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Evil Experiences

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posted on May, 24 2006 @ 10:00 PM
Have any of the members of this board experienced evil before e.g evil entities... people messing around with evil energy etc.. What is the most evil thing any of you have ever experienced?

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 12:56 AM
Come on.... None of the members have experienced any evil entities... or extraordinary evil.... Are there cults that worship evil?

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 12:56 AM
When I was 23 years old I was heavily involved with the study of esotieric and theological studies. I met a man who claimed to be an alchemist. We spent several months discussing and sharing personal experiences before the relationship took a very sinister turn.

What I discovered, that aside from this mans claims of being "enlightened" - he was severely obsessed with the idea/concept of duality - and had spent a good deal of him time as a youth learning the esoteric arts not as a means of personal divinitation or self- reflection and knowledge, but as a way to "lure" people into his personal worldview - and then "convert" them to his perspective.

He was, in short - a wannabe cult leader.

The first signs that something was wrong was when he started repeating "it's all the same - nothing will ever change it. The white man has perverted everything."
(It should be noted that he, himself was entirely anglo-saxon in regards to heritage) and insisted that my ideas on various subjects were "ill-concieved and stupid".

He began to lord over me, and continually press his agenda until one night his true intentions became clear.

There was a heavy energy in the house, that made me very uncomfortable and gave me a severe headache. He had a very focused and almost psychotic look in his eye and in his actions - it was obvious he was "leading up to something".

When he pulled two antique shotguns out of his closet and laid them on the floor before me, one pointed in his direction and one pointed in mine, I realized what he meant to do - he was trying to get me to participate in ritual suicide.

I should clarify that I was with this person because I sensed he needed help in some degree, but up until that noment I had no idea EXACTLY HOW MUCH HELP this guy needed.

I packed my bags and got the hell out of there while he screamed and cursed me the whole time. He was - at that moment - nothing at all like the "peaceful and enlighted alchemist" he claimed to be. He was a very confused, very negative person who had found no "magic" that could transform his surroundings, and wanted to make a personal statement to the universe at anothers expense.

THAT is the closest to "evil" that I have ever been - this man and his personal demons.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 01:01 AM
Very interesting.. what do you think made him that way? Did it change your perspective of life/the world? Do you think evil can be formed into a presence/energy.. if you understand what i mean.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 01:13 AM
I think once he hit middle age he had developed a severe jealousy of younger generations and the fact that he no longer had that "free lifestyle". He felt life had given him a raw deal, and he was looking to take out his anger on someone.

I was somewhat niave at the time and highly idealistic - the prospect of "genuine evil" was a foreign concept to me at the time. Maybe my experience with this guy was a wake up call. Whatever the reason - it worked.

Did it affect me? Severely. Am I still delaing with it over 7 years later? Yes.

Do I think he meant to be evil? No.

I think "evil" is when people tend to lose sight of reality and forsake options in preference for their personal negative views - especially when they try to drag someone down with them.

ANother poitn to consider - he was highly sumbolic and like to "act out" his "storytelling" - big into role playing (not the gaming sense) and everything about him in retrospect smacked of satanic influence. I was the "proverbial virgin" in his design, and that may explain why he wanted me to commit ritual suicide with him - the "innocent" and the "worldly" - negating each other in a single act of violence in accordance with his perverted view of duality.

Can evil be transformed into a presence or energy? I think so...his thoughts and reasoning obviously manifested themselves into his personal actions and motivations, thus transforming his energies into a tangible format - a presense.

Still, I believe evil thoughts/ideas/energy need a material construct to work through - and the human mind seems to be the most common outlet for these energies.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 02:19 AM
I've heard that the number of satanic worshippers is growing. It's just hearsay though and I don't know for sure. I'm reading about more and more evil things everyday now. I have seen evil crimes committed against me and others. The most evil thing I remember though was a dream where I was evil and enjoying it. When I woke up from that dream, I didn't feel so good. I've heard about someone spotting Satan watching from a distance. I don't know what to think about that one. Evil and good are battling all over the place but most people just choose to ignore it if they even notice.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 05:15 AM
Wars are evidence of people messing about with evil energy.
Much of what is seen on the news is the result of people messing with evil energy.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 09:57 AM
In answer to the question: yes.

Several years ago, I assisted in a minor way a small, select group who attempted to exorcise a woman. The exorcists chose -- for reasons not fully explained -- to conduct the ritual in the woman's absence. They used a 'proxy'. All involved in the exorcism were of good intent and character and were experienced to varying degrees. Unfortunately, the leaders did not believe in the concept of 'evil' -- only in 'misguided/lost spirits'.

