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strange lights over southern Ohio

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posted on Oct, 21 2003 @ 07:40 PM
8:14 PM 10/21/2003
spotted 3 of the unidentified aircraft
this time they stayed farther away from me
they were north of me at about the same spot I saw the 1st object last night
20-25 seconds after they appeared I heard jets in the same area
I could only hear the jets for 10-15 seconds before the flew back off to the north
after that the other aircraft slowly flew of to the east and then turned north and went out of sight
the objects were visible for 2-3 mintues

seems that this time the military aircraft came, saw what was here, and left in a hurry

I did not have a chance to get any picture because they were behind some trees most of the time

these things can not be jets
if they were jets I would have heard them last night when they were a lot closer...because I could clearly hear them tonight

posted on Oct, 22 2003 @ 07:43 PM
round 3
8:07 PM - 10-22-2003
stepped outside and immediately saw 2 of the flashing lights almost right over my head...but a little north of me
watched them for about 10 seconds and then had my mom come out to see them
when we both went out we could hear jets coming into the area
the flashing lights were now off to the west
the jets approached them from right over top of us (again...the jets had no visible lights)

as the jets got closed on in them, the lights stopped flashing
when they disappeared the jets turned to go north
as soon as the jets turned the lights appeared again, but farther south (southwest of me), as if they were trying to avoid the jets
as soon as they reappeared, the jets turned back south to go toward them
the lightes vanished again
when the jets arrived at the location the lights were last visible (southwest of me), the lights showed up again to the northwest

its almost like they are just screwing with the military jets
they appear in one spot....the jets go after them...they disappear....and then reappear behind the jets

we noticed something tonight that we had not really paid much attention to earlier
the flashing pattern is not at even intervals
somtimes they will flash once or twice per second
but then one of them will flash 4 or 5 times in one second, then the other will flash severals times in a different pattern

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