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The Hutton Report into David Kelly's death. Autographed by Blair's wife, and auctioned.

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posted on May, 24 2006 @ 08:07 AM

Dr David Kelly's local MP said offence was caused by the auctioning of a signed copy of the Hutton report to raise money for the Labour Party.

Tory Ed Vaizey made the claim after Tony Blair said he did not believe any offence was intended by auctioning the report into the weapons expert's death.

The report, signed by Cherie Blair, raised £400 for Labour coffers when it was auctioned in Mayfair last week.

The Hutton Report (whitewash) into Dr David Kelly's death has been auctioned to raise Labour Party funds, with British PM Tony Blair's wife, providing her autograph to be scrawled on it to increase value.

It is reported to have raised £400 for The Labour Party Funds.

It is bad enough Dr David Kelly, who said the WMD report on Iraq was exaggerated, was crucified in briefings to the press by the government.

It is bad enough his death, and it's official cause does not satisfy me and others, the fact Dr Kelly was reported to have said in a e-mail to a friend "Dark forces are at work" and that if he was revealed as a source saying Iraq's threat was exaggarated, he would be found "dead in the woods", which he was.

But no.

Further, profit is now made from a report, or rather whitewash, into his death.

Dr David Kelly's family are said to be upset at this development.

How low can this government get?

It wriggles in the mud with the bugs, and sinks further in the bog, not caring less, it seems.

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posted on May, 24 2006 @ 11:54 AM
I was just browsing threads as usual, when I came across the post above. The content so disgusted me that I fought my laziness and logged in, just so I could echo the disgust of the original poster.

In fact, I'll go further than to describe Blair and government (and spouse) as 'bugs': it seems clear to me that Cherie Blair's autographing of the Hutton report was far more sinister and blatent than simple insensitivity (bordering on that of cement): rather, it's to be suspected Blair and his spouse were very KEEN to 'be-seen-to-be' contemptuous of Dr.Kelly; his life, his work, his integrity and his murder.

The despicable Blair and his cronies (and obviously Blair's idiot spouse as well) are cringingly desperate to please their 'masters' in as public a manner as possible. They are as sickeningly keen to suck up to their inhuman masters as are small boys in the presence of a sports star.

Cherie Blair -- acting as proxy for her truly repulsive spouse -- was, in fact, 'signing off' the Dr.Kelly-Hutton affair .... publicly. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and Blair's masters invented marketing and the claptrap psuedo-sciences: psychiatry and psychology. Those masters realise full well the capability of the masses to grasp a message/concept, based on simple bit of play-acting (in this case by high-profile Cherie Blair).

The 'message' is what they wanted the masses to grasp, and that message said, in effect: " See how powerful and unstoppable we are? We can murder Kelly in front of your faces. We can corrupt investigation at the highest level. And you (the masses) do nothing. You can do nothing. You are too stupid to do anything. You are meat.''

The Blairs' *personal message, as delivered in the autographing of the Hutton report, was typically adolescent --- as one would expect from the arrested-development case-study Blair and his seemingly mindless spouse. Their message was a petulant, infantile exercise in revenge, plain and simple. Blair had purportedly been called to account, re: the circumstances surrounding Dr.Kelly's death. Imagine -- the mighty Blair -- being required to walk public streets and up court-house steps, just like a commoner ! Imagine --- Blair was put on the stand ! Did anyone believe that when the opportunity presented itself (after he'd been exonerated and the scandal subjected to the usual white-wash) that he would not 'get even' ?

So here he is now, using his spouse to publicly wipe the Blair boots on the document that pretended to deliver posthumous justice to Dr.Kelly. The Blairs are showing the world that they regard Dr.Kelly and the Hutton report as nothing more than a joke -- toilet paper -- a vomit bag.

By autographing the Hutton report, the Blairs publicly spat in Dr.Kelly's face. And they wanted us all to know it and see it. And they wanted to curry favour from Blair's ACTUAL employers (as is clear, those employers are NOT the British public).