The woman they were attempting to 'save' had demonstrated disturbing behaviours since childhood, but these began escalating when she was in her late 20's. All dreadful stuff.

The woman in question had long practiced 'new age' philosophies and bullied and coerced those she knew into becoming involved. Anyone who resisted her control was 'punished'. This woman was very vengeful. She was member of a group who fancied themselves to be modern day witches. The met regularly, chanted, cast spells, stuck pins in effigies, etc. She had a violent temper, appeared to harbour at least two separate personalities, and was disarming & frightening by turns.

The exorcism was intended as a means of freeing this woman from what the exorcists believed was spirit-possession and generational curse. The exorcists were confident of success.

Even though I knew very little about the rite of exorcism, it became my opinion, shortly after the ritual commenced, that the exorcists were in deep water. They had chosen to conduct a 'new age' ritual, rather than the time-honoured Roman version. It was a deeply disturbing and frightening experience. Had I known how it would play out, I would never have considered becoming involved.

Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the ceremony and even though exhausted physically and emotionally, the exorcists claimed they'd been successful. They assured all present that the woman they'd exorcised would henceforth be free of the malignant spiritual influences which had plagued her.

I departed and returned to my everyday life. It was a busy afternoon and it wasn't until mid-evening that I had time to unwind. At about 9.30pm, I commenced watching a tv show of particular interest. I was completely absorbed in the programme and sprawled on the carpet in front of the tv in dim light, when I vaguely sensed a presence in the room behind me. Fully absorbed, I did my best to ignore it, believing it was simply a family member who'd walked into the kitchen.

Moments later, I again registered someone's presence behind me, and again, I pushed it aside. Finally, the sensation that I was not alone forced me to turn and look behind me. I was annoyed by this interruption and still believed that all I would find would be a family member wandering across the room.

When I swung around however, there was a tall entity-- tall, male, shrouded -- standing a few metres behind me. It spoke. The voice was the most powerful & authoritative I've ever heard. It said: ' You've got rid of the rest of them. Now you have me to deal with. '

Next I knew, I was up above the entity, and behind it. I could see the back of it and could also see myself ... still sitting on the carpet in front of the tv. Obviously, fear had caused me to leave my body. Next I was aware of, I was running from my home. I spent the rest of the night elsewhere. It was a bad time.

The lead-exorcist suffered a rare and usually terminal form of cancer that year. He was a (well-known) healer by profession and managed to survive. He ceased all involvement in healing & exorcisms and refused all contact from the woman he'd attempted to exorcise. She did NOT improve. The exorcism had failed. I was (and remain) victim to attack by the woman concerned, after she learned of my involvement in the failed exorcism. I'd like to believe it's finished. Time will tell. True & cautionary story.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 10:07 AM
So your a firm believer in this then?

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 12:21 PM

Well, there are only two conclusions that I can see: either it happened as I believe I saw it .... or for some reason I hallucinated. Neither is particularly reassuring.

It's possible that the exorcism created in me such anxiety that it over-rode my absorption in the tv show and caused me to hallucinate the threatening entity.

However, IF I had been SO disturbed by the day's events that my mind was creating hallucinations as a result ... would I have been ABLE to become so absorbed in a tv show?

Also --- IF the entity had been an hallucination -- why didn't my subconscious and/or anxiety levels cause me to see it THEN, when it was being formulated by my supposedly over-wrought mind?

Instead, I was totally focused on the tv and SENSED a presence behind me -- which I ignored for several minutes, before turning around. I was irritated by the fact that my instincts were compelling me to turn around. I was annoyed by the interruption to the tv show I was watching. So when I finally DID turn around, it was in an " Oh damn -- what is it NOW?" sort of way ... fully expecting I would find a flesh and blood family member standing there.

I wasn't at all frightened at that point.

I don't know much about hallucinations, but it seems a bit odd to me that someone would IGNORE their own hallucination for several minutes .... because they'd rather watch tv. (lol)

So none of it fits the 'hallucination' theory, as far as I can see.

Whether or not the entity was physically present however, is open to conjecture. I may have seen it from a psychic perspective.

I'd be inclined to favour the latter but for one thing ... when I was up in the air behind the entity, I saw myself ( the physical 'me') still sitting down below on the carpet, where I'd actually been moments before. The physical-me was frozen and staring at the entity. At that moment, I was in two places at once.

