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What do I ask the pendulum?

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posted on May, 25 2006 @ 10:14 AM
So there it is I have a smoky quartz pendulum.

I ask it yes I ask it no. Its well lubricated, it don't squeak. It swings, it circles.

But I have run out of questions?

What do I ask my pendulum??

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 10:19 AM
You ask it nothing untill you have a question with meaning

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 10:45 AM
I agree, why ask it anything until you need to know something?

I use mine to find lost items, so I ask it nothing until I lose something.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 10:46 AM
you program it.

Yes=back and forth
No=too and froe

Or whatever you like, its up to you. First you ask it questions that you know the answer to. Whats moms maiden name, what colour hat am I wearing...its practice.

Its also very important to ask your guids for protection before hand as dowsing can easily be influenced by negative vibrations. Never forget this step.

After you have done that you ask your pendulum "for the truth or nothing"

If it gives you a yes...and It wont always give a yes to this...then procede but if it says no...dont push it....try later. This is important

Have a pen and paper near by for notes and when your finished, thank it for the truth and thank your guids for protection. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT part. Never forget to do this.

Anyone can dowse....even kids but its not a game, you should take divining very seriously and if you do you will have tremendous insight into things going on in your life and youll never go thirsty!!!

have fun!

[edit on 25-5-2006 by Census]

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 01:41 PM
Valuable advice, Census ... thank you

Wish I'd had you to turn to a decade or so ago --- BEFORE I launched
into my first (and only) dowsing experiment.

Initially, I began as part of a self-help thing, on the advice of the author of
a book I was reading which suggested pendulum-use as a tool for locating buried negative suggestions supposedly lodged within the subconscious.

But I was thrilled that I'd managed to 'make it work' (pendulum dowsing)
and allowed myself to be carried off on a tangent.

It was a wild ride. I still have the notes and pendulum stowed away in a bag.

The information I received was incredible (an understatement).

For three days, I was totally engrossed. I believed I was in communication with my own subconscious mind and was enjoying the novelty of discovering just how much this hidden part of my mind knew. Weird but fascinating, like a new toy, new 'best friend'. And I was forced to suppose that my subconscious must be obtaining all of IT'S information from the alleged 'universal unconscious' aka 'akashic records'. What I (at the time) believed to be 'my subconscious' was quite endearing. I was stunned to find 'my subconscious' very much had a mind of its OWN !! Which blew what was left of my mind. How many 'minds' did I HAVE, I wondered. Now of course, I realise it was very likely NOT my subconscious at all, but a spirit (which is just as hard to deal with and accept).

Then something altered. My senses went into high-alert. The atmosphere in the room changed. It didn't feel nice. And the information I was receiving degenerated into rubbish.

But worst of all was the sensation that I was NOW in communication with something
quite horrible. I was suddenly afraid, even though it was a sunny day.

I immediately released the pendulum, closed the notebook, crossed the room and
flung open all the windows and doors then went outside into the sun and fresh air.

Afterwards, I packed the pendulum, notes and diagrams etc. in a bag and put it
away. I felt as if something bad, if not dangerous, had touched me and attempted to insinuate itself into my mind.

However, the information I'd received PRIOR to this invasion intrigued me. Some months later, I laboriously wrote to several historical societies in Scotland, to see if the information received via pendulum would be substantiated. Finally, after a period of months, I received from Scotland copies of Poll Tax records dating back hundreds of years. And they did confirm the information I'd been provided during my pendulum experiments. Quite staggering in its implications.

I hadn't intended to communicate with anything other than my own mind. I hadn't realised a pendulum could be used as a medium between spirits and the living. I believed dowsing 'worked', but believed it was used to locate water, objects, to determine which foods are fresh, beneficial, etc. And I knew pendulum dowsing was used to determine the sex of chickens and so on. Thus, I hadn't been aware of the necessity to seek protection from guides and hadn't done so.

Afterwards, I believed I WAS in communication with a decent spirit -- until the disturbing one interrupted. Now, I consider I was very fortunate and was warned in the nick of time, via my senses. It certainly shook me up. To the extent I haven't attempted to use a pendulum since, regardless of the fascinating information I received.

A few years ago, I read that people have used pendulums in much the same way as ouija boards (which are something I avoid). I recognised that I had semi-inadvertently placed myself in such a situation. At the same time, I found it hard to reconcile 'communicating-spirits' with my everyday life. Squaring this type of experience with your practical self is always a conflict, isn't it, no matter how many psychic experiences you have.

Thanks to your advice, I now appreciate the necessity to seek protection before, during and after. Thank U

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