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UFO media Matters And Hello.

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posted on May, 26 2006 @ 12:02 PM
Hello I am rifraft(my late cat’s name)

It's is nice to finally say hello. I have been stopping by your web site for a number of years. I was born in 1943. We lived in Atlantic City. The Atlantic City that was in "Some like It Hot".

My brother was and is a science minded person. He introduced me to Palmer and Major Keyhole when I was young. It fascinated me but I never really followed it although I read Science Fiction.
That changed. In 1962 a friend and I went down to the beach on a weekday. You really get weekends off in a tourist city. It was around 11: am. We were just putting down the blanket (we were going to do some girl watching). We flip the blanket up so the wind from the ocean could catch it and fling it out when my friend called for me to look behind me. I was facing the beach with my back toward the boardwalk. It was on Texas Ave. I looked behind me and expected the blimp when I saw two flying disks. These were the size of jets. They were around no more than 500 feet up. They were clear. Being somewhat a science buff myself I notice they were circular convexes with the shadow exactly were it was suppose to be. There lines were well defended. I could not see a dome on top. They past slightly to the right of us toward Florida Ave. The sun also glinted off the side of the metal. I made a not of that. They stayed in compete unison which hinted at control. I never herd a sound from them throughout the whole thing. They moved out over the ocean till they appeared as bright stars. Now this how I always get a little confused as to what happened. I thought I saw a flash. Now I always explained this in my head as the sun glinted off the side as it turned. I only remember one flash. Then they shot off very fast as the paralleled shore toward the inlet. It changes the complete belief system I had. We both ran and told my brother at first he didn't believe us. You know the young. But I think later on through the years he finally accepted the fact that what I saw that day was real.

I am not a perfect person. But what I saw that day is etched into my mind because of what it did to me. It was fascinating to read about "Flying Saucers" but to see one was exciting at first and then freighting. I've have over the years kept abreast of the UFO field and believed in the 90s we were going to find some answer. But now it is getting even more difficult to prove anything and to get serious investigation. There was one thing I remember from back there and that is the "contactees", my brother felt they were hurting the field. I knew when the nineties happened and UFO became big again the contactee movement with the "space brother" concept would be promoted ending serious investigation. It made everyone laugh and the UFO phenomenon would almost never recover. It is happening again. A researcher who was a rather pragmatic person and was around in the days of the first contactee came forward mention. "If I was a paranoid person I would say that some of these "contactees" certainly look and acted military to me." Just an interesting comment he made.

Now to UFOmediamatters. I want to start a web site that would be a database of resources to the distortions in the media and the written word. A web site was anyone can search the serious pro and con of this subject matter. A point and counter-point quick format for those who do not have that much time and a more detailed look for those who do. The site could respond to debunking tactics with the truth something our media seems to lack more and more Of course we could e-mail members about hot debates.

I need volunteers. Writers and researchers. I will open the web site and pay for its upkeep. I am also interested in ideas.

Thank you for letting me rants and keep-up the good work

Brooklyn NY

posted on May, 26 2006 @ 12:22 PM
Welcome to ATS Joe
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posted on May, 26 2006 @ 03:21 PM
Welcome to ATS, rifraft!

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.


Don't forget to have fun while you're here.
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