But it's the Blairs who sank deeper in the slime, via their indescribably despicable act. They can't hurt Dr.Kelly any more. He lived and died a man. Blair has never been, and never will be, a man ... as he's shown us once again. He'll grow older, even weaker and will be forced to shake in terror as his miserable life draws terrifyingly to an end. Blair will die a thousand deaths before this life has finished with him. And I like that.

posted on May, 24 2006 @ 12:13 PM
This is an absolute disgrace! She shat on his grave for a mere £400? Let me get this straight... A political party that has skanked millions from this country already, needs a meager £400 of funds from selling an autographed copy of a fictitious enquiry into the death of a biological warfare expert and United Nations weapons inspector that they themselves killed! just so they could have their stupid War easier? The sheer audacity of this auction is off the scale.

I bet when Kelly said "If they go to war, you'll find me dead in the woods" he didn't foresee this coming a few years later down the line. What an insult! You did good, Dr. Kelly, you wont be forgotten.


EDIT: Swearing

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posted on May, 24 2006 @ 12:48 PM
When I say this post my first thought is it can't be true but looking at the BBC link it is
How could they have ever thought this was a good idea, how stupid is blair ? I really can't believe that anyone would do something like this let alone the prime minister. I really think this government is finished but unfortunately I dont think the conservatives are any more trustworthy than labour and the lib dems will never in the foreseeable future have any policies which could win them an election either.

I'm just speechless that this happened

posted on May, 24 2006 @ 03:29 PM
I should have read the article properly...

Chris Bryant and James Purnell said it was a private event and no money would now be accepted for sale of the report.

Oh how noble of you both! Let's have a look why no money 'would now' be accepted shall we?

A Commons motion has already condemned the auction, which was attended by a number of government ministers, as "in appalling bad taste, arrogant and crassly insensitive" and for causing distress to the Kelly family.

It called for Labour to say sorry "for such tasteless and offensive conduct and to donate the money raised to an appropriate charity".

Basically they thought they could get away with it, and are only now not accepting any money for it because of the rightfull bollocking they have recieved, and because they have been ordered to give the money to charity. Do they expect me to believe they put on a pretend auction, or something?

At prime minister's questions, Tory MP Robert Goodwill asked Mr Blair if it was right that copies of a report on an inquiry into a public servant's death should be "signed by celebrities" and "auctioned to raise funds for a political party".

Mr Blair replied: "I do not believe that any offence to anyone was intended.

Urgh! You disgusting creature! You and your Wife both! I hope you rot in hell. Imagine the offense something like this is going to cause the Kelly family. They knew that all along, sick Bastards.

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posted on May, 24 2006 @ 04:18 PM
Furthermore, I'd just like to say the BBC article is in itself a whitewash of Kelly's death.

Dr Kelly was found dead in July 2003 after being named as the possible source of a story on BBC Radio 4's Today programme claiming the government had "sexed up" the intelligence which formed the basis of its dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction

Lord Hutton concluded in his report published in January 2004 that the 59-year-old Ministry of Defence weapons expert had killed himself by cutting his left wrist after taking co-proxamol painkillers.

There was no evidence that any third party had been involved, he said.

When you check the top right of the article and look at the related links, it's all just "Hutton rejects 'whitewash' claims", "Blair rejects 'whitewash' claims", without making any real mention of why people were claiming it was a whitewash in the first place. I'm sure most of you are very aware, but for those who aren't, take a look at this;

Medics raise Kelly death doubts

The Hutton Inquiry found he died as a result of a slit wrist in July 2003.
But the medics said the small amount of blood they saw around the body was inconsistent with the cut on his wrist being the cause of death.
They spoke to the inquiry and Thames Valley Police, who say the investigation will not be reopened.
The scientist killed himself after being named as the possible source of a BBC story.
The story, which claimed that the government had "sexed-up" a dossier on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, led to the weapons inspector being subjected to intense pressure.
Paramedic Vanessa Hunt told the Observer newspaper on Sunday: "I just think it is incredibly unlikely that he died from the wrist wound we saw."
The pair gave a press conference after renewed media interest was sparked by the article.
Fellow paramedic Dave Bartlett said: "Everyone was surprised at the outcome [of the Hutton Inquiry].

