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A religious conspiracy or interlectual inferiority.

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posted on May, 24 2006 @ 06:10 PM
I posted this in the Creationism forum under ORIGINS OF ALL LIFE SOLVED.

This is not another THEORY but a conspiracy of inferior intelligence.

The Origins of All Life have been solved for some time but mainstream science, the religious and the Governments do not accept their true past ancient history they call myths which is connected to the UFO phenamona.

UFOs are flown by Extra-/Terrestrials they were called GODS/Deities/etc.. and anyone can call them just like ancient history and they are the reason for all life on Earth. If you are nice enough they will come and talk to you and they pointed this minor flaw in history out to me.
History is correct just add UFO or Extra-/Terrestrials espescially to any mythical event.

I have some historical clues connected to this subject posted at:
under the UFO forum titled "UFOs are real and anyone can call them" that briefly explains how to call them and hints at the connection but if you truly research my clues and ancient history their are hundreds of direct and thousands of indirect examples that are taught but missing one important aspect, anything relating to UFOs.

Our Governments will have a hard time explaining how HISTORY has been slaughtered literally given what you will find on the Internet/TV/movies pertaining to this subject and all the irresponseable content, just look.

If you think that posting is bogus and you can't call a UFO then go to
and check this guy out.

The Big Secret is All of Life and every Evolution of Specie was purposely put on Earth and we are the science experiment and so-called next great prodigy(Were kinda failing) and real life Truman show.

Darwin was correct that "Evolution did occur" and that "There is an unknown" which is UFOs and Extra-/Terrestrials.

Are history is littered with UFO content, we have a million+ photos and videos, contactees galore (real and fake) but this subject does not exist to every Government.

Research History you Religious buffs, we had the answer the whole time we just are not being told and it took some long time friends to tell me this so enjoy.

First the Seti at Home guys got mad because they realized their computer is not going to find higher intelligence, now I find the prophecy people think they are from another planet , Church and Government employees are reptiles(I think they are just greedy, never met a greedy reptile) and mad after I told them they are from Earth, surprise me ATS.

"The Light bulb is dim, there is a melt down in our minds"

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posted on May, 25 2006 @ 08:07 AM
I'm not really hearing anything new here, and no new evidence presented to back up your opinion.

The idea that the Gods of various ancient civilisations were a physical race (terrestrial or extra- ) is one that has been proposed and hawked around by everyone from Zacharia Sitchin to David Icke.

And still they offer nothing that stands up well to even the most amateur scrutiny.

Not to say it isn't an attractive or plausable theory - indeed it is, but there's a difference between believe and proof - Belief without proof is no better than being a religious groupie.

posted on May, 26 2006 @ 04:50 PM
Im issuing a MOTHER GOOSE all the great people at ATS...this kid has a history...

Please, dont even entertain this crap.

Best Regards

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 03:20 AM
Is it just me, or has the original post disappeared, making mine seem like the first post of the thread

It's a conspiracy!

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