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Chernobyl on the Hudson?

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posted on May, 26 2006 @ 06:35 AM
What would be the impacts of a terroist attack on a nuclear power plant?
,Well very bad if it were to happen at the Indian Point nuclear power plant considering that its less than 40 miles upstate from manhattan , would you like to know ?..ok

A 1982 study by Sandia National Laboratories found that a core meltdown and radiological release at one of the two operating Indian Point reactors could cause 50,000 near-term deaths from acute radiation syndrome and 14,000 long-term deaths from cancer. When these results were originally disclosed to the press, an NRC official tried to reassure the public by saying that the kind of accident the study considered would be less likely than "a jumbo jet crashing into a football stadium during the Superbowl."
In the post-9/11 era, the possibility of a jumbo jet crashing into the Superbowl—or even a nuclear power plant—no longer seems as remote as it did in 1982. Nonetheless, NRC continues to argue that the 1982 Sandia report is unrealistic because it focused on "worst-case" accidents involving the simultaneous failure of multiple safety systems, which are highly unlikely to occur by chance. But when the potential for terrorist attacks is considered, this argument no longer applies. "Worst-case" scenarios are precisely the ones that terrorists have in mind when planning attacks.

Both NRC and Entergy, the owner of Indian Point, assert that even for the most severe terrorist attack, current emergency plans will be adequate to protect residents who live in the evacuation zone within ten miles of the plant. They also say that there will be no significant radiological impact on New York City or any other location outside of the ten-mile zone. Accordingly, NRC has opposed proposals made after 9/11 to extend the emergency planning zone around Indian Point. However, NRC and Entergy have not provided the public with any documentation of the assumptions and calculations underlying these claims.

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Think about it 50,000-65,000 deaths and the goverment do feck all about it as the article said it could easily be hit from the air or from from well trained attckers with decent weapons , So is america still the safe place you thaught it was?

posted on May, 26 2006 @ 07:08 AM
Who ever said anyone thought America was a safe place? Hoods with knives roaming the streets, planes flying into towers, illegal immigrants getting your order wrong . . .

Plus, how on earth can you be sure that there are no external safe-guards in place to prevent an attack such as the above mentioned? You trust everything you read? I sure don't.

It's not even worth going into the safeguards the actual reactor cores have. Everyones scared of another Chernobyl happening, when the fact is, it can't. Americans are not incompetent Russians who run dangerous tests at the worst of times with faulty equipment.

Yes, perhaps a missile could be launched, but it would do bugger all. In fact, it would do about as much as Greece did last night when they versed Australia.

Weapons are meant for war, to hit targets in wartime, and unless the bad-guys get their hands on an aircraft, there is just about nothing short of a Tomahawk that has the sheer power and/or penetrating power to get through the metres and metres and metres of steel and concrete rebar.

Anyway, something like this has been discussed before. Go find that thread.

posted on May, 27 2006 @ 05:02 PM
Do you really think a jumbo jet will ever get hijacked by coward muslims again. Or better yet if it is taken don't you think the passengers would take care of the hijackers?

posted on May, 27 2006 @ 05:55 PM

original quote by:steve99
Do you really think a jumbo jet will ever get hijacked by coward muslims again. Or better yet if it is taken don't you think the passengers would take care of the hijackers?

Thats assuming that "coward muslims" hijacked the first set of planes. and considering the fact that after the autopsies were all completed for flight 77 had NO ARABS ABOARD, then the theory of the muslim hijackers is losing more ground by the day there is another thread here at ATS that covers this particular topic...Autopsy:no arabs aboard flight 77

But not to get to detracted from the main focus here: Ive often wondered what kind of steps these power facilities have undergone to help better prevent possible attacks(if 911 was done by terrorists). Whats kinda funny(not haha) is that this sutdy seems to have done alot of the terrorists work for them. Now they have an even better Idea of what to expect, in the way of results, if they were to try this type of maneuvre.

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