They have links there with people contradicting, and/or criticising the Hutton enquiry, the war in Iraq, and Tony Blair. Nowhere on that page is any mention of the Paramedics claims, though (that I could see), and that information should be right there. BBC do have an article on it, which is a word for word of the Paramedic article I quoted above, or vice versa.

Coroner's decision

In March Oxfordshire coroner Nicholas Gardiner decided not to reconvene the inquest into Dr Kelly's death after it was adjourned while Lord Hutton held his inquiry.

The inquiry, which concluded that the weapons expert committed suicide, was deemed to remove the need for a full inquest.

Talk about transparent.

Tom Mangold, a former BBC journalist and friend of Dr Kelly, said: "The fact that the paramedics did not find sufficient blood does not mean that it was not spilt.

"Although I am sure they are speaking in good faith there is no doubt in my mind, or anyone else connected with the case, that David committed suicide."

Ahh, right! And when would the word of a former BBC journalist who wasn't even at the scene outweigh that of the two Paramedics who attended that call? Is that all they could desperatly throw in at the end there to try and sway the readers opinion to their advantage? "Oh! Oh! Look, Dr. Kelly's friend is saying there is no doubt in his mind that David committed suicide, and he must know what happened, because he was his friend! Nothing to see here. Hooray"

Arsehats, some friend.

posted on May, 24 2006 @ 04:37 PM
This is nothing new. See this link from over 2 years ago paragraph six. Alistair Campbell (Blair's spin doctor) has boasted on TV of flogging his copy of Hutton before.

If it wasn't for Campbell, David Kelly could still be alive.


Before the Iraq war Alistair Campbell, a spin doctor and closest aid to Blair chaired meetings about intelligence dossiers. He personally got 15 changes made to take out caveats, turning phrases like "could have weapons" into "has weapons." He led the Iraqi Information Group that was responsible for making a case for war and not peace. He oversaw a secondary dossier cribbed mainly from a student thesis on the internet complete with gramatical errors.

After the invasion in 2003, the BBC claimed a source had said intelligence had been "sexed up."

Campbell toured TV studios pretending to be outraged, demanding to flush out the MOD Mole who made the allegation.

He waged war on the BBC to make them look like liars, when in fact the allegation was true.

He then exposed Dr Kelly's identity to the media and thrust him in front of a committee to be humiliated on live TV.

Dr Kelly denied he was the mole, possibly because he was forced to. Days later he was found dead in the woods as he told a friend he would be.

Blair ordered an inquiry led by Hutton, a sychophantic law lord of his choice as way to try and prove the government had not sexed-up the case for war on Iraq.

This backfired to some extent as other intelligence officers like Brian Jones said it had been "over egged" and the intelligence chief Richard Dearheart said the 45 minute claim had been given "undue prominence."

The 45 minutes was one paragraph Campbell "sexed up." Blair lied when he said in court he thought the 45 minutes was about "battlefield weapons." This was in a dossier called Iraq's WMD. It led to front pages of newspapers such as the sun saying "45 minutes from doom."

British people were deliberately led to believe Saddam could launch missiles at them in 45 minutes. But Blair claimed he thought this was about short range battlefield weapons. If he believed this why did he never make a statement to correct the media. They based their information on his dodgy dossier.

Blair and Campbell lied to support Bush's war. They deliberately invented and exaggerated intelligence. They deliberately put the fear of God into the British people so they would support the illegal war.

They used Kelly's death to try and prove they had done nothing wrong. Hutton concluded the BBC had not been thorough in their reporting and heads at the top of the BBC rolled. Campbell could not hide his delight as BBC chiefs resigned. The British media widely described the inquiry as a whitewash. The conclusion of the inquiry beared no relation to the evidence presented.

Nobody resigned or apologised in the British government. Some of those involved in the sexing up were promoted. Tom Kelly, a Blair assistant who told the press Dr Kelly was a Walter Mitty living a fantasy life was promoted. John Scarlett who approved all the changes to the dossiers was promoted to head of MI6.

The contempt shown by Blair and Campbell for Dr Kelly when he was alive and the way his death was used to their advantage and the contempt after he died, makes their involvement suspects in his suspicious death.

