soldier to be UNUSABLE on the battlefield!

GOOD! Right?! WRONG!!!

Now that the human soldier is unsusable on the field there must be a new option.
Welcome to the age of AI Robots! Robots created out of trilions and trilions of nanobots... bots the size of an atom. Now remember we are in fact also a combination of atoms... although we have a life force that also combines us, unlike AI. But what we have now are robots that may look completely identicale to us but with abnormal abilities. Since these robots may be able to manipulate each individual atom... start thinking on scale to the robots from Terminator 2 and 3 plus who knows what. Thats right you can use your imagination here, the theory is that if created these bots could do a large number of things to manipulate themselves including shape shifting.

Is it scary? WELL! IT should be! Give us 50 more years and this MAY be a reality folks!


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