IF I saw the entity on a psychic (as opposed to 'real') level, why would my mind go into fight-or-flight response to the point it deemed it safer for me to leave my physical body? And while I agree that hallucinations DO occur, I've yet to hear of someone hallucinating (i.e., 'creating' something with their mind) to the point they left their body. So I'm inclined to believe the entity manifested itself into our physical, 3D world: in other words it was 'really' there in physical space; in 'our' dimension.

I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise. I'm not a 'firm believer' in anything at this point in time. Conviction deserted me somewhere amongst the passage of years and weird experiences. I'm not prone to hallucinations. So, all considered, I feel it must have happened as I've described.

I went to the church for assistance. The exorcist-healer had dismissed my experience and requests for his help. At the time, he said the entity had appeared because I was still influenced by my early childhood religious instruction. The exorcist-healer said he didn't believe in 'evil' spirits, only 'lost' ones. Several months later, he was striken with cancer. He gave up his spiritual involvements after he recovered. I suspect by that stage, he'd been forced to acknowledge the spirit world is not the fluffy place he'd believed it to be (or as controllable). Otherwise, surely, he'd still be out there conducting new-age exorcisms.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 01:46 PM
I might not of experienced this first hand but aren’t ouji boards a form of communicating with evil spirits (unintentionally)? if so then wouldn't that mean that evil is around us whether the evil is just in your mins or created from the board?
i know the main of this is first hand expieriences i'm just comenting on the evil part and how people might encounter evil

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 02:29 PM

Oh, it's all around us alright. And if you're normally tuned, you can and will sense/feel it, quite often.

Of course, there are those who argue that evil is in the eye of the beholder. They claim that just because you or I consider something/someone to be evil does not necessarily mean it's so. But I think that normally-aware people are pretty good judges of what is evil.

Off the cuff, I'd describe evil as the wish to harm another and the enjoyment derived from same. A soldier may kill an innocent civilian. He may not wish to do it but may be afraid of contravening orders or afraid that if he doesn't kill, he will die instead.

On the other hand, there are adults who set out to torture and murder small children. That's what most of us would define as evil. A psychiatrist however, would claim the murderer suffers from a mental condition and is therefore not responsible for his actions. A priest might claim the murderer is possessed by an evil spirit. But whatever tortured that child and enjoyed its screams and pleas for help, enjoyed its frantic struggles and last breaths --- is evil. Although there are those who would claim the murderer did the child a favour by allowing it to work off its bad-karma earned in a previous life.

Chemtrails are evil. Fluoride in toothpaste and water is a poison deliberately fed unsuspecting populations and that is evil. Lab-created monstrous diseases which are inflicted upon populations and individuals are evil. Deliberately created phoney wars that cost the lives of ordinary people are evil. Lawyers who knowingly ensure the freedom of murderers are evil. Pedophiles are evil. Judges who allow pedophiles back on the street are evil. Evil is predatory. Evil searches for victims. Evil enjoys others' despair, suffering and misery. Evil has no compassion. Evil loves power. Evil refuses to recognise the rights of anyone or anything.

So evil exists everywhere, seen and unseen, influencing everything and everyone around us. Evil is a minefield that we spend our lives trying to avoid. Every time we go to sleep, or open the front door or walk down the street, we're playing roulette with evil. And it seems that some people are evil's chosen tools and others are evil's chosen victims.

Religion, in whatever form, has always been mankind's safety-net and security blanket. In practical terms, intuition or sixth-sense are mankind's evil-radar, early-warning system.

The powers-that-be, or NWO (call them whatever) have a vested interest in dulling and eliminating our intuition/sixth sense. They use junk foods, prescription drugs, diversions such as tv, music, movies, media-garbage, sex, drugs, booze, etc. to kill our evil-radar. So hang onto yours. Hone it. Respect it. Listen to it. Protect it. Nurture it. It's your primary weapon and defence.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 04:08 PM
If you compare a good person with a bad one it is always a lot more easy to predict what the bad one will do in a given set of circumstances. This is obvious if you are morally corrupt then you become material in some way (can be over emotional or physical things) but always material over them. A bad person ends up with quite a straight forward almost mechanised logic. "Want something go for it" is one way of summing it up.
However the reason why I argue it is a form of insanity is because immoral people quickly loose control over how they are. They find it extremely difficult to change. For example when I was 9 I became a thief at school and would steal other kid’s marbles. The stealing quickly escalated, and I was taking more and more. Eventually I got caught and tried to stop. It was so damn difficult compared with before when I had not taken stuff out of principle. Loose of control or what?

