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I think i astral travelled last night.

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posted on May, 25 2006 @ 03:52 AM
Feel a bit stupid posting this, but it was that weird that i'm going to anyway. Plus i'd like some opinions on what others here think.

For years now i've attempted to astral travel with no success every time. Admittedly i have'nt exactly been consistant with my practice, i've just tried now and again. In the past i've always tried proven techniques as recommended by others, maybe i was doing it at the wrong time (usualy just before bed) but i often just ended up falling asleep. Only once have i ever found myself paralysed in bed and unable to move or speak, and i was told this was maybe a first step to astral travel? Not sure on that one, all i know is that it was petrifying!

Anyway, last night i could'nt sleep (on here all night funnily enough!), then by 3am i was a little tired but had gone past that "tired enough to sleep" phase, however i decided i should try and settle down anyway. I had the tv on in the background and i shut my eyes. I clearly remember lying there thinking that i was'nt tired enough to sleep, but i seemed relaxed enough to half doze. I was led on my right sideand all of a sudden i felt myself slipping off the bed as though i was going head first. I could'nt have been on my bed more than a couple of minutes. It was as though i was levetating horizontaly and moving slowly across the lounge just a couple of feet off the floor. I remember thinking to myself that i'm not asleep as i could still hear the tv in the background, and i definately was'nt asleep enough to dream.
As i continued floating across the room, there were a couple of times when i "lost power" so to speak, as though i started floating downwards, so i relaxed a bit more and tried not to think about it so much and i rose up again and continued through my house. I kind of clicked on that this felt like what some people describe as astral travel, so i just totaly relaxed and said to myself to go with the flow and not panic. I carried on through the house and clearly recall floating out of my house, going up the pathway and along the pavement a few yards outside my house, before returning to my house and settling back on my bed.

I woke up all excited, i did'nt snap back into reality as some people describe, it was just a gentle "landing" back on the bed. At all times where i appeared to be floating, i was in the same position as i was lying in bed, half curled up led on my right. I wanted to change position but as it was going so well i was scared to incase i ruined it.

I was definately not asleep and definately not dreaming. I'm actualy quite excited this morning over the whole thing and am looking forward to trying it again. Yet thats the strange thing, i was'nt trying at all and most certainly was'nt trying a technique or even thinking about astral travelling.

Any thoughts on this?



posted on May, 25 2006 @ 04:45 AM
Certainly sounds like you were astral travelling to me. It is exciting isn't it?
As with you, I have tried many times over the years to conciously astral travel all to no avail. However, I have been fortunate enough to experience spontaneous astral travelling experiences usually when very tired while lying in bed.
I've experienced the 'rolling off the bed' sensation many a time, as well as wandering around the house and outside.
I have found that thinking about astral projection during the waking hours increases the likelihood of conciously recalling a spontaneous experience or even related experiences like lucid dreams.
If only I could astral travel at will. Many seem to be able to do so.


posted on May, 25 2006 @ 05:43 AM

Originally posted by point
I've experienced the 'rolling off the bed' sensation many a time, as well as wandering around the house and outside.

Yeah, thats what happened to me the first time, I turned over in my sleep but 'I' kept going, rolled over till I was facing the bedroom floor, floating.

I had a quick serch to see what the difference, if any, between astral travelling and OBE, some say they are different some say not. To be honest, our experiences on this thread so far sound like OBE. Hearing the television, seeing our bedroom carpet, doesnt sound like the astral realm but does sound like we have come out of our bodies.

Astral projection, to me, sounds like you have a destination, possible travelling to other dimensions or realms. The Astral Realm sounds like a specific place too, with its own laws and phenomenons.

I have found that thinking about astral projection during the waking hours increases the likelihood of conciously recalling a spontaneous experience or even related experiences like lucid dreams.

Yes! I found that too! Especially when I have read stuff on ATS and thought about it, can pretty much guarantee an 'experience'. Unfortunately my OBEs came with an unexpected attachment and it happened with the first one too. After floating about my bedroom, I had the thought that if I go floating out the house noone will be here in case my baby woke up crying for something.

