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The great NASA Cover-up

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 08:01 AM
Well, I don't know if this has been posted before. But this seems to be the smoking gun. Photographs of UFOs by astronauts on the Moon and conversations pointing to massive structures on the Moon.

The REAL NASA MOON PHOTOS, for example show all kinds of structures, seemingly both old and new, such as domes, pipelines, and even pyramids.

Another NASA cover-up are the small cloud formations that have been photographed above the Moon, again in a vacuum?. And while were on the subject of clouds what about the ONE HUNDRED MILE WIDE CLOUD OF VAPOR that was detected by NASA's own instruments. This embarrassing 'anomaly' was promptly dismissed by NASA scientists as being the result of the considerable volume of urine ejected by the Apollo Mission astronauts! What were they drinking?!

Dave cosnette

Here are some of the photographs taken by none other than astronauts Pete Conrad, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong:

For all the details and the conversations between the astronauts and mission control, clik here..

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 11:13 AM
Thanx, for the link. Some may find these Lunar/Capcom Apollo vintage conversation transcripts controversial, some not. My own thought is the Moon, Mars and Earth hold many riches yet undiscovered, a key to our species continued existence.

Some of the mention of "domes" and such without video or time stamped photo evidence are easily explained (not saying it is true one way or another) as the astronauts looking into a crater and seeing what happens in many mares according to NASA and their explanation "seems plausible". Their excitement is also easily explained, wouldn't you be "all jazzed" standing and the Moon seeing what no other human head ever seen in such detail. The eyes and ears of a species.

I'll look for a link, I read something about it earlier, anyway when a significant mass-impact (meteor, whatever) wacks the lunar surface near straight on (or perpendicular to the surface) it punctures the surface creating a pyroclastic event at the point of impact. This plastic impact wound "backflows" out the "puncture wound" in the lunar crust and liquified and gasified ejecta partly fill the impact crater and coalesces and settles forming a dome shape, probably quite smooth and brittle glass or metals/minerals... a mix of the impact-mass and lunar crust.

Some of these "domes' (which is an accurate geologic statement of description) are really sorta flat and could be very exotic in compostion and structure depending on what the universe smacks into our tide regulator.

Cubes and chunks "could" be easily explained and fractured cubes and crystals of these domes (some folks think some will be of a foamy consistencey kind of like an Aero choclate bar. ESA has a link that might help explain better than I can link. NASA has a link to an impact experiment they are going to try to see if they can squeeze some water-ice using an impact... this JPL link provides an example of what they think a small scale (man made) impact will be like.

Dr. Al-Baz's statements over the years do leave one to wonder, same with many of the surviving and deceased Apollo and earlier era astronauts too numerous (I think Gordon Cooper was the "guy" with the best chance, a great loss his passing).

Still others argue (with justification in many cases) that photos don't count, some discount video too... I'm happy that most of the time the "debunkers" are correct. It's that N-th percentile... that keep me on the hunt.

Back to your excellent and enjoyable post, the Moon-Earth voice communications I do find most interesting are those of two types... that which is on the dark-side CSM onboard recorders and all the biologic channel traffic... might never know much of that... and the more public event where Dr. Al-Baz at some point was talking to the CSM (Fred Hayes?, little matter) on two consecutive orbits (earth LOS, light side) and they are confirming "the flashing light" in a crater. Explainable too as light flashing off a smooth surface.

Some other interesting bits of lore are around too. A supposed capture of the NASA audio feed by the Russkies and maybe even the Jodrell Bank crew in the UK. Armstrong describing "ships". One Aussie story has it that, the video feed they were watching was different than the version the rest of the world had for Apollo 11... seems someone knocked over a long neck glass Coca-Cola bottle on the "Moon" and it was in view of many. I would love to hear from a person from Aus to confirm or deny this "lore".

How many planetary objects have a spherical (round) shape and no polar spin? How many planetary objects have a circular orbit?
With so little wobble?
Even Earth wobbles... Hmmm. Yup, the Moon, darn peculiar if found to be unique.

I am excited about humans returning (manned flight) to the Moon, but I just hope it's done with the utmost skill and grace that can be thrown at the issue. Launching humans on a single SRB is not a good first step... forward or back.

So mike be prepared when you come to subjects like this to hear lots of diverse opinions from many viewpoints. I'm sure ATS'ers will help you sort out some of it to your betterment and perhaps inform others.


Victor K.

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 02:58 AM
I don't support NASA since I saw the the vids with all the orbs, NASA is a shame to this country

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 04:40 AM
You would get more truth with a backyard telescope than you would with NASA.

They exist so that the world gets the impression we have such an organization. Wow.

Dont count on NASA to be telling you the truth about anything- and airbrushing is their specialty!

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