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9/11 and other conspiracies

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posted on May, 26 2006 @ 07:59 AM

Would just like to say that regarding 9/11 and other so called conspiracies, imo its to late for gathering evidence and trying to get justice via the system, so peeps can argue and fall out with one another allday here whether it was inside job in relation to nwo or a terrorist attack from the muslim world! Ofc it was a terrorist attack whether foreign or domestic ,it was an attack on not just americas freedom and civil liberties but rest of humanity to! We gave them the powers to lie and kill us so we can take it away also, no point in gathering evidence and putting our case thru justice system cause there is no justice in the system! As u guys should well know.
Its time for action people and theres no 2 ways about it, the people can get there justice if they so desire it e.g a while ago in venezuela the CIA backed militants and setup a media koo to overthrow president chavez, the people rushed the government building, seized it and took power back and reinstalled chavez as president! fair play to them they stood up and exercised there power, fair play to them.

Power to the people!
Would like to think that would be an example to rest of world that they can end this tyrannical reign. I personally think the evidence is irrefutable regarding lincolns and jfks assassination, 9/11 and 7/7/2005 in london(fear factory) Yet all that ever happens is debates amongst ourselves wheteher they did or didnt do it.

mi5 and mi6 have been staging bombings in uk for a long time and blaming the IRA just to keep an occupation in ireland and power there.

No offense to anyone here but actions speak louder than words and since 2001 to many words have been said and not enuff action taken, time for peeps to rediscover there backbone

No offense to anyone here but im just sick of the # in the world and have just accepted talks got us and will never get us anywhere

Its 1 thing having so called freedom of speech if its just gonna fall on deaf and ignorant ears
peace to u all



posted on May, 26 2006 @ 12:34 PM
What actions do you suggest?

posted on May, 26 2006 @ 12:43 PM

Well what sort of suggestion would you be willing to participate in in order to avoid total enslavement, do u think perhaps i should suggest we get a petition going? i think the people of both UK and US of A need to rally together and do what should have been done years ago, remove the tyrants from power and return it back to the people where it belongs!!! Scrap the so called democracy, theres no such thing.

It is a war on freedom (our f***ing freedom)

Im willing to die for my freedom and future generations.

Im no martyr but id rather die than be a slave and watch my kids be enslaved to!




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