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The abducted Pakistani, the CIA and SA

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posted on May, 25 2006 @ 07:09 AM
An interesting - but very real - conspiracy was recently brought under the attention of South Africans. It was investigated by "Carte Blanche", an independent TV series that investigates all kinds of South African (and international) irregularities.

I'll highlight some of the events of a case where an Pakistani man was abducted from his home in October 2005 by some kind of special force (police force), and he has been missing ever since.

31 October 2005. Estcourt, South Africa.

Pakistani national, Khalid Mehmood Rashid and his housemate, Indian-born Moulana Mohammed Ali Jeebhai were abducted by heavily armed men. It was later discovered that they were members of the Police accompanied by Home Affairs officials. Hooded and tied up, they were driven to a police station outside Pretoria, several hundred kilometers away. A week later Mohammed Jeebhai was transferred to the Lindela Repatriation Camp for illegal immigrants in Krugersdorp, where he managed to alert his family who then obtained an urgent High Court order to prevent the two men's deportation. But it was too late for Khalid Rashid; by then he'd disappeared without trace.

The lawyer of the missing Khalid was given Khalid's handwritten affidavit where he supposedly admitted to being an illegal immigrant and that he had been deported to Pakistan.

His family has not heard from him since then. They fear that the South African Government has secretly extradited Khalid and that he may be in Guantanamo Bay, or a secret CIA detention site in Eastern Europe, Thailand or Afghanistan. (AKA "extraordinary rendition".)

The sting operation was supposedly that of an elite anti-terror unit that functions covertly within the Crime Intelligence component of the South African Police.

There has since been an ongoing court case to find Khalid and to free Jeebhai. Some of the court files "disappeared" and some files from the Minister of Home Affairs landed in Khalid's lawyer, under some strange circumstances.

Members of the Muslim community, who attended the court proceedings, were arrested when they came out of court. There were also two unknown men watching the courthouse and the events that followed. The film crew caught them on video.

When National Head of Crime Intelligence Gathering, Director Willie Els was asked about Khalid Rashid he ended the phone call.

There's evidence that Khalid had been flown out of Waterkloof Air Force base by an aircraft linked to a foreign intelligence agency and that the British may have been involved.

Full Story

I, for one, cannot understand the events. Pakistan is time and again mentioned in the same sentence as Muslim terrorist group (like Al Qeada). If Khalid Rashid is/was a member of a terrorist group, why don't they (Home Affairs/Police) just say so? What's the connection with CIA and Britain? If he were taken to Guantanamo he must have something to do with al Qaeda or even 9/11?

In the meanwhile a person is missing and no one has answers or want to give answers...

Any theories on what's going on?


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