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Hayden Appointed Head Of CIA

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posted on May, 26 2006 @ 09:10 AM
General Michael Hayden has been confirmed as the new head of the CIA. With a vote of 78 to 15 he will be the first retired military officer to head the CIA in 25 years. Hayden who was backed by President Bush will replace Porter Goss, who resigned from his post earlier this month.
Gen Hayden, approved by 78 votes to 15, is the first active or retired military officer to head the CIA in 25 years.

Critics have questioned putting a military man in charge but Gen Hayden says he that will remain independent of the Pentagon.

Gen Hayden, 61, a four-star general, is the leading deputy to National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.

Not much to say on this matter other than will he really remain independent from the Pentagon after being in the Military for so long???

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