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wild bear goes on killing rampage

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posted on May, 22 2006 @ 09:04 PM

German authorities have ordered the killing or capture of the first wild bear to appear in their country since 1835 after it went on a rampage and killed seven sheep and some chickens.

CBC News
Nobody is quite sure how the wild bear got to Germany, but biologists suspect it crossed the Alps from northeastern Italy where conservationists have been trying to re-introduce a species that was long extinct.

The European bear is referred to as the brown bear, but it is really a close relative of the Canadian grizzly.

It originally lived all over Europe, from Spain and Italy to Britain and Scandinavia, but is now found in the wild only in the former Yugoslavia.

Conservationists have tried reintroducing the species in Spain and Italy, but they have run afoul of people who are quite naturally scared of having large and fierce grizzly bears in their neighbourhoods.

story - ct=&abc=abc

this bear killed 7 sheep!! it musta been really hungry if it did cross the alps to get to germany.

what do you think?

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