When I was violent at school I found it hard to stop violence. I am just as capable of violence today, but no longer ruled by it. I have gained control, and am no longer so mechanised. There may be half a dozen ways I can deal with any particular problem, whilst when I was younger it would been about two; get them to attack you, or attack them yourself.
Everyone will have experiences where they will know about how evil causes you to loose control. You are always alive when your evil, but not actually free.

Another thing is that evil isn't actually that logical. My grandparents have left this world a worse place for their existence than without it. They have maltreated the earth, harmed people psychologically just for fun, and done many, many other mind games.
Whilst they have enjoyed doing almost all the wrong they have done, they arn't actually that much more happy than mirror people who had treated the earth well, been genuinely nice to people, and so on.
All this to my mind is quite incredible. But when you look at how pleasure works it is actually mostly just a chemical balance in the brain. Therefore even an evil successful person is not much more likely to be happier than a good person. But a evil person is a lot less in control of themselves ("animal to food symptom") and because they haven't got the genuine benefit of leaving the world a richer place for their existence than without it; they are actually less likely to be happy than someone who has.

Look at Tony Blair or George Bush. Evil yes, successful yes, but happier than a mirror person who had devoted more of themselves to the good of mankind? Probably not. They would probably have much as much satisfaction as they do now and more. Mizers find it hard to give to charity, thief’s find it hard not to take what’s theirs, murders delude themselves into thinking they are worth more than one human life. The list goes on. People who suffer from moral corruption arn't acturally incontrol of themselves and that's why they most dangerous.

After all when I say evil I don't mean doing something that's bad but doing something’s that's bad for a bad reason. You can still kill people and be sane (like the armed police shooting a man who's about to kill). You can cause wars, and do this that and the other. It's not the actions that somehow cause people to loose control, but instead (and this is the weird bit) there context. Psychologically I would imagine it has a lot to do with associating doing bad things for bad reasons with pleasure. But take a step back, and do some basic analysis and you will see it’s actually quite insane.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 04:12 PM
“The Force”

There is an energy which is more than just logic and psychology. It uses people to do harm against good. But it doesn't seem too willing to harm them directly in a way they aren’t open to.
All I will say is: That when I reported some drug dealers to the police those drug dealers (were no surprise) after me. But whenever I carried a knife in my pocket I was highly unlikely to come across them. Yet on the few occasions when I forgot make up most of the occasions I came across them (including one very close shave).

Generally I don't think (and it’s only a thought) that many things like demons are not that bad to us without good reason. I figure that if sin is a generally a form of insanity then intelligent super natural beings aren’t that likely to be that sinful. No doubt there will be some that are quite like bad humans. But as for the others though they may do bad things overall doesn't mean it won't be for some good reasons (that after all by virtue of logic that maintains sanity in the face of evil). Even a virus can justify its existence if it is preventing over population (of course physically these things are just packets of DNA caused by manifestations in chance) then again if god the god(s) act they tend to do so through chance. In brief: Every that has happened is part of a chain reaction that starts with the creation of this universe. “Chance” as we know it exists in the future but not in the past. Side Note: And whilst you are the captain of your fate whatever fate you choose becomes inevitable the moment you have chosen it.
That is one of the reasons why I think some entities like to corrupt us. The moment we have been it becomes inevitable that we always would have been. I wonder if this earth is like a birds feeding table full of souls. Some will go to what’s bad, some will go to what’s right. And which way it goes is down to genuine sin (doing something bad for a bad reason). One thing about being truly insane is that you loose accountability, but you also loose the very mental liberty we take for granted. You can never hold a cat accountable for killing a rare bird, but nor would you envy it ether (and it not just because it’s stupid, even though that is part of it).
Who knows maybe some of the words worst criminals should be charged on insanity? Trouble is you still need to deal with them. But yeah I bet if you or I had been in their immoral mind we often wouldn’t have been able to stop ourselves committing the things they have done.

Oh: One experience I had was walking down a well lit corridor and being very, very afraid. I walked down it more than once but third time I was so scared that having got half way down it I was running and could'nt stop my legs. Not too sure how irrational fear counts as evil, but it was defiantly paranormal (or weird and phycological) (as I had used that corridor many, many times before without trouble).