When I had that thought I shot straight back into my body. Unfortunately I was greeted with intense pain in my ears. I actually thought I was back in my body completely with my fingers in my ears (I could feel my ears clamping down on my fingers, it really hurt). Then after a few moments, I really came back in my body and sat up in bed, I felt my fingers for any waxy residue but couldnt feel any, I was amazed by the whole thing for sure but the intense pain was shocking as all hell.

After that for about 6 months my sleeping behaviour was severly compromised, I could not sleep on my own. I was so in fear of the experiences because of the pain that I would fight sleep, which of course makes it all the more messed up, doing the very thing that will trigger it.

I believe I came out of my body twice with full mental consciousness and a few times when in a more dream like state.

Oh yes, like you both I was also practising to do it, only took me three weeks when one day after about eight hours of pure studying then going straight to sleep, I had my first. *grins* I was studying psychology, got an A too

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posted on May, 25 2006 @ 06:19 AM
This has just brought a childhood memory back to me CX.

What you describe is very similar to what happened to me when i was about four years old. I can recall this vividly now. Strange eh?

Anyways, i remember going to bed ( i must have been in bed because i always had my pyjamas on when this happened) and after a while i started floating out of my room. I went down the stairs and out side. Don't ask me how i got outside, i haven't a clue.
I floated to the bottom of the garden and over the fence into open fields. I remember looking around, then i carried on floating towards were i was looking. I was maybe six to eight feet off the ground, but i was moving just a bit faster than running speed for a four year old.(what ever that is).

I'm not sure how long i was outside (if i ever was), but i always used to end up sitting on my bedroom floor awake and having wet myself. (No jokes here please).

This happened only three times, the floating i mean, but on two occasions i wet myself. The other time, i think i had got used to it, hence no more wetting.
I was told that i wasn't a problem child with bed wetting, as i never wet the bed, but i did wet myself whilst sitting on the bedroom floor afterwards.

Thinking back now, i was scared of being able to float, and i never told anyone about it. I have never experienced this since then either.

Like i said, this thread has rekindled an old memory.


posted on May, 25 2006 @ 08:14 AM
Thanks for the replys everyone, and as for the wetting Bikereddie, i found this experience strage enough as an adult so i can't even imagine how i'd react as a kid, probably the same and more!

With the differences mentioned here between OBE and Astral Travelling, although i seemed to float around without effort or intention, i did appear to make myself re-float higher any time i lost altitude so to speak. Also, as i was floating, i "think" i consciously made myself go forwards, i did'nt really think of going forwards, but i just kind of continued the way i had been going because i wanted to if that makes sense? Therefore, i'm hoping that if i do it again, i will be able to direct myself a little better and choose to go further.

With regards to destinations and astral realms, (forgive me if i get this mixed up as i'm not an expert in this), i thought that when you astral travel it does'nt neccessarily have to be in a weird and wonderfull fantasy type astral plane, i understood it to be that people can choose a destination in this world and go there.

I have an excellent book called "The Damage Done" by Warren Fellows, he was convicted of smuggling heroin and sentenced to 12 years in a Thai prison, the book is the story of the horrendous conditions prisoners were subjected to. In one chapter he described that whilst every small cell was bursting with inmates slowly going crazy with the conditions, one Thai guy always remained calm and happy. The secret to his peacefullness was that apparently every now and again he neditated and in effect astral travelled back to his home village to see his family and friends.

So i wonder if i am able to go to destinations available to me in my normal life whilst astral travelling?


posted on May, 25 2006 @ 08:31 AM

Originally posted by CX
i wonder if i am able to go to destinations available to me in my normal life whilst astral travelling?

I really do hope this is the case, but i would want to know how to do it. I need to be in control if this is possible.

Is there some where or some one who could possibly teach this kind of thing?


posted on May, 25 2006 @ 09:00 AM
Bikereddie, i just did a search on here and there are tons on posts about astral travel, however this one stuck out as i remember really enjoying the thread, it had many replies too so it may be of use to you and maybe someone from the thread will be good enough to help you if you want.


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