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DD Dear (dream) diary

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posted on May, 23 2006 @ 06:13 PM
Dear dream diary...

I was in the Jackson family home. (As in Michael Jackson) The house was spacious, lived in, and multi-leveled. Joe was there, but Mrs. Jackson remained upstairs, out of sight. It seems she always does.

I looked out of the window in what appeared to be a rec-room. It seemed to be evening. Two young (teenage) Jackson relatives were talking. One complained that it was always nighttime in the back of the house, and daytime in the front.

At the gate of the house, poised on top of the ornate stone archway, a person I
knew from childhood straddled the top. Actually, he's dead now. (he died of AIDS)

I went into the lower (basement) area in the back of the house. There was a beautiful young woman there. It seemed that I had met her before. She had a long two paged sheet of laminated images. I asked her where she got it laminated.
She indicated the place with a name card, and that it was only a couple of doors down from the club she was getting ready to go to. Because she was leaving soon I started toward the back door. It was blocked by two small forklifts. One was yellow, and the other one was blue. Because they were blocking the door, I decided to put them outside. Then I changed my mind, because somebody might
steal them. So I placed one in the overhead rack in the ceiling.

As I went outside, I saw the brother of the Minister from my church during childhood. As I was walking away, a man and a woman approached. The man was wearing a military type uniform. Both people greeted me.
"Hello, Happy." they said. (As in 'Happy' Jackson??!!)

...That's all I remember, as I woke up...

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