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 04:52 PM
I guess the most evil thing I've encountered (and of all the rotten and scary stuff, I would only lable this thing and one other thing I've experienced as evil - and I still don't like using that word.)
Anyway - it seemed to stay at a particular spot in a house I was living. I was living there because of this thing actualy. The friend was so 'messed up' etc...
I'd walk down the steps and there it would be - you couldn't see it, but you could feel it as strong as if you'd run into a wall. I'm not the only one that has turned around and RAN up the steps to feel rediculas when everyone looked at you like you were crazy.
It got so bad (differnt things that went on there), I even tried to bring the catholic church in to help. They, the Arch Bishop, wouldn't come, wouldn't return calls - nothing. So I brought in other help. Normaly it's my job to do something - But I needed help with this one.
There were 3 of us there to try to help, but all 3 of us left that night completely worn out and drained physicaly, emotionaly - hard to even drive home - comepletely wiped out.
The next day all 3 of us woke up feeling as if we'd been beaten. No marks or bruses - but badly hurting - the muscles all felt bruised and tight.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 10:44 PM
Dock6 thats a scary story.. what did it look like? Do you think it was a demon? or something else? Have you ever seen it since or felt any other evil presence regarding it?

posted on May, 26 2006 @ 12:09 AM
Good defines evil, and evil defines good. One cannot exist without the other. If there was only good, at some point one would define "not-as-good" moments and start the whole dualistic-nature of good/evil all over agin.

In all reality there is no such thing as either...but yet they both exist! Such is the paradox of reality

How can somthing exist if it was never created in the first place...

Just as the Toltec teaching say, there is no "good" or "bad" power. Power is power, it's how it's use is viewed by the observer that makes it one or the other.

What is "evil" to me, might be "saintly" to another. Perception rules this area!

[edit on 26-5-2006 by MystikMushroom]

posted on May, 26 2006 @ 09:46 AM

Originally posted by MystikMushroom
In all reality there is no such thing as either...but yet they both exist! Such is the paradox of reality

That makes no sense. What's your definition of reality?
How could we even be discussing something that does not exist on some level?
The fact that good and evil is being discussed at all is evidence of their existence on some level even if only on the theoretical conceptual level.

Just as the Toltec teaching say, there is no "good" or "bad" power. Power is power, it's how it's use is viewed by the observer that makes it one or the other.
What is "evil" to me, might be "saintly" to another. Perception rules this area!

Perception is only perception. It doesn't change reality. (whatever that may be)
If a tree falls in the forrest and there is no one around to perceive the event, it does not mean the tree never fell, it just means there was no one around to perceive the event.

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 05:27 AM

Originally posted by point
Wars are evidence of people messing about with evil energy.
Much of what is seen on the news is the result of people messing with evil energy.

You crack me up

Just like many other people on the board.

Good and Evil are manmade concept. Words used to explain their personal interpetation of what they experience in life. The interpetation of "good" and "bad" events are measured by someones personal beliefs. Something that you feel good about is automatically good and something you feel less positive about is designated is bad/evil. In the end it is all just a degree, a temporary state of life, viewed through someones eyes. Therefore Good/Bad can only percieved by the beholder themselves and not by the one standing next to you for they might have different beliefs. Beliefs within a human being changes as they grow older and learn more and this growth also determines the measure used to call something good or bad. Anyone proclaiming there is a universal Good or Evil is simply put a moron who has no clue. Same goes for using a physical event like a falling tree as an excample to explain an emotional state and beliefs which are in a constant state of change. An incorrect analogy.

Laws are no way to claim to know what is right or wrong either. Laws only show the moral beliefs that most of society share, but not one individual shares the same set of moral beliefs. I refuse to abide to the law when it conflicts with my personal beliefs. No man, or society, has the right to judge another man anyway.

That in itself is one of the most evil constructs of man. A method to confine people with a set of "laws". Great for the vast majority that lost the ability to think for themselves though. Or lack any form of humanity within themselves and are to greedy and materialistic, when people like that stop following laws you'd only end up with chaos. Bunch of irresponsible idiots.

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 07:04 AM
Here's another tid bit to raise a smile on your face.

It's amazing the way some people get their nose out of joint when the subject of the existence of Evil is touched apon.
The unprovoked name calling (which is an obvious indicator that a nerve has been struck within the individual.)
The desperate attempts to deny it's existence.
Who are they trying to convince? Themselves perhaps?
Maybe if they deny hard enough they will actually believe there own mumbo jumbo and convince themselves.
But for how long?
Anyway, to those I say, good luck sailing the seas of ignorance in search of mythical land of bliss.

[edit on 29-5-2006 by point]

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