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Pastors to Become Secret Police Enforcers

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posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 10:35 AM
Do you know what the religion is practiced by the United States Government?

Any Idea?? Just curious here reading your post?? What is the actual religious practice ...carried out by the United States Government.

Politics is obviously a religion practiced by Government judging by the zealousness of the different administrations coming to power at different times. No question about thier zeal. Also no question about the political party out of power and thier zeal in undercutting the party in power. While they are involved in playing this game of zeal...both sides... Who is taking care of the buisness of the American Public. What do you call this type of religious practice??? Especially one where the American public is so seldome actually aware of what is really going on???

Many of us need to consider this angle...and then combine this with what is posted about the Churchs being government corporations with corporate tax numbers.

Notice carefully where the body politic goes to before election time..canvassing for the churchs!!! Accidental??? Just happenstance????

Im here to tell you ...the Government is indeed practicing a religion..and it is not Christianity. They will use Christianity..for thier purposes..they have to to keep the public off or on balance when needed This is not a new game or is very ancient. Watch a variation of this phenomonon of "using" play out in the illegal aliens farce presently going on out in the western United States. It is the same pattern in which they are "Using " the Churchs.
Most Governments from the begining of recorded time have used the prevailing religion of the day to keep and maintain power. Often giving the appearence of faithfullness but mostlly trying to hold on to power. Governments secretly practice thier own religion behind the scenes. This has not changed.

The question here is what is the real religion that Government practices..not what they say ..but what they really do.

I can assure you they will burn the backsides of these Christians groups as well as anyone else..when government is done using them up. It seems to me that many of these groups have not learned this lesson from history. It would be very intresting to see a list of burned up/used up special intrests which have tried to sway the religion of Government through the history of our nation. That would be some list indeed. Do you think they would ever teach this one in public schools.

The question you and others need to be thinking about is ..."What is the real religion of Government ..not what they advertise but what is thier real religion ..behind the veil."

Once you understand this concept then go back and look at the initlal post of B.H. on page one of this thread.


posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 11:54 AM
I wonder what kind of book deal this "whissle blower" Pastor has gotten ? I wodner if he is even a Pastor, or just another trick to further defame the Christian Religion... It is a popular hobbie these days.

If this was a true plan, dont YOU PEOPLE think this "Pastor" would have been silenced before he spoke ???

posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 12:47 PM
I am going to give you a view I have adopted which seem as time goes on to verify itself over and over..particularly in light of the Illegal Alien situation and Mexico.

First off ..Politics is in fact a religion..always has been and always will be. The problem most Americans have is in recognizing this concept of the body politic. THe problem with most of us is that we use conventional thinking when applying this to politics. THe problem with politics especially is that the rules for the political buisness are so obviously unwritten/unconventional...hidden/concealed. One set of rules for the public and another practiced among the partys. This is a dual bookeeping scam. Always has been and always will be...especially from the public.

Remember ..Politics finances public education..they will give you what they want to know. Little else. This does not change when we get out of school/schools.

Where do the politicians so often go at election time canvasing for votes???? To the Churchs. Many of the Churchs are in the racket too. Not all of them but a great number...more than most think. At some point the churchs will compromise themselves.

Churchs do not need government to make themselves look bad...they are quite capable of doing this themselves.

I get very wary when I see a candidate speaking from a church podium particularly at election time..not inbetween. Often inbetween elections you never hear from them especially at churchs...only in the months leading up to elections.

When you see enought of this fingerprint over the years you begin to suspect how rigged the show really is.

Mind you now...I am not against religious people in politics ..even Christians..I just know that Politics is a religion...with often very undefined rules...Politics is in fact a Carnivore intent on serving up anything and everything in its path to keep in power. And this applies no matter who or what party is in power. Because the political/religious machine is undefined to most of the public...capable of operating in the dark...where so many decisions are really made.

So it does not surprise me so much when I see churchs entering the political struggle on the undefined rules of Politics. They will eventually loose....their souls to this whore called politics.

THis buisness with the Illegal Aliens is going to be a textbook political struggle where the will of the American People will be substituted with the will of politicians to keep and maintain power from the competing party..not enforce the will of the public. This is obvious in some sectors as the substitution becomes how to gain vote share..not the public will. THe same fingerprint politics and churchs do when they get in bed together. How to gain vote share.

Which religion do you think is going to lose here...BaastetNoir???


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