The official inquest into the doctors death remains open. Hutton was not briefed to investigate how Kelly died, but only the circumstances around his death, hence many questions remain unanswered.

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posted on May, 24 2006 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by Clipper
This is nothing new. See this link from over 2 years ago paragraph six. Alistair Campbell (Blair's spin doctor) has boasted on TV of flogging his copy of Hutton before.

I didn't know about that...

The paper then details several letters of complaint from Downing Street's former communications chief Alastair Campbell to the BBC about its reporting of the war.

Its editorial says Alastair Campbell has auctioned his signed copy of the Hutton report for charity.

At least he auctioned it for charity, but that's hardly any better really, is it? How do we know that he wasn't going to try and keep the money, but was made to do otherwise, like this recent thing with Labour. Knowing Campbell he probably just said he gave it to charity and kept it for himself anyway.

This entire thing is a disgrace. Why are these people still in Office? Nobody cares. How can we change anything when everyone is pretty much brainwashed beyond return?

posted on May, 24 2006 @ 07:01 PM
Behold the arrogance of the ruling class, pretty gross man. We have a similar problem here in the US as you can imagine, one example that comes to mind is Cheney's little "Go **** Yourself" on the floor of Congress or Bush's "one fingered victory salute"
or the picture of Kennedy on the Bush regimes website...
It really is getting out of hand.

posted on May, 25 2006 @ 05:15 AM
I agree with everything that has been said here, and I concur that David Kelly was spat in the face, even in death.

A great test of a person's character is whether they are sorry they have commited the crime, or sorry they have been caught, and I dare say I shall bet the highest of the Queen's Sterling that Chris Bryant and James Purnall (Who Sky News first reported were apologising for criticising Blair's wife) are only sorry that they've been caught, but I could easily bet the highest of Queen's Sterling that like Blair, Campbell and the rest of the loathsome cronies, they don't care. They just don't care.

Like my dad, a lifelong political observer, said to me last night, they don't care about us, we're stupid, they're clever, that's what they think. They're in power, and we're not.

Even Campbell selling a copy of The Hutton Report for charity is something that does not sit well for me, although a charity indeed must have gained from it, it is still the auctioning of a report into a man's death.

Campbell, or Goebells as I call him, is a unelected driver and spin doctoring Propaganda piece for Blair's regime, and I don't care whether he's not officialy working for Blair now, he is.

Cherie Blair, a vile 'out for as much money as I can get' woman. Dull, thick person making money from giving lectures on life in Number 10 Downing Street.

The BBC in itself had it's back broken after The Hutton Report that demonised the BBC and let the government off the hook.

Instead of the questioning, peak journalism and reporting that once was, it has cowered away, shying away from questioning too much as part of journalism.

Only BBC2's Newsnight remains the exception to the rule, along with BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, but in the present climate, I fear for them, I really do.

Andrew Marr, truly one of BBC News's shining stars of inquistiveness in journalism, removed from his post, given a dull Sunday Morning programme to interview politicians in cushy surroundings.

Mark Mardell, another shining star, moved out of the way to be a European reporter.

Orla Guerin, a fantastic observing reporter for BBC News on the Palestinian-Israel conflict, removed and seemingly vanishing from our screens.

David Kelly was firstly character assassinated, and whether he died by his own hand or not, he was assassinated, murdered.

And Blair goes on, looking ill, but along with his cronies, looking as smug, arrogant and detestable as ever.

Loathsome them all.

Dock6: But it's the Blairs who sank deeper in the slime, via their indescribably despicable act. They can't hurt Dr.Kelly any more. He lived and died a man.

They can't hurt Dr Kelly anymore, but they still spit on him and his family.

Dock6:Blair has never been, and never will be, a man ... as he's shown us once again. He'll grow older, even weaker and will be forced to shake in terror as his miserable life draws terrifyingly to an end. Blair will die a thousand deaths before this life has finished with him. And I like that.

Me too. it gives me some comfort in my rage to think that, or know that.

This is a timely reminder to our American friends, that while you have the vile Bush Regime and their NeoCons, we in the UK have a vile regime too, Blair, The Blairites and their